The Dress Fitting

This is a highlight of your wedding planning. Here’s what to know about the styles you’ll try on.
by Jennie Ma
  1. Sexy Mermaid

    photo by Sarra Fleur / The Knot

    A curve-hugging mermaid-style gown can show off a shapely figure. The key is getting the right fit—the dress should skim over the hips and thighs but not be so tight that it wrinkles. Think: long line all the way down to the flare.

    Gown, $1,199,; earrings, $35,000,; necklace, $495,; ring, $3,300,

  2. Glamorous Asymmetrical

    photo by Sarra Fleur / The Knot

    One-shoulder styles can be just as flattering as strapless ones. Just be sure the strapless side hits high enough that it doesn’t give you an up-top muffin top.

    Gown, $1,399,; brooch used as a hair clip, $49,500, earrings, $3,400, and bracelet, $12,000,

  3. Stunning Strapless

    photo by Sarra Fleur / The Knot

    Strapless styles flatter almost every body type. The best fits are straight across with a little dip in the middle that falls slightly higher than your cleavage.

    Gown (with floral sash not shown), $699,; earrings, $1,395,; belt, $275,

  4. Sophisticated Slim Cut

    photo by Sarra Fleur / The Knot

    Look for a fitted style that nips at the natural waist, with a little bit of give around the hips. This way you can sashay around the dance floor without having to suck in your stomach.

    Gown, $838,; necklace, $3,105,; brooch, $65,; engagement ring, $40,000,

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