21 Gorgeous Bridal Shower Cakes You (and Your Guests) Will Love

And they're as tasty as they are pretty.
by Simone Hill

You can have just about any kind of dessert during your prewedding activities, but a bridal shower cake feels fun, pretty and festive more than anything else. (And it’s a chance for you to get as creative as you'd like.) Top off your party with a traditional cake, or one that's in a fun shape, like a teapot or a stack of gifts. Find a few of our favorite bridal shower cake designs to inspire you, below. 

  1. Necco Wafer Bridal Shower Cake

    Pink and green Necco wafers and a bit of edible gold glitter combine to create a whimsical pattern that's casual enough for a bridal shower.

    Bridal Shower Cake by Erica O'Brien Cake Design

  2. Ruffle Frosted Bridal Shower Cake

    Textured blue buttercream frosting is a sweet treatment for a bridal shower cake, and the itty-bitty wood heart toppers are a fun finish.

    Bridal Shower Cake by Sweet & Saucy Shop

  3. Buttercream Ombré Bridal Shower Cake

    You don't need multiple tiers to get a cool ombré effect. This cake is perfect for the playful bride, especially when topped with a festive banner.

    Bridal Shower Cake by Sweet Gem Cakes

  4. A Simple Bridal Shower Cake With Flowers

    Sometimes a pretty stand is all you need for a cake with rustic charm, like this buttercream confection finished off with a swag of fresh flowers. 

    Bridal Shower Cake by Karl's Bakery & Cafe

  5. Pale Green Sugar Flowers

    It's a fact: There's nothing more classic on a cake than sugar flowers, and this vine and flower detailing is no exception.

    Bridal Shower Cake by Sarah Magid Custom Cakes

  6. A Naked Bridal Shower Cake

    There's no rule that says your bridal shower cake has to be frosted. Bright yellow lemon filling and a few full pink peonies are all the add-ons this naked cake needs in order to shine.

    Bridal Shower Cake from UnitedWithLove.com

  7. Metallic Gold Ikat Bridal Shower Cake

    This one is for a glamorous to-be-wed. The ikat print in metallic gold is a seriously stand-out detail. Pair with other sweet treats for a big "wow" moment. 

    Bridal Shower Cake by Polkadots Cupcake Factory

  8. Peach Bow Tie Cake

    Nothing says "bridal shower" like a pastel cake covered in bows. A few small cookies (in the same hue) and a fresh flower arrangement create a beautiful dessert display.

    Bridal Shower Cake by Sweet & Saucy Shop

  9. His-and-Hers Silhouette Bridal Shower Cake

    Wood silhouette cake toppers add a romantic touch to a small and modern color-block cake. Expert tip: This topper would be perfect for a couple's shower too.

    Bridal Shower Cake by Sweet & Saucy Shop

  10. Monogrammed Bridal Shower Cake

    In the same vein, this bridal shower cake is simple and cute with the couple's first-name initials as a topper.

    Bridal Shower Cake by Sweet & Saucy Shop

  11. Fresh Berry Bridal Shower Cake

    Celebrate a summertime bridal shower with a cake that focuses on fresh, in-season berries. If it's fall, do something similar with apples or pears.

    Bridal Shower Cake by Cake Monstah

  12. Small Dahlia Bridal Shower Cake

    One stand-out detail, like a blush sugar dahlia, makes a statement on this bridal shower cake without taking the look too over the top (save that for your wedding!). 

    Bridal Shower Cake by Erica O'Brien Cake Design

  13. A “Something Blue” Bridal Shower Cake

    Get graphic by adding a simple phrase or word, like love, to your cake. We love the light blue hue of this square cake—it sings "wedding."

    Bridal Shower Cake by Sweet & Saucy Shop

  14. Draped Gift Box Bridal Shower Cake

    A popular theme for bridal shower cakes is pretty gift boxes, and this one takes it up a notch with a pearlescent finish, draping effect and sugar roses.

    Cake by Ana Parzych Cakes

  15. A Watercolor Bridal Shower Cake

    Add a dash of creativity with this art-inspired painted cake that's an ode to Monet's famous “Water Lilies" paintings.

    Bridal Shower Cake by Maggie Austin Cake

  16. Bridal Shower Cake With Fresh Flowers

    Elevate your summer bridal shower cake—this one is vanilla-lemon flavor with in-season raspberry filling—with fresh flowers on top. 

    Bridal Shower Cake by JoGarrison Cakes

  17. Waffle Bridal Shower "Cake" With Cream

    Yes, you can turn your favorite breakfast food into a sweet treat for your bridal shower with some cream filling and flowers. 

    Bridal Shower Cake by Savannah's Hall of Cakes

  18. Hand-Painted Buttercream Icing

    This bridal shower cake with hand-painted strokes on the buttercream icing is almost too pretty to eat (key word: almost). 

    Bridal Shower Cake by Ruthi Hutson Cakes

  19. Cereal Bridal Shower Bundt Cake

    Your eyes aren't deceiving you—those are indeed Rice Krispie treats baked into this beautiful, bridal shower-worthy bundt cake. 

    Bridal Shower Cake by Krisp

  20. A Southwestern-Themed Bridal Shower Cake

    If you're celebrating your bridal shower with sun and cacti, try a Southwestern-inspired, "embroidered" bridal shower cake like this one. 

    Bridal Shower Cake by VG Donut & Bakery

  21. A "You + Me" Topped Bridal Shower Cake

    Even if your partner won't be at your bridal shower, send a sweet message with a gorgeous cake and cake topper like this one. 

    Bridal Shower Cake by Bakologie

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