The Best Summer Wedding Suits for 2023

Everything you need to know about suiting up in the heat.
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tres dean Associate Menswear Editor
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Updated May 17, 2023
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Figuring out your summer wedding suit situation can be a tricky thing. On one hand, summer tends to bring with it the widest array of dress codes, from beachfront ceremonies to country club cocktail attire and buttoned-up black tie. There's no one-size-fits-all answer to what makes for a great summer wedding suit and that's a good thing. On the other hand, we have to address the elephant in the room: summer is hot and that sort of weather isn't the most comfortable to suit up in, especially if you're thinking about wearing the same suit you wore to a winter wedding. Fear not–we have answers. Dressing for I do in the summer heat is a great opportunity to try different fabrics, accessories, and new kinds of suits you'd never even thought to add to your wardrobe. Brands like Suitsupply, Rowing Blazers, and The Tie Bar have all kinds of selections that make dressing for summer weddings not only easy, but also fun. Don't sweat it–literally. Read on to find out how you can bring the heat (proverbially speaking) to your next summer soiree.

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    Summer Wedding Suit Colors

    Summer is the time to lighten up - literally. While certain colors (black, navy) will never be out of season, darker hues should be subbed out for lighter ones during the sunnier months of the year. A summer wedding is the time to go bright and bold, or at least the lighter side of neutral. In terms of color, bright blues and greens are always a good call. If you're looking to stay on the neural side, it's a great time to try a lighter neutral like a beige or off-white (as an added bonus, there's an abundance of great suits in these colors made from seasonally appropriate linens). If you're thinking of going with a white suit, it's also a great time to do so as long as you're doing white the right way (more on this later).

    Ideal Fabrics for Summer Wedding Suits (And Why Linen is King)

    Winter fabrics aren't going to fly at summer weddings, so unless you're hitting an Antarctic wedding in July you may want to leave the flannel and thicker wool blends behind. The easiest summer suiting option in terms of fabric is linen, the undisputed king when it comes to dressing up in warm weather. A linen suit is tough to beat for a few reasons, one being the fabric's breathability. It's going to keep you sweat-free during the hottest months of the year. Linen suiting also tends to be slightly less structured than some of its thicker counterparts, which isn't a bad thing. It's going to drape to your form and give even a more formal dress code the appropriate sort of leisurely quality–think The Talented Mr. Ripley vacation vibes.

    Warm weather is also a great time to bust out a cotton-blend suit. It's not quite as airy as linen but still super breathable. Most cotton suits will be slightly more structured than linen, which is great if you're going for a more formal suiting presentation. And if you want to lean into the aesthetic that comes with it, seersucker suits are also a killer option in the summer. Seersucker is a particular blend of cotton with a striped texture and extra breathability. It's often seen in the South and is associated with country club fashion and classic collegiate prep. A seersucker suit is a statement look at a wedding for sure, but one far easier to pull off (without looking stuffy) than you may realize.

    The Best Summer Wedding Suits for Grooms, Guests & More

    The Best Overall Linen Suit: Proper Cloth Irish Linen Bedford Suit

    Proper Cloth's Bedford suit is a summer wedding wardrobe cheat code. It's perfectly proportioned, made from high-quality Irish linen, and can be dressed up or down. Whether you're walking down the aisle yourself or watching along, it'll give your look what it needs.

    The Best Overall Linen Shirt: J. Crew Baird McNutt Irish Linen Shirt

    Linen isn't just for suits–if you're looking to double down on the fabric of the season (or just add some to a currently linen-free look) J. Crew's take on the summer wedding staple is the best bang for your buck. For well under $100 you'll get a shirt that looks great the day of a wedding and just as good when you're wearing it to a Labor Day cookout a few months later (just be careful not to get burger stains on it).

    The Best Tassel Loafer: Myrqvist Mölle Dark Brown Suede Loafer

    You don't have to be able to pronounce a brand on the first try to be able to rock it at a wedding. Myrqvist (I own a pair of their loafers and I'm still not sure) makes some of the most slept-on loafers in the business, an advantage to anybody looking to pick up a pair (they're still in stock in most sizing). Their Mölle loafer in suede features a tassel front and a great suede finish that will look great with a linen suit and no socks.

    The Best Floral Print Tie: The Tie Bar Gardena Blooms Champagne Tie

    By nature of their multicolored print, floral ties tend to not fall on the neutral side of the color scale, making them the sort of accessory that requires some deliberation in how you apply it to your summer wedding suit. Those looking for a floral tie but not looking to have to overthink a wedding fit should pick up the Tie Bar's Gardenia Blooms Champagne Tie. It features a lovely floral print based in a beige-y champagne that makes it easy to apply to suits of most any color.

    The Best Linen Suit on a Budget: Calvin Klein Slim Fit Linen-Blend Suit

    For under $500 Calvin Klein's linen-blend suit will have you looking hot and keeping cool for the whole damn summer. Their linen suit is in a timeless cut perfect for formal weddings or more casual affairs.

