31 Bridal Shower Cake Toppers for the Slay-Worthy Finishing Touch

The sugary treat deserves an equally sweet finish.
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Updated Aug 18, 2023
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Level up your wedding game by using one of these bridal shower cake toppers to celebrate your journey from engagement to "I do." These slay-worthy cake toppers add the perfect finishing touch and a sprinkle of style to your sweet celebration, making your bridal shower cake a worthy centerpiece for your party. Prefer cupcakes? We get it—they're cute! So, we added a few selections that will work there too. After all, you want your bridal shower to reflect you as you prepare for the big day. No matter your theme or dessert choice, we've got you covered.

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Funny Bridal Shower Cake Toppers

The months leading up to your wedding should be a time for laughter and celebration. For those looking to infuse laughter and amusement into their bridal shower, check out these funny bridal shower cake toppers sure to bring smiles to everyone's faces.

"F***ing Finally" Sassy Shower Cake Topper

'f*cking finally' bridal shower cake topper
Photo: DreamCutting

Sometimes the road between the first date, engagement, and the actual wedding seems to take forever. This "f**king finally" bridal shower cake topper surely captures that spirit. The fancy font and black color make this topper elegant while also hitting the funny bone.

Bride-to-Be for the Win

Victorious Bride Bridal Shower Cake Topper Figurine
Photo: The Knot Shop

Weddings and everything leading up to the big day are calls for celebration, so it's only right for the bride to take the wins. Showing the bell of the ball, claiming victory in her wedding dress and veil with this beautiful porcelain bridal shower cake topper is sure to add the perfect touch.

Humorous "Scooped Up" Wedding Shower Cake Topper

'She's been scooped up' gold bridal shower cake topper
Photo: KBpartyCo

She's off the market, folks. Add a bit of humor and whimsy to your bridal shower with this "She's Been Scooped Up" bridal shower cake topper. The fancy topper comes in many colors and sizes to fit any cake and match multiple themes, though it would look right at home at an ice cream shower.

Playful Wedding Shower Cake Topper With Antlers

'The hunt is over' wooden bridal shower cake topper
Photo: The Knot Shop

Finding "the one" can be a tough venture, and many folks have to kiss a lot of frogs to find the spouse of their dreams. This natural wood cake topper proudly announces the hunt is over, and now the rest of the happy couple's lives begin.

Playful Football Tackle-Inspired Cake Topper

"Love Tackle" Bride and Groom Couple Bridal Shower Cake Topper Figurine
Photo: The Knot Shop

This charming and whimsical addition to your bridal shower cake depicts a playful tackle moment as the bride takes down her soon-to-be groom. Not only does it symbolize their unity and shared passion for love and fun, but it's also sure to bring a laugh from the bridal shower guests.

Unique Bridal Shower Cake Toppers

Each to-be-wed is unique, and so is their wedding. Shouldn't a wedding or bridal shower cake topper be just as unique? Celebrate in style with these one-of-a-kind bridal shower cake toppers designed to infuse your shower with personalized charm.

"Use the Force, Young Padawan" SciFi Cake Topper

Star Wars R2D2 & Bb8 bridal shower cake topper
Photo: SpecialDesignForYou

Planning a "Star Wars"-themed wedding shower for the to-be-wed? Let the force be with you, and consider adding this unique and adorable bridal shower cake topper to the mix. This R2D2 and BB8 combo reflects a Star Wars universe match made in heaven.

Crystal-Clear Modern Acrylic Shower Cake Topper

Eucalyptus Custom Clear Acrylic Bridal Shower Cake Topper
Photo: 1801andco

Bridal shower cakes are beautiful all on their own, and sometimes you don't want a cake topper obscuring the decorative icing. The wedding shower cake topper is acrylic, so you can see right through, and it has a lovely sprig of eucalyptus underneath customizable etching.

Animal-Themed Topper Because Pets Are Part of the Family

Silhouette bridal shower cake topper with dog and cat
Photo: TopperRoom

Our four-legged friends are just as much a part of the family as anyone, so why leave them out of the fun? This unique bridal shower cake topper depicts the couple dancing the night away with their cat and dog right beside them, especially perfect for those including their pets on the big day.

Starfish Wedding Shower Topper for a Touch of the Ocean

Starfish bridal shower cake topper
Photo: The Knot Shop

Couples having beach weddings or those who just love the sea will adore this unique starfish cake topper. The detailed design features the sea creature with delicate shells at the bottom. The crisp white topper will fit in seamlessly with any color scheme.

Sporty Motorcycle Topper With the Happy Couple on Two Wheels

"Motorcycle Get-away" Bride and Groom Couple Wedding Cake Topper Figurine
Photo: The Knot Shop

Do the bride and groom spend their weekends on the open road? This motorcycle getaway bridal shower cake topper can add a bit of personality to the top of the bridal shower cake as the pair drives away into the sunset.

Dried Flower Cake Topper to Invite the Garden Inside

Blush & ivory Boho bridal shower cake flower decoration
Photo: FoundAgainFlorals

Who says you have to go with a traditional cake topper? Instead of adding words, phrases, or porcelain figures to your wedding shower cake, you could add flowers instead. The dusty-rose pink, blush, and ivory are neutral enough to easily fit most themes.

