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Wedding Bug

Reviewed on 10/12/2015 Jenna M

Wedding bug sent out a wonderful photographer for our special day. Oleskey was amazing and the photos were beautiful.

great service

Reviewed on 9/03/2015 Jacquelyn D

We were very pleased with the wedding bug for a videographer. We were in touch with our actual videographer two weeks before and he was great to work with. We can't wait to see the video!! We were very pleased with working with this company.

August 1, 2015

Reviewed on 8/06/2015 Marian L

We used Wedding Bug to find our videographer, photographer, and DJ. The service was very convenient for me, because rather than going through dozens of professionals myself, I answered a few surveys and the service did it for me. I think we got a good value for our money. While... Read More I have yet to see the final products (we just got married this last Saturday), the three professionals picked for us were very nice, and took the time to communicate with me prior to the wedding day, via email and phone. My coordinator, Ashley, also contacted me shortly after we began reserving services on their website to make sure I was being taken care of. I thought the videographer and photographer were very well suited for my wedding, though the DJ was a bit bland. I'll give more individual reviews for each professional in their own reviews. For now, I'll just say that wedding bug made reserving these professionals relatively easy, and I'd definitely recommend it!

Partial Let Down

Reviewed on 7/07/2015 Stephanie G

I chose this company (Wedding Bug) because I was able to get both my photographer and DJ at a great deal. When I spoke with my DJ on the phone 2 weeks before my wedding, I was so excited because he sounded so lively and great. However, I was let down the second my reception... Read More started. Each groomsmen had picked a song for them and their matching bridesmaid to be introduced to and dance to. He either forgot to play them or started the songs way too late and as a result, some of them had to scrap their creative ideas for entry because it didn't make sense without the music. He didn't start my husband and I's song until we were practically at our seat and the song we chose was very personal to us so that was a disappointment. During dinner he was playing some kind of old school polka music which several people had asked him to change. It took myself asking him to change it so that he would. In my online questionnaire that I filled out well before the wedding I stated the type of music genres that we loved so I expected to hear that music while we ate. He wasn't very smooth from going song to song. He would play a group dancing song, then change it something completely different and people would leave the dance floor. Eventually I was able to get enough guests requesting songs that he didn't have a chance to do that anymore. We all had a blast and everyone eventually stayed on the dance floor, but I wouldn't recommend this company for your DJ needs.

Awesome Photographer!

Reviewed on 7/07/2015 Stephanie G

At first when I spoke with my photographer 2 weeks before my wedding I was unsure of how it would go. He didn't seem very sociable and was very brisk in his conversation. However, my worries were erased the moment I arrived at my venue and he began taking excellent pictures... Read More before I even walked down the aisle. Turns out he didn't have an outgoing personality but was an EXCELLENT photographer! He did many classic poses that I wanted but allowed me to do poses that I had found on pinterest! He worked very quickly so that we could make the most out of the 4 hours that we had him for. He even showed up to my venue 30 minutes early to take pictures of my groom and his family, without charging or counting it int he 4 hours! Due to his diligent and quick pace we got a TON of pictures from the reception showing all of the fun! For the price, I would recommend this company to ANYONE getting married!

A job well done

Reviewed on 4/28/2015 Amy L

Our videographer was very good. He had us do some really neat shots for the video. He included us each saying a special message to the other. He asked guests to say a few words on camera for us. He took video of the photo times too.

Really Good Photographer

Reviewed on 4/28/2015 Amy L

Alicia was our contact person who assigned Melissa as our photographer. Melissa was great with everyone at our wedding. She was very polite and took extra shots to make sure there were none with blinks or other issues. We were very pleased with her service.

Great service!

Reviewed on 4/15/2015 Traci R

We loved our pictures. Our photographer was wonderful and quick with processing our photos. She was extremely knowledgeable and able to get ALL of the shots I requested. Family members and friends commented on how wonderful she was and how she was everywhere! Thanks Wedding... Read More Bug!

