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The Wedding Video Inspiration You Need for Your Big Day

These videos won Love Stories TV's 2018 Film Awards for literally just being amazing.
maggie seaver the knot wedding planning expert
by Maggie Seaver
maggie seaver the knot wedding planning expert
Maggie Seaver
Wedding Planning Expert
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Updated Apr 28, 2020

The music, the vows, the gorgeous cinematography, the teary eyes, the love—is there anything about wedding videos that doesn't make us cry? For anyone as addicted to watching them as we are, Love Stories TV is the best place to find stunning wedding videos contributed by talented videographers and married couples from across the globe. And we're so excited to share the official winners for Love Stories TV's 2018 Wedding Film Awards. The winners are chosen by audience members and esteemed filmmakers who cast their votes for the best of the best across several video categories, including Best Destination Wedding Film and Most Creative Cinematography. Watch every winning film here for the the best wedding video inspiration you'll ever get (you may want a box of tissues for this).

1. Best Destination Wedding Film: Zainob and Mathew, Antigua, Guatemala

Film by The Brothers Martens

Stunning vistas, atmospheric audio and cinematic edits make this one of the most powerful wedding videos we've ever seen. The spoken word introduction adds a weighty timelessness to this gorgeous and award winning wedding video. Click play and you'll feel like you were there celebrating with the happy couple.

2. Best Elopement Film: Mallory and Clay, Ouray, Colorado

Film by Filmstrong Productions 

An emphasis on the couple's vows makes this wedding video instantly iconic. The emotional soundtrack only wrenches up the drama, while slow motion footage of the reception evokes feelings of warmth and coziness. It's some of the most creative wedding videography we've seen yet.

3. Best Save-the-Date, Engagement or Love Story Film: Kaila and Jay, Geiranger, Norway

Film by KLassey Productions

You might not know Kaila and Jay, but watch just 20 seconds into their wedding video and you'll feel like you do. The couple's intimacy is laid bare for anyone to see, but it feels inclusive, not over the top. It's what makes this one of the very best wedding videos to emulate.

4. Best Moment in a Wedding Film: Lacey and Matt's Gender Reveal, Atlantic Beach, California

Film by Fonda Foto + Film

There are few moments as joyous as learning the gender of a new baby. Combine the experience with the excitement of a wedding reception and you get one of the most instantly iconic wedding videos ever.

5. Most Creative Cinematography: Megan and Taylor, Nashville, Tennessee

Film by A Little Long Distance

This selection takes creative wedding videography to new heights. Moody, atmospheric shots transform traditional wedding video tropes into a master class on romance. 

6. People's Choice Award: Erin and Madison's Love Story     

Film by Miller Media Films

The very best wedding videos make us feel instantly connected to the couple tying the knot. Erin and Madison's heartfelt vows are presented in a low-key, straightforward way, allowing the audience to focus on their love for each other, not on showy special effects.

7. Editor's Choice Award: Adena and Charley, Santa Barbara, California

Film by Robert Michael Films

Simple, classic and romantic, Adena and Charley's wedding video is the platonic ideal of the genre. With gorgeous classical music, memorable voiceover narration and near-perfect cinematography, it's not hard to see why it's become the gold standard among award winning wedding videos.

8. Wedding Film of the Year: Danielle and Richard, Portland, Maine

Film by Happy Camper Films

Drone footage can transform wedding videos in unexpected, cinematic ways. There's no better example of the power of drone shots than Danielle and Richard's creative wedding videography. Stunning overhead shots of the bride instantly transport the viewer to the day of the wedding, but there's more to this sweet video than sweeping vistas. Take a look for yourself to see what we mean!

9. Filmmaker of the Year: A Little Long Distance

Film by A Little Long Distance

Tracing the love story of the happy couple, this wedding video adds narrative focus to stunning footage. In just a few minutes' time, you feel like you get to know Kaley and Justin's love for yourself. As all the best wedding videos do, this short but sweet film captures the love story and wedding highlights for all the world to see.

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