    The Best Blazer for Turning Heads: Rowing Blazers Terry Cloth Poolside Blazer

    Looking to make a statement at your next summer wedding? Show up in this stunner from Rowing Blazers, the kings of modern American prep. Made from a toweling material, this terrycloth blazer would pair great with a nice pair of chinos or linen pants and some Ivy League swagger (degree not required).

    The Best Cotton Suit: Indochino Hartley Cotton Stretch Blue Suit

    Indochino is the brand responsible for making made-to-measure suiting accessible to an entire generation of shoppers. They're still among the brand who'll give you the most bang for your buck, and their Hartley cotton suit is a testament to this. It's available in a number of colors but this deep (but not dark) blue is perfect for summer weddings.

    The Best Non-Linen Summer Dress Shirt: Eton Navy Bengal Striped Dobby Shirt

    With a lightweight and luxurious feel, this classic from Eton Shirts pairs great with most any solid-colored suit. The cotton is weaved on a special Dobby mill, giving it a unique texture and an airy weight–exactly the sort of shirt you want to wear when the heat is on.

    The Best Black-Tie Summer Tux for Grooms: J. Crew Ludlow Dinner Jacket

    If there's a time and a place to bust out a white dinner jacket it's when you're tying the knot and holding the ceremony in the summer. J. Crew's Ludlow dinner jacket is the perfect way to try out the look without breaking the bank. It's got a luxe shawl collar (again, a very summery look) and comes in at under $600.

    The Best Pantsuit for Summer Weddings: Banana Republic Lido Pantsuit

    The Lido pantsuit from Banana Republic is the perfect summer cut. It features a well-tailored jacket with big, flowy pants, which look good but also serve to keep you cool on a hot summer day or night.

    The Best Suit for Beach Weddings: Suitsupply Havana Suit with Shorts

    A suit with shorts may seem impossible to pull off but Suitsupply's Havana suit in linen makes it easy, with a breathable linen fabric and a perfectly proportioned jacket with matching shorts. Roll up to your next beach wedding in this number and you'll have heads turning.

    The Best Knit Tie: Sid Mashburn Knit Tie

    Knit ties are especially perfect for summer, and Sid Mashburn's take on this wedding wardrobe staple is as versatile as they come. This one will have you covered from formal affairs to semi-casual ones.

    The Best Off-White Summer Suit: Enzo Custom Ivory Veneto Suit

    Enzo's Veneto suit comes in a perfect shade of off-white and is made from a breathable and seasonally appropriate wool blend. You can dress this one down with a polo or up for a more formal look.

    The Best Casual Summer Suit: Buck Mason Carry-On Suit

    If you're dressing for a casual wedding and looking to keep your budget tight, Buck Mason's signature Carry-On suit has you covered. Made from an unstructured cotton, it's great for pairing with polos or even tee shirts.

    The Best Seersucker Suit: Todd Snyder Italian Seersucker Sutton Suit

    Feel like trying seersucker but not ready to go all-in on the traditional preppy white and blue striped pattern associated with the blend? Try this navy number from Todd Snyder, which will give you all the breathability and style of a seersucker suit in a classic neutral that can be paired with most anything in your wardrobe.

    The Best Not-A-Suit Summer Wedding Suit: Dandy Del Mar Gaucho Terry Cloth Set

    If you're rolling up to a casual beach wedding and don't plan on wearing a suit, Dandy Del Mar's Cannes knit set is the way to go. The kings of beach style will have you looking like you just got back from a sojourn to the riviera in time for the vows.

    The Best Summer Wedding Suit Sneakers: Nike Blazer Low

    If there's a time to pair a suit with sneakers at a wedding, it's the summer. And if there's one sneaker to pair with your suit, it's the Nike Blazer Low. It comes in a neutral color you can pair with anything and the perfect blend of modern-day cool kid energy and retro sneaker vibes.

    The Best Summer Suit Chinos: Ralph Lauren Whitman Pleated Chino

    A semi-formal or semi-casual summer wedding is always a good time to give mixing suit separates a go. Pairing a nice blazer or sport coat with a pair of Ralph Lauren pleated chinos is an undefeated look–it's a classic snapshot of American style and has been for decades.

    The Best Huarache Sandal to Pair With Your Suit: Nisolo Huarache Sandal

    Huarache sandals are a perfect seasonal touch to a summer suit with their breezy open knit. In a season that begs you to suit up sockless, you can't go wrong with Nisolo's take on the huarache.

    The Best Green Suit for Summer Weddings: Hockerty Emerald Green Suit

    Finding the right green suit for a summer wedding can be tricky–if it's too dark a green it looks more like a fall suit and if it's too bright you'll look like a leprechaun. Hockerty's Emerald Green Suit strikes the perfect balance between the two. As infamous home invader Goldilocks would say, it's just right.

    The Best Pastel Suit for Summer Weddings: Bonobos Jetsetter Stretch Wool Suit in Dusty Rose

    Summer is a great time for brighter colors and pastels. If you want to dip your toe into that pool without looking like an Easter egg, Bonobos's signature Jetsetter in Dusty Rose is the way to go. On its own the Jetsetter is a killer suit with great material and great proportions. In this shade of soft pink it's the summer wedding suit of your dreams.

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