You get what you pay for

Reviewed on 11/29/2014 caitlin h

I also wrote a separate review for Wedding Bug under photographers. Please feel free to read that one as well because my experience with the photographer was different than my experience with the DJ. Again, be forewarned that Wedding Bug does not assign your DJ until about... Read More two weeks before your wedding. This was an issue for us because our venue required a timeline from the DJ before the DJ was even assigned to us. We ended up having to draft our own timeline and give it to the DJ with no possibility of revising it. This was kind of a shame because the DJ has way more experience with that than we do. Wedding Bug will ask you to complete all kinds of "style quizzes" and checklists to help them assign people who will work well with you on your big day. We did a music checklist that as far as I can tell was totally ignored. When our DJ was assigned, he called us to ask about the timeline (again, no room to change anything at that late date) and the usual stuff like what do we want played and don't want played. We had invested in dance lessons because we simply can't dance and felt very insecure about that part. We had a song picked and worked out this whole thing where at this one point in the song, the DJ would fade the music and invite our guests out on the dance floor to finish the song with us (it was a long song). This seemed pretty standard as it was suggested by the dance instructor as a usual thing and the DJ himself had no questions. Problem was that he actually faded at the wrong point and that sort of messed up what we had planned. Not that big of deal, we shrugged it off. But we did specifically say we did not want any line dancing or group dances. Guess what was played immediately following dinner? Yep, several group dance songs. At one point, I was going to tables begging people to dance and for the most part people came out to the floor but the music wasn't working and so people didn't really stay on the floor. My maid of honor had to pull him aside with a list of songs and artists to play. He replied with, "I know what I'm doing." Maybe he has been doing this a long time and maybe he knows what he is doing, but it just didn't seem like the music was working. He did take requests and accommodated my maid of honor, but it took some pushing. I will reiterate here what I wrote in my photographer review for Wedding Bug regarding the administration. The coordinator was hard to work with and often unprofessional. She was really not helpful at all actually. She would either respond with half answers or not respond at all. I found that part of Wedding Bug to be the most annoying. Overall, for DJ, I would not recommend this place. It's just not worth it.

Brad is the Best!

Reviewed on 11/19/2014 Linda J

We used Wedding Bug Photography for our wedding which happened on 10/24/14. At first I was not sure about using a company that I could not pick the photographer. You see my son is a professional photographer and we are very picky when it comes to stuff like that. But I took... Read More the chance and I could not have been more pleased. The company assigned me Brad and then the magic began. From the very first phone call from Brad, I knew we had a match. He understood me and I understood him. On the day of the wedding Brad was in an car accident but that did not stop him. He came ready to go. He never let it rattle him. It was go time. Within ten minutes of being there, Brad was no longer the photographer, he was family. All of the bridal party loved him, even my son the Photographer, who was determined not to like anyone that they sent. Brad was attentive and amazing all at the same time. His pictures are beautiful and he caught the true essence of our family. I have looked at his pictures over and over and everytime I smile because I remember exactly what was said or done at that exact minute. Brad is helping me relive our day over and over. I would highly suggest you use this company and please ask for Brad, you will not regret it. Lind and Nick

Great Price, Great Pictures!

Reviewed on 10/03/2014 Jennifer N

I was soooooooooo overwhelmed when it came to picking a photographer. They were so outrageously expensive, and I knew my husband and I weren't really wanting a ton of photos that were perfect. So going with Wedding Bug turned out to be the best choice for us! They had absolutely... Read More the best prices, add-ons, and in the end, a decent photographer. We were assigned Brian and I'll be honest... He was not the friendliest guy! I don't know if it was b/c he didn't enjoy being contracted out thru Wedding Bug (and therefore not making a full commission on my wedding), but he probably should work on his social skills for such a happy day! Hehehe. The photos themselves turned out very nice. There were some pretty awkward lighting ones and poses... But we definitely had some perfect photos too! My last complaint about the photographer would have to be the details he missed.... I was so busy that day, I didn't even think to ask Brian to take pictures of the (*amazing*) candy buffet, memorial display, crafty seating chart display, menus, programs, or DIY photo booth setup. But I guess I should have, because he did not get a single picture of anything I just listed =( No worries! I am holding out for my spectacular videographer! :D Other comments about Wedding Bug would have to include their prompt emails about anything - price, options, timing. They were very nice, and Ashley was so helpful! I can't wait until our album gets here in person!! =)

