How to Get a Postwedding Name Change in Mississippi

Attention Magnolia Staters! Here's what you need to know to switch up your surname.
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Updated Dec 19, 2023
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Changing your name after the wedding? So exciting! But we're sorry to say that there's also a lot of paperwork involved. And there are some state-specific steps you'll need to take, which is why we've put together this guide to a name change in Mississippi.

Already feeling a little overwhelmed? The good news is, there's help available if you want it. The name change service HitchSwitch is available to auto-fill your forms for you and to give you personalized instructions for submitting everything. It'll take most of the steps off your plate, which can be a huge relief.

Whether you want to take that shortcut or DIY every step of the way, we bet you want to know all the details. So here they are! We've got the full scoop on how to change your last name in Mississippi.

    How to Get a Marriage License

    The first step toward getting a name change happens before you even get married—it's the marriage license. This document sets you up to have a legal wedding, and getting officially hitched can make the name change process a bit more straightforward.

    To get a Mississippi marriage license, you and your future spouse will need to visit a county Circuit Court.

    What forms do you need?

    You'll fill out a Mississippi marriage license application form at the Circuit Court office. Bring along photo ID (driver's license, military ID or passport will work). If either of you has been divorced within the past six months, bring the divorce decree too.

    How much does it cost?

    Cost of a marriage license may vary a bit from county to county, but all the ones we researched (Clay, Greene, Harrison, DeSoto, Jackson, Rankin and more) charge $36 to $38.

    Important things to remember:

    Look closely at the Mississippi marriage license application form when filling it out. It has blanks for both surname and maiden name. If you want to change your name after the wedding, you should write the new name in the surname slot.

    "Even if you're unsure, but think you might someday want to change your current surname to that of your spouse, I always tell people to write it down on the marriage license if it asks for it," says Jake Wolff, the founder of HitchSwitch. This doesn't mean your new name will be official, but it does mean you'll be able to skip the next step and go straight to the Social Security office to change your name if and when you're ready to do that one day.

    How to Petition for a Name Change in Mississippi

    The wedding certificate should be all you need to kick off the Social Security name change (we'll get to that in a minute). Unless you need a court order.

    You'd need a court order if you didn't have a legal wedding ceremony or if you want a name change that's more complex than simply taking your spouse's last name or hyphenating the two last names, explains Wolff. Examples are couples who want to create a new last name or someone who wants to also change their first name. If you're unsure, HitchSwitch can help you determine whether or not a court order is needed.

    To get a court order, you'll have to petition for a name change at your Mississippi Chancery Court. This map will help you find out which court handles matters for your county.

    Contact your court directly for specific instructions on how to file your petition for your legal name change in Mississippi. Name change cost in Mississippi can vary too. We've seen fees run from $148 to $153.

    How to Get a Social Security Card Name Change

    Ready to make it official? To seal the deal on a legal name change in Mississippi (and the rest of the US), you must change your name on your Social Security records. This will be necessary to make the switch on your other IDs, including passport and driver's license.

    See the SSA's instructions for getting a corrected card for all the details. We've got the most important highlights below.

    What forms do you need?

    You'll need to print and fill out Form SS-5, which is the official application for a Social Security card. Then, mail or hand-deliver the form to a nearby SSA office. You'll need to include:

    • Your legal name change document (your marriage certificate or court order)

    • Proof of identity (current driver's license, state ID or passport will work)

    • Proof of citizenship (your birth certificate or passport)—but only if you haven't already established this with the SSA

    Use this page to find the Social Security Administration office near you.

    How much does it cost?

    This is one of the few free parts of changing your name. Yep, in most cases, it won't cost a thing.

    Important things to remember:

    You'll need to show original or certified copies of your documents, so it's time to hunt those down. If you don't already have them, you'll have to request them from the records offices that hold them. Unfortunately, that part does usually cost money.

    How to Get a Passport Name Change

    Once your new Social Security card arrives, it's a good time to get the ball rolling on changing your name on your passport, suggests Wolff. The process can take seven to ten weeks to complete (a little less if you spring the extra $60 for expedited service). Plus, who knows? Maybe you'll want to take a trip soon!

    What forms do you need?

    Check out your current passport. The form you need will depend on its age and condition. You'll need one of these:

    1. Form DS-5504: Use this form for a passport correction if you've changed your name within a year of getting your current passport. Fill it out and mail it in along with:

    • Your current passport

    • Your original or certified name change document

    • A color passport photo (which is available as part of HitchSwitch's $99 package)

    2. Form DS-82: This should be used for a passport renewal if your current passport was issued within the past 15 years and you were at least 16 years old when you got it. It must still be in good condition, though! Mail in the form with:

    • Your current passport

    • Your original or certified name change document

    • A color passport photo

    3. Form DS-11: This form is an application for a passport. Use it if you don't fall into either of the above categories, since this means you'll need a new document. For the application, you'll have to visit a Passport Acceptance Facility in person instead of mailing in your documents. You'll need to bring:

    • Proof of identity (like your driver's license) and a photocopy of it

    • Proof of citizenship (like your birth certificate) and a photocopy

    • Your legal name change document

    • A color passport photo

    If you need expedited or urgent service on your new passport, you'll have to make an appointment at a Department of State Passport Agency. While there aren't any in Mississippi proper, there are offices in Hot Springs, Arkansas and New Orleans.

    How much does it cost?

    If you're getting a passport correction (DS-5504), we have good news for you: it's free!. Renewal, however (DS-82) costs $130 for a new passport book and/or $30 for a new passport card. If you're getting a new passport (DS-11), you'll pay $130 for a new passport book and/or $30 for a new passport card, plus an extra $35 processing fee.

    Important things to remember:

    Anytime you travel internationally, you're going to need to show a passport that matches the name on your ticket or reservation. So, pay special attention to timing your passport name change right. For example, you probably want to wait until after the honeymoon to initiate the name change. And if you are planning a trip soon, then you might want to get the expedited service.

    How to Get a Mississippi Driver's License Name Change

    Next up? Your Mississippi driver's license name change. This is an important step, since this is probably your most used form of ID. And unfortunately, you can't complete it online. You'll have to visit a driver license location in person. Here's a list of locations.

    What forms do you need?

    For this part of your Mississippi name change, the form is the application for a driver's license. Bring along proof of your name change, such as your original marriage certificate or court order.

    How much does it cost?

    It costs $24 for a new license in Mississippi.

    Important things to remember:

    The documentation you show for the driver's license name change must be an original or certified copy too.

    How to Complete a Name Change in Mississippi

    Once you've dotted all the Is and crossed all the Ts of updating your IDs with your new name, it's time to focus on all the other important places your name appears. Yep, you'll still have your work cut out for you!

    Update your name on all important records and accounts. This includes contacting your employer, bank, credit card and loan companies and more. You'll want to make sure your health records and all your insurance companies (health, auto, life, home, etc.) have the new name on record. Any property or vehicles you own should also be in the new name as well.

    Thankfully, HitchSwitch can help you out with these changes too. The service offers its customers checklists and how-to guides for many steps of the process and can save you a bit of stress along the way.

    This article has been fact-checked and reviewed for accuracy in November 2023.

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