Adorable Elephant Figurine Wedding Shower Cake Topper

Grey Lesbian Elephant Animal Bridal Shower Cake Topper
Photo: Silverpasta

There's something so cute about animals in miniature. Pay homage to your love by showcasing an adorable pair of animals snuggling atop your wedding shower cake.

Rustic Bridal Shower Cake Toppers

Not every to-be-wed wants to go the fancy route for a bridal shower or wedding. After all, rustic charm has a romantic vibe all its own. These bridal shower cake toppers exude a natural beauty that will fit a rustic theme perfectly.

Autumn Never Looked So Good, Thanks to This Cake Topper

Personalized Autumn Bridal Shower Cake Topper In Fall Leaves
Photo: RelaxingRecoveries

These entwined heart-shaped twigs accented with fall leaves bring a touch of autumn to your wedding shower, but that's not all. The designer also includes a wire within the heart bent into a letter shape for a personalized cake topper for the occasion.

Rustic Wood Pieces for Barn-Themed Perfection

Calligraphy Engraved Mr and Mrs Rustic wood bridal shower cake topper
Photo: OzarkCraftWood

Tree trunk slices don't only make pretty cool holiday ornaments, but they can make some unique rustic bridal shower cake toppers, too. This set of three wood pieces can read Mr. & Mrs., Mr. & Mr., or Mrs. & Mrs., making them a great fit for every couple.

Simple Shower Cake Topper With a Rustic Touch

Custom Engraved Wood Diamond Bridal Shower Cake Topper
Photo: The Knot Shop

This natural wood grain rustic cake topper features the bride and groom's initials situated on a triangle within a square frame. The topper also has a sprig of nature engraved in the center for a clean, simplistic design.

Bring the States Together With This Cake Topper

Rustic Wooden States Country Bridal Shower Cake Toppers
Photo: WeddingPros

Is the engaged pair from different states? These country wedding shower toppers are customizable, bringing the couple's home states together in a unique way. The personalized initials and heart cutouts make the topper a special keepsake.

Topper With Countryside Feel? Yes, Ma'am

Rustic Couple Bride and Groom Couple Bridal Shower Cake Topper Figurine
Photo: The Knot Shop

Made of porcelain, this wedding shower topper shows a couple embraced over a rustic fence, giving the bride a peek into her near future. Holding flowers is a nice touch as the bride stands nose-to-nose with her groom.

Elegant-Yet-Rustic Bridal Shower Cake Topper

Miss to Mrs Rustic bridal shower cake topper
Photo: ThistleAndLaceDesign

Think rustic to-be-wed cake toppers are limited to just wood? Think again. This floral bridal shower cake topper takes a branch and flower design and shapes it into a half moon that can be produced in natural wood, colored wood, or acrylic. Plus, you can personalize the middle to say whatever words you wish.

Cute Bridal Shower Cake Toppers

Radiating charm and sweetness, these cute bridal shower cake toppers will bring a heartwarming and playful ambiance to your shower. The simple style and sweet vibe could make the perfect addition to your shower dessert.

Squad-Goals Wedding Shower Cupcake Toppers

Rose Gold Bridal Shower 'bride squad' cake toppers
Photo: Target

No rule says you can't have cupcakes at a bridal shower. In fact, they work just fine! This set of 24 cute treat picks in pink and white brings the whimsical color palette front and center. The "bride squa" toppers can accommodate cupcakes and fit on a cake as well. So, why not have both?

Wedding Shower Cake Topper With a Fun Silhouette

'Bride to be' bridal shower black cake topper
Photo: MemoryKeepsakeParty

This cute bridal shower cake topper is different from the rest, putting all the focus on the bride-to-be. The silhouette shows off the bride's sassy side with her legs kicked up, an adorable dress on, and a short veil flowing off her ponytail. The topper also comes with a separate message for the cake front.

Simple "Love is Sweet" Cake Topper

'Love is sweet' Bridal Shower Cake Topper
Photo: Rinacreating

Pretty and adorable, this quaint cake topper has one simple message that can set the tone for the whole bridal shower—love is sweet. The cute item is available in a lovely font and comes in an array of colors to match any theme.

Stunning Glitter Bridal Shower Cupcake Picks

Bride to Be Bridal Cupcake Toppers with Heart Ring Dress Bridal Shower Cupcake Picks
Photo: Amazon

Here is another set of cute bridal shower cupcake toppers, and this package has an array, giving your four different cupcake picks to give the party some sparkly variety. There are 24 pieces to this set that features the ring, the dress, the bride's current status, and a heart for love.

Adorable Wedding Dress Cupcake Toppers

Wedding dress bridal shower cupcake toppers
Photo: Somethingtosmilefor

You know the to-be-wed can't wait to wear their gown and walk down the aisle. So why not showcase "the one" at the wedding shower? These adorable pearl-colored wedding dress cupcake toppers have a translucent white bow, making them a dainty and adorable addition.