Happy Bride and Groom

Reviewed on 9/01/2014 Tonica W

Our photographer through Wedding Bug was hands down our favorite vendor of the day. Dan Lerro was the photographer at our wedding. Not only did Dan take great pictures throughout the day, he was funny, entertaining and just a great person to be around. Dan went above and beyond... Read More to make sure we captured all of the special moments of our day. He listened to us and took the pictures we wanted to take but also inserted his excellent vision and took shots that we would have never thought of. He was open, honest and very warm. We had a bad experience with our engagement photos with a different vendor and were really nervous about our wedding photos. Dan helped us relax and showed us several pictures as he took them to reassure us that we were in good hands. I would love to have him take all the pictures of the important moments in our lives in the years to come! Photo Services

Reviewed on 8/27/2014 Joseph G

We did not want to spend a lot of money on a photographer. It was hard to find someone who offered something other than these large all inclusive packages. Fortunately, we found and they offered fully customizable services. We were able to order exactly what we... Read More wanted which was just 6 Hours of Photography with unlimited shots and all images delivered on a Photo DVD-ROM. The price was reasonable at $745 plus tax. The photographer assigned to us was not too friendly and lacked some personality, but his pictures did come out very nice. We are overall satisfied with the service and think we made a good economical choice. I would recommend to others.

Customer Service Lacking

Reviewed on 8/25/2014 Mary H

While we loved our videograpaher the company was not easy to use. From multiple phone calls to rotating staff members we had trouble getting contact with the right person. If we were choosing again we would go in a different direction. I will update this after I receive our... Read More video with the quality.


Reviewed on 8/24/2014 Karyn B

Well, where do I start...I was assigned a photographer that never contacted me and then contracted my wedding to another photographer. That photographer then contracted it out to another person an hour before they were supposed to be at my venue. I have pictures that are only... Read More half visible for some reason, no pictures of my husband and I dancing, no pictures of the bouquet toss, ... I have about 30 of the pictures that are duplicates and another 20 of random items, the beach, rain, people above us,... Many of the pictures aren't even centered and are from far away. The photographer didn't even offer up any portrait ideas (ie family photos) and didn't seem to really want to be there. On the plus side, we also got our DJ from them and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about him. The music was great and minus a lighting issue, it all went off without a hitch.

not the best in town, but certainly the cheapest

Reviewed on 8/24/2014 Alyssa H

I was on a budget, but being knowledgeable in the photography field (I cannot say professional), I was not willing to just give my money to any photographer. The services are cheap for photography (I had wedding and engagement photos done) and you definitely get what you paid... Read More for. My engagement photographer was cold, not engaging and wanted everything posed which absolutely destroyed the mood and made my fiance and I tense up instead of relaxed and happy. The only thing she cared about was wanting to be the photographer for my wedding which was at the art museum, as she stated several times she really wanted to take photos of a wedding there. Not necessarily my wedding, just a wedding. Very unprofessional attitude overall. Luckily, we did not have that photographer on our wedding day. Our engagement photos were delayed because they sent us the wrong CD - someone else's wedding. The second CD came to us and had our images on it...AND the photos of the other person's wedding. I gave up trying to get them to fix it after multiple attempts. On the wedding day we got a more personable photographer, although she was still a bit shy/quiet and didn't really seem in command. Many of the images I received were blurry - some of them I was really looking forward to. Like I said I'm not a professional but even I know how to prevent blurry images in low-light settings. I browsed the company's website and portfolio and they seemed promising so I don't know if I just got new/inexperienced photographers or what but I am definitely not satisfied with my images. Plus, I felt like neither photographer really cared about my wedding/it being my big day. I honestly feel like they only cared about being chosen to photograph the venue. You are assigned a photographer. Not once did I get to pick someone who I felt most matched my tastes. I didn't even know the name of my wedding photographer until the day before my wedding, despite being told via email that I would know the name two weeks before. I really hope she wasn't vegetarian because I was unable to confirm with her what food choice she wanted so I had to pick for her despite asking Wedding Bug! Long story short: Spend the extra money, go through a boutique/independent photographer NOT a big company. You will be treated like big companies treat clients - just another number. Even though I did not pay much compared to other photographers, I still paid a decent amount and feel like I overpaid based on the quality of my images and unprofessional attitude of the staff. Also if you do not pay in full up front, you will be required to give them your bank account number and cannot pay the rest on a debit/credit card so if you do decide to go through Wedding Bug, keep that in mind so you can make sure you have enough money in your bank account.

Believe everything you read.

