Everything You Need to Host a Mimosa Bar Bridal Shower

A mimosa bar is the perfect complement to a brunch bridal shower celebration.
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Updated May 02, 2024

A mimosa bar bridal shower is the perfect way to bring your pre-wedding brunch celebration to the next level. This event celebrating the bride-to-be can be full of plenty of fun elements like sweet decor, fun games and yummy breakfast and lunch treats. A DIY mimosa bar adds an extra dose of fun with a delicious display where guests can make their own bubbly cocktail to pair with the festivities.

Want to know everything you need to make a bridal shower mimosa bar a reality? Read ahead for tips and ideas to spritz up your stylish celebration.

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What Is a Mimosa Bar?

A mimosa bar is a do-it-yourself style spread that allows guests at an event to make their own spin on a mimosa. This can include ingredients for a classic mimosa with champagne or prosecco and orange juice, fruit to garnish your drink and, in some cases, a variety of juice options to create your perfect take on a mimosa.

What You Need for a Bridal Shower Mimosa Bar

Want to know the must-haves to stock your bridal shower mimosa bar for all your guests? Read below to learn everything from decor to how many mimosas per bottle of champagne you can make.


Make sure you have the main ingredients of champagne (or prosecco) and juice for your guests to whip up their mimosas. A good rule of thumb is you can make six to eight mimosas per 750 ml bottle of sparkling wine. Consider how many drinks you expect each guest to have—likely two to three on average—then purchase your alcohol in advance accordingly. Since guests will likely be pouring a drink with a 50/50 ratio, get enough juice to match up with the amount of wine you purchased. If you want to serve a variety of fruit flavors the best juices for mimosas include grapefruit, pineapple, cranberry or pomegranate. However, it's best to purchase a few extra bottles of orange juice for those who want a classic form of the drink. To garnish, fruits like raspberries, strawberries and orange slices are fun to adorn your drink.

Decor Supplies

The most important supply to pair with your mimosas is glasses. You can choose classic champagne flutes, wine glasses or decorated cups in either glass or plastic for your mimosa bar. Make sure to get cute napkins for guests to take with their drink, too. To make sure your bottles of bubbly stay cold, get a few buckets you can fill up with ice to place on the table. To make your juice options even more chic, purchase a few carafes to fill up with the colorful drinks and create signage to indicate each flavor. A few decorative trays for fruit can be a perfect finishing touch as well as a chic tablecloth for the bar cart or table that will serve as the mimosa bar.

How to Set Up Your Bridal Shower Mimosa Bar

Learn how to arrange your mimosa ingredients and shower decor to make sure your spread will stay fresh and look stylish.

Set Up a Bar Table or Station

Before you can set up a great DIY mimosa bar, you need a foundation to display all your delicious options. Secure a table, a bar cart or another sturdy surface that can fit your mimosa supplies. If the options available aren't the most appealing, make sure to jazz it up with a pretty tablecloth or other decor so it's party ready.

Arrange the Ingredients

Set up the ingredients in ice buckets, carafes and trays along the table. Keep additional ice in the freezer to replace midway during the event, if possible, to reduce the buckets from getting filled with pools of water.

Add Decor

Add cups, signs, napkins and other fun decor elements to complete your mimosa bar. Make sure to find items within your bridal shower's color palette and theme to enhance the overall aesthetic of your event.

Hire a Bartender

While a DIY mimosa bar can be a hit, consider hiring a bartender or catering staff on The Knot Vendor Marketplace to pour up mimosas if your budget allows. That touch of service will bring an extra dose of excitement and ease to your celebration.

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