Elegant Slow-Dancing Cake Topper

Couple slow dance bridal shower cake topper
Photo: Amazon

Looking forward to sharing a first dance with your partner at the wedding? Drum up some excitement at the shower with this beautiful figurine that depicts a couple's first dance.

Simple Nonbinary Shower Cake Topper

Simple black nonbinary bridal shower cake topper
Photo: Dash of Pride

Not every to-be-wed wants to adopt the honorifics Mr. or Mrs. This inclusive wedding shower cake topper reads Mx. and Mrs., but the store offers a wide variety of combinations to suit each and every couple.

Personalized Bridal Shower Cake Toppers

Give your bridal shower a personalized touch with these customizable wedding and bridal shower cake toppers to fit any to-be-wed. These beautiful cake toppers will not only reflect the person of honor, but will double as a cherished memento of the occasion.

Whimsical Pink Acrylic Flamingo Cake Topper

Flamingo Couples Bridal Shower Cake Topper
Photo: SundaysDaughterUK

Flamingos are said to mate for life—what better animal to select to represent your new union? And if you've opted for cupcakes instead of cake, this product could work as a bridal shower cupcake pick to fit your needs.

Look at the Future With This Future Mrs. Cake Topper

Future mrs golden bridal shower cake topper
Photo: ohbeautifuldayprints

Available in gold, black, rose gold, silver, or natural wood, this future Mrs. cake topper shows off the bride-to-be's name-to-be. And isn't that what everyone is celebrating? The dessert decoration also uses two fonts, giving the lettering an unexpected pop.

"Almost Mrs." Cake Topper Since You're Not Quite There Yet

'Almost Mrs' custom rose gold bridal shower cake topper
Photo: CuttsStudio

Proudly display the bride-to-be's name once she says "I do" with the "almost Mrs." bridal shower cake topper. All you have to do is tell the designer what name to add, and it's personalized for the occasion. This topper also uses two fonts and is available in multiple colors and materials to fit the party theme.

Custom Monogram Wedding Shower Cupcake Toppers

Custom initial gold bridal shower cupcake toppers
Photo: shoppaperandparties

Here's another wedding shower cupcake topper, but this time it's customizable using the first initials of the happy couple's names, joined by a small heart. These picks come in every color of the rainbow and in multiple quantities. Order the double-sided so they look great from all angles.

Wedding Shower Cake Topper With All the Glitz and Glam

Silver Rhinestone Monogram Letter and Number Cake Toppers
Photo: Tablecloth Factory

Sometimes simple is the best choice, and all your bridal shower cake needs is a single letter to elevate its status to masterpiece. Personalize this rhinestone silver monogram bridal shower cake topper to reflect the to-be-wed—the calligraphy letter comes in two sizes to fit every cake.

Crystal-Clear Acrylic Cake Topper With Last Name

Custom Modern Square Acrylic Bridal Shower Cake Topper Collection
Photo: Koyal Wholesale

This square acrylic customizable bridal shower cake topper is clear and clean so that everyone can see the beauty of the dessert while displaying the guest of honor's future last name. If they're not changing their name—no problem—order one to display the to-be-wed's first name instead!

Realistic 3D-Printed Figurine Cake Topper

Couple figurine bridal shower cake topper
Photo: Dopl

3D printing is having its moment, and Dopl is bringing the fabrication technique to wedding shower cake toppers. The company is pioneering true-to-life miniatures that capture the essence of couples. To-be-weds can stop into Dopl's New York City store for a quick camera scan that's converted into a figurine in just three weeks. For those not in NYC, the company plans to expand to additional cities. And the best part is that the cake topper can be reused to decorate your wedding guest book table or could even bring a smile to an in-law's face as a wedding present.

Where to Buy Bridal Shower Cake Toppers

While this is a pretty extensive list of bridal shower cake toppers, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Pick one from the list or use them as inspiration for the perfect addition to top off the occasion. Here are a few retailers to browse.

  • Amazon: Picking from the wide selection of bridal shower cake toppers from Amazon can be a convenient and cost-effective option. This retail giant is often a one-stop shop for most things, and the same is true for your bridal shower. Plus, customer reviews and ratings on Amazon can provide valuable insights, helping you make an informed decision to ensure you get exactly what you need.
  • Etsy: Opting to buy bridal shower cake toppers from Etsy gives you the advantage of discovering something handcrafted and uniquely designed by talented artisans. You'll undoubtedly find the perfect match for your bridal shower theme. Also, supporting small businesses on Etsy lets you add a special touch to your celebration while connecting directly with the creator for a personal experience.
  • The Knot Shop: As a trusted wedding retailer, we offer a nice selection of toppers to fit a variety of shower themes and preferences. Bridal shower cake toppers from The Knot cover funny, rustic, elegant, cute, and personalized choices. The great thing about this shop is the expertise and care behind every selection. In short, we get how important this day is to the bride, her family, and her friends.
  • Wayfair: Buying bridal shower cake toppers from Wayfair offers a wide variety of selections at a price that won't kill your budget. This retailer is known for having everything the customer needs, and cake toppers are no exception. Plus, the party planners will receive free shipping on their order, saving even more while still adding a quality topper to the bride's dessert.
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