Reviewed on 5/30/2014 Sara D

I selected this vendor after I had to drop my first photographer. I found them online and found there site easy to navigate. They had everything on there webpage that made me at ease and confirmed my feelings of trust. After talking to one of their reps, I was convinced that... Read More they were the ones. Everything I read on their site was confirmed by a friendly and professional person on the otherside of the phone. I booked them over the phone and was surprised at how easy the whole process was.

Wedding Bug Photographer

Reviewed on 12/01/2013 Jane S

This was my husbands and my 2nd wedding and we are older so we just wanted a few really nice pictures of us and family. We were very happy, no complaints, they did a great job.

awesome pictures andn price

Reviewed on 11/13/2013 ashley c

They are service the finds you a personal photogher. The pictures ca me out beautiful. I had her from 1230-830 and only paid 900 $

Excellent work if you get the right professional

Reviewed on 11/11/2013 Nicole D

I used wedding for my wedding but also my engagement photos. My rating is only based on my wedding day professionals but I'm also going to give other brides out there the heads up from my engagement session. My engagement session would have gotton negative stars if I could rate... Read More it that way. The "professional" I had was awful, my have maybe 10 pictures that are ok to use after a 2hr photo shoot. not good!! However when I told wedding bug this they worked with me to make things right and handled my account very professionally. Fast forward to my wedding and it's a total 180! I would like to give a shout out to my photographers Bill Burke and Colleen MacRamos! they made my wedding day so spectacular and I just got to look through my pictures this weekend and they are stunning!! Colleen was such a sweetheart and she took the time to get some very fun and artistic shoots that I never could have thought of doing, but they truly highlight the details that I spent so much time working on.I also want to let every bride out there know that Colleen went above and beyond what was expected. She even stayed past her time to make sure she captured moments that were very important to me. Bill also has to get a big applause. He was very patient and organized. I have such a big family and he just got everyone to work smoothly together and gave me pictures that were better than I could have hoped for. Bill seemed to be everywhere at once but never "in your face". He was truly fantastic- he got great group shoots at the reception when everyone was dancing and my portraits are breathtaking. Wedding bug as a whole I do like- because they work this professional in your area and outsource to them, so your supporting local business. I just have to say make sure you work with your coordinator to get experienced professionals like Bill and Colleen and you will have the best memories in your wedding album.


Reviewed on 10/29/2013 Cassandra S

DJ was ok. His playlist was all over the place from too slow to too fast. He didnt really capture the attention of guests.

I've caught the bug!

Reviewed on 10/15/2013 Jessica L

I scrolled upon Wedding Bug back in November 2012 when we wanted to book our engagement photo shoot. I was not as pleased with the photographer from that day (he was over an hour late and scoffed at my photography ideas.) However, to get the deal on the engagement shoot I had to... Read More put a deposit down for the wedding session. I was a little apprehensive, until I spoke my mind with my representative and told them exactly what I was looking for. I am 100% satisfied and happy with Iris, our wedding day photographer. She was friendly, open to opinion, creative, noninvasive, and very, thorough. Our wedding day didn't go according to plan (Hello flooded tents) so we were really disappointed in the way everything was readjusted (our vision wasn't transferred to the "Plan B".) However, once we saw the photos that Iris had taken from the day we were blown away! Iris was able to capture the beauty of our wedding day that wasn't visible to us at that moment. I think Wedding Bug is a hit or miss company, we were not that happy with one of our shoots, but were thrilled with the other. I would recommend this service as long as you are very clear with your representative on what it is you are looking for.


Reviewed on 10/08/2013 Teri A

First the photographer "Kim", she was horrible, not personable, just not a fun person. We only had a few shots of my husband and I, 2 of me walking down the aisle, none of my flower girl. No picture of me and my husband with our children. We had to tell her where and how to take... Read More pictures...which out of 600 photos, a hand full wear okay. I am having my a "redo" of wedding pictures of my husband and I...Just so very disappointed, I emailed the company and no response.


Reviewed on 10/06/2013 Amanda M

I love my videographer his name was Andrew and my photographer whos name was micheal. They were very easy to work with.

very nice

Reviewed on 8/27/2013 Brandi W

photographer did well. disappointed that the website claimed I'd receive about 600 pictures and we got 402. about 10% of those we're black&white and/or sepia reprints of ones we also got in color. also some unexpected still life shots of the favor bar and centerpiece. no full... Read More banquet hall completely set up.