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You get what you pay for

Reviewed on 11/29/2014 caitlin h

I also wrote a separate review for Wedding Bug under photographers. Please feel free to read that one as well because my experience with the photographer was different than my experience with the DJ. Again, be forewarned that Wedding Bug does not assign your DJ until about two weeks before your wedding. This was an issue for us because our venue required a timeline from the DJ before the DJ was even assigned to us. We ended up having to draft our own timeline and give it to the DJ with no possibility of revising it. This was kind of a shame because the DJ has way more experience with that than we do. Wedding Bug will ask you to complete all kinds of "style quizzes" and checklists to help them assign people who will work well with you on your big day. We did a music checklist that as far as I can tell was totally ignored. When our DJ was assigned, he called us to ask about the timeline (again, no room to change anything at that late date) and the usual stuff like what do we want played and don't want played. We had invested in dance lessons because we simply can't dance and felt very insecure about that part. We had a song picked and worked out this whole thing where at this one point in the song, the DJ would fade the music and invite our guests out on the dance floor to finish the song with us (it was a long song). This seemed pretty standard as it was suggested by the dance instructor as a usual thing and the DJ himself had no questions. Problem was that he actually faded at the wrong point and that sort of messed up what we had planned. Not that big of deal, we shrugged it off. But we did specifically say we did not want any line dancing or group dances. Guess what was played immediately following dinner? Yep, several group dance songs. At one point, I was going to tables begging people to dance and for the most part people came out to the floor but the music wasn't working and so people didn't really stay on the floor. My maid of honor had to pull him aside with a list of songs and artists to play. He replied with, "I know what I'm doing." Maybe he has been doing this a long time and maybe he knows what he is doing, but it just didn't seem like the music was working. He did take requests and accommodated my maid of honor, but it took some pushing. I will reiterate here what I wrote in my photographer review for Wedding Bug regarding the administration. The coordinator was hard to work with and often unprofessional. She was really not helpful at all actually. She would either respond with half answers or not respond at all. I found that part of Wedding Bug to be the most annoying. Overall, for DJ, I would not recommend this place. It's just not worth it.

Great Price, Great Pictures!

Reviewed on 10/03/2014 Jennifer N

I was soooooooooo overwhelmed when it came to picking a photographer. They were so outrageously expensive, and I knew my husband and I weren't really wanting a ton of photos that were perfect. So going with Wedding Bug turned out to be the best choice for us! They had absolutely the best prices, add-ons, and in the end, a decent photographer. We were assigned Brian and I'll be honest... He was not the friendliest guy! I don't know if it was b/c he didn't enjoy being contracted out thru Wedding Bug (and therefore not making a full commission on my wedding), but he probably should work on his social skills for such a happy day! Hehehe. The photos themselves turned out very nice. There were some pretty awkward lighting ones and poses... But we definitely had some perfect photos too! My last complaint about the photographer would have to be the details he missed.... I was so busy that day, I didn't even think to ask Brian to take pictures of the (*amazing*) candy buffet, memorial display, crafty seating chart display, menus, programs, or DIY photo booth setup. But I guess I should have, because he did not get a single picture of anything I just listed =( No worries! I am holding out for my spectacular videographer! :D Other comments about Wedding Bug would have to include their prompt emails about anything - price, options, timing. They were very nice, and Ashley was so helpful! I can't wait until our album gets here in person!! =)

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