15 Pretty Bridal Shower Cakes

You can have just about any kind of dessert at your bridal shower, but a cake is a fun and pretty way to top off the party. And it’s a chance for you to get as creative as you like. We love the idea of a cake in the shape of a teapot or a stack of gifts! Here are a few of our favorite bridal shower cake designs to inspire you.
by Simone Hill
  1. Necco Wafer Bridal Shower Cake

    photo by Val McCormick

    Pink and green Necco wafers and a bit of edible gold glitter combine to create a whimsical pattern that's casual enough for a bridal shower.

    Cake by Erica O'Brien Cake Design

  2. Ruffle Frosted Bridal Shower Cake

    photo by Scott Michael Photography

    Textured blue buttercream frosting is a sweet treatment for a bridal shower cake. Itty-bitty wood heart toppers are a fun finish.

    Cake by Sweet & Saucy Shop

  3. Buttercream Ombre Bridal Shower Cake

    photo by Marisa Holmes Photography

    You don't need multiple tiers to get a cool ombre effect. This cake is perfect for the playful bride, especially when topped with a festive banner.

    Cake by Sweet Gem Cakes

  4. A Simple Bridal Shower Cake With Flowers

    photo by Arlene Chambers Photography

    Sometimes a pretty stand is all you need for a cake with rustic charm, like this buttercream confection finished off with a swag of fresh flowers. (Find a similar jeweled cake stand at FancyFlours.com.)

    Cake by Karl's Bakery & Cafe

  5. Pale Green Sugar Flowers

    photo by Antonis Achilleos

    It's a fact: There's nothing more classic on a cake than sugar flowers, and this vine and flower detailing is no exception.

    Cake by Sarah Magid Custom Cakes

  6. A Naked Bridal Shower Cake

    photo by Hannah Colclazier Photography

    There's no rule that says your bridal shower cake has to be frosted. Bright yellow lemon filling and a few full pink peonies are all the add-ons this cake needs in order to shine.

    Cake from UnitedWithLove.com

  7. Metallic Gold Ikat Bridal Shower Cake

    photo by Q Weddings

    This one is for a glamorous gal. The ikat print in metallic gold is a seriously stand-out detail. Pair with other sweet treats for a big wow!

    Cake by Polkadots Cupcake Factory

  8. Peach Bow Tie Cake

    photo by Desi Baytan Photography

    Nothing says "bridal shower" like a pastel cake covered in bows. A few small cookies (in the same hue) and a fresh flower arrangement create a beautiful dessert display.

    Cake by Sweet & Saucy Shop

  9. His-and-Hers Silhouette Bridal Shower Cake

    photo by Scott Michael Photography

    Wood silhouette cake toppers (you can find them at SweetandSaucySupply.com) add a romantic touch to a small and modern color-block cake. Expert tip: This topper would be perfect for a couple's shower too.

    Cake by Sweet & Saucy Shop

  10. Monogrammed Bridal Shower Cake

    photo by Scott Michael Photography

    In the same vein, this bridal shower cake is simple and cute with the couple's first-name initials as a topper.

    Cake by Sweet & Saucy Shop

  11. Fresh Berry Bridal Shower Cake

    photo by Arlene D Marston Photography

    Celebrate a summertime bridal shower with a cake that focuses on fresh, in-season berries. If it's fall, do something similar with apples or pears!

    Cake by Cake Monstah

  12. Small Dahlia Bridal Shower Cake

    photo by Erica O'Brien

    One stand-out detail, like a blush sugar dahlia, makes a statement on this bridal shower cake without taking the look too over the top--save that for your wedding!

    Cake by Erica O'Brien Cake Design

  13. A “Something Blue” Bridal Shower Cake

    photo by Jen Huang Photography

    Get graphic by adding a simple phrase or word, like love, to your cake. We love the light blue hue of this square cake--it sings wedding!

    Cake by Sweet & Saucy Shop

  14. Draped Gift Box Bridal Shower Cake

    photo by Prestige Barkley Photographic Design

    A popular theme for bridal shower cakes is pretty gift boxes, and this one takes it up a notch with a pearlescent finish, draping effect and sugar roses.

    Cake by Ana Parzych Cakes

  15. A Watercolor Bridal Shower Cake

    photo by Maggie Austin Cake

    Add a dash of creativity with this art-inspired painted cake that's an ode to Monet's famous “Water Lilies" paintings.

    Cake by Maggie Austin Cake

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