LGBTQIA+ Proposal Ideas That Go Past Getting Down on One Knee

Get ideas ranging from creative surprises to double proposals.
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Updated Dec 05, 2023

Are you on the search for LGBTQIA+ proposal ideas so you can pop the question to your partner in a romantic, creative way? If you have decided to propose, you should look to curate a special moment that feels unique to your relationship and full of excitement.

"Before proposing, you will want to make sure first and foremost that you are both on the same page," advises professional proposal planner Michele Velazquez of The Hearts Bandits. "This is the only way to ensure you get a 'yes' on the proposal day. Once you know that a proposal would be expected, you want to create a budget for the engagement ring if you will be having one and for the proposal itself," says the pro, who boasts more than 13 years of proposal expertise. "Then, you want to think about how you will propose and start creating the plans for bringing the proposal idea to life."

Whether you hope to ask your partner to be your spouse, want to plan a double proposal, or would like to propose back to your fiancé, read ahead to get gay proposal ideas for your special someone.

LGBTQIA+ Proposal Ideas to Inspire You: The Best Proposal Ideas | Creative Proposal Ideas | Romantic Proposal Ideas

The Best LGBTQIA+ Proposal Ideas

While every proposal should be unique to you and your partner, read ahead for a few great proposal ideas to inspire your own special moment.

Make It a Big Surprise

While it's important to get an idea if your partner is open to getting married to you ahead of time, you should keep the actual proposal plans a secret. "Never tell a soul! People often think they should tell the people closest to the proposee but it often gets back to them," says Velazquez. "So keep it all locked up. Also, don't leave a trail. Clear your internet history or lock your computer and don't start liking a bunch of jewelers' profiles on social media."

Hire a Professional Photographer

While you will always hold the memory of your proposal, it's never a bad idea to have photos to look back on. "We always recommend hiring a professional photographer for the proposal," shares Velazquez. "Most people want to share the photos on social media and you can also use the professional photos for your engagement announcement."

If you want to save money and not hire a pro, she adds, "We never recommend having a family member in charge of your proposal photos. For one, they may mess it up and then that can cause a riff. Even if they do not miss the moment, they do not typically have the skill to work with lighting, shadows, angles, and more. Also, they want to enjoy watching their loved one get engaged and not have the pressure of capturing a once-in-a-lifetime moment." Pro tip: You can find great proposal and engagement photographers on The Knot Vendor Marketplace.

Do a Double Proposal

To create a more equal balance in their relationship, many LGBTQIA+ couples like to do a double proposal. This occurs when each member of the couple proposes to each other either at the same time or at different dates. "It really isn't too different," Velasquez shares of the planning of this proposal idea. "We treat it just like any other proposal where the other person doesn't know it is happening." Your partner can know that you are planning to propose at some point—or not. Be prepared with a plan, a ring, and maybe expect a proposal back if you go first! If you have a feeling your partner may propose first, consider carrying the ring with you on dates or trips if you want to spontaneously propose at the same time.

Plan a Special Trip

A classic choice for many LGBTQIA+ proposals is to ask your partner to marry you on a vacation. While you are at a beautiful landmark, relaxing retreat, or romantic dinner, take advantage of the excitement around you and get down on one knee. Do some research before your travels to pinpoint the perfect spot. Just be careful while packing for your trip to hide the ring properly (and keep it safe) in your luggage. You can also look locally to hire a photographer to capture the moment.

Hire a Proposal Planner

Need a little extra help formulating your proposal idea? Consider hiring a proposal planner to orchestrate the big moment. "A proposal planner can save a proposer a lot of money, time, and stress," says Velazquez. "An experienced proposal planner can think through things that are not always obvious to the proposer. We think about everything that could go wrong with a proposal and then we build the mitigation strategy into the proposal." She adds, "Proposal planners also have a huge network of vendors. Need a pug for your proposal? No problem. Want a helicopter to land on a cliff? We got you!"

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Creative LGBTQIA+ Proposal Ideas

Want to get a little bit creative with how you pop the question? Read ahead for great LGBTQIA+ proposal ideas that go the extra mile.

Make It Spark

Want to put on a show when you ask your significant other to marry you? "Decorate a space with your partner's favorite flowers," recommends Velazquez. "Pop the question and have cold sparklers set up right after they say yes!" To prepare, reach out to a rental company to get the sparklers arranged. Purchasing a kit yourself can run around $700. You should also reach out to a florist or visit your local flower mart to prepare arrangements for the space. Have a friend on hand or someone from the rental company there to help cue the sparklers after they say "yes."

Spell It Out

Want to put all your love into words? "Rent out the letters 'Marry Me' or a special phrase that the two of you share," suggests Velazquez. "Set up the letters at a private venue and bring your partner there to propose." Reach out to an events company to find large marquee letters for the big moment. You can also purchase a sign on Amazon or Etsy for a more affordable option. Make sure everything is in place and will be set for when you return to the area later with your partner.

Organize a Performance

Surprise your partner with a live performance of their favorite song by a local band (or the actual musician). During or after the song, get down on one knee and ask them to marry you. To prepare, do some outreach to book your performers then coordinate a location for you to naturally swing by with your S.O. for the big reveal.

Make a TikTok

If you and your partner love sharing TikToks with each other, make a creative video asking them to marry you in a unique and visual way. This can include a slideshow of moments in your relationship or a clip of you asking them. Send the TikTok link to them and be ready to get down on one knee once they watch it.

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Romantic LGBTQIA+ Proposal Ideas

If you are looking to bring on the romance with your proposal, read ahead for ideas to create an intimate and heartfelt experience for your fiancé-to-be.

Propose at Home

Why not start the next chapter of your lives together in the home you share? In a calm, peaceful moment together, get down on one knee and share why you want your special someone to be a part of your family. Keep this proposal intimate and truly unique to your relationship.

Give Your Heart

Want a grand romantic moment? "Rent a huge heart filled with flowers," advises Velazquez. "Set the heart up on the beach, in a park, or even in your backyard. Propose in front of it and don't forget to add a photographer." Make sure that along with the heart rental, you look into getting fresh flowers for the day in advance so there isn't a last-minute scramble.

Recreate Your First Date

One sweet proposal idea is to retrace the steps of your first date together. Come at it from a sentimental approach to go back to that restaurant where you first met and follow up with the same locations you may have visited on that special day. Find a meaningful spot at the end to surprise your partner with that big question.

Create a Memory Lane

Set up a pathway of photo memories of your relationship for your partner to follow to a beautiful spot where you are waiting with a ring. Call or text them to meet you at the location and make sure they follow the route where they will see the photos. Go to your local photo store or find access to a good printer to create the images along the way.

Include Your Pet

If you and your partner share a furry friend, make them a part of your proposal, too. You can put a sign on your pet that says will you marry me, tie the ring around their collar, or come up with another unique idea to have your little family all together when you get down on one knee.

Involve Your Family

It also can be incredibly meaningful to have your family (whether they're your biological family or the family you created) there for your proposal. After asking your partner to tie the knot, have everyone there hiding to congratulate you and celebrate once they say "yes." Arrange for a small engagement party to take place since you already have your important people there.

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