22 Bridgerton-Themed Bridal Shower Ideas for the Fanciest Tea Party Ever

Celebrate the diamond of the season with a fabulous fête.
How to Host a Bridgerton Tea Party Bridal Shower
Photos: The Knot Invitations, Getty Images, Nikki Daskalakis | Design: Tiana Crispino
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Updated Apr 15, 2024

If you've gotten your hands on these society papers, it's likely that you are planning a "Bridgerton"-themed bridal shower for one very lucky to-be-wed. Before you host your soirée, allow us to intrigue you with these "Bridgerton" bridal shower ideas inspired by the sophistication of afternoon tea and high society in the Regency era. An elegant tea party is one of our favorite bridal shower themes of all time, but with the arrival of "Bridgerton" Season 3 premiering on Netflix, this theme is expected to be even more buzz-worthy. To ensure that your soirée is the talk of the ton—in a good way, certainly—follow our step-by-step guide to planning a "Bridgerton"-themed wedding shower that's flawless, my dear.

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What Is a "Bridgerton"-Themed Bridal Shower?

A "Bridgerton"-themed bridal shower is all about lavish yet romantic details inspired by the lifestyle of noble families in early 19th-century London. For this theme, you'll want to focus on using details that evoke indisputable grandeur, like decadent cakes, gold and silver tabletop items, lace or satin table linens, fine china, and lots (and lots) of flowers. For a "Bridgerton" tea-themed bridal shower, use a pastel color palette, such as blush, light blue, lilac, sage green and pale yellow. Guests should be encouraged to wear formal or semi-formal attire including long dresses, sensible heels and accessories such as gloves, floral hair pins or bejeweled necklaces.

"Bridgerton" Bridal Shower Invitations

After you've confirmed the important party details, such as the date, time and venue, it's time to send your invitations. And what better way to announce your soirée than with the new collection of bridal shower invitations from Bridgerton x The Knot? These exclusive designs were inspired by some of the show's most regal elements, featuring details like monogrammed crests, toile prints, calligraphy-style typography and metallic foiling. Below, peruse and shop our hand-picked favorites from the collection.

1. Glamorous Regency Garden Bridal Shower Invitations

Regency Garden Bridal Shower Invitations
Photo: The Knot

Delicate roses and greenery adorn the edges of this pretty "Bridgerton" bridal shower invitation. The contrasting damask background and matching envelope liner are little details that elevate the overall look of the suite, which features a swooping typeface reminiscent of copperplate calligraphy. Customize the order by choosing from eight separate colorways depending on your party color scheme.

2. Formal Wisteria Garden Crest Bridal Shower Invitations

Wisteria garden crest Bridgerton inspired bridal shower invitation
Photo: The Knot

Share your party details with the utmost elegance using these "Bridgerton"-inspired tea party bridal shower invitations. A wisteria crest, which can be customized with seven different colorways, frames the monogram at the center of the design. Sensible stripes decorate the envelope liner and the back of the invitation for even more timeless flair.

3. Rose Garden Crest Bridal Shower Invitations

Rose garden Bridgerton inspired bridal shower invitation
Photo: The Knot

There's no need to wander unaccompanied near the Dark Walk to admire the garden, dear reader—this garden-inspired design is lovely enough to suffice. Decorated with a greenery and rose-filled border, this tea party bridal shower invitation sets the tone for an elegant event. Tiny details, such as the bumble bee motifs and bow-tied ribbon, are nods to Regency-era sophistication.

"Bridgerton" Bridal Shower Decorations

Decorate your tea party bridal shower with over-the-top flower arrangements, colorful candles, chinoiserie vases and opulent metallic tableware for an event that's sure to be the highlight of the season.

4. Flower Photo Backdrop

Flower photo backdrop at Bridgerton inspired bridal shower
Photo: Nikki Daskalakis

Why make the ton wait with utmost patience to read all about your party in Lady Whistledown's papers when you can simply post pictures? In that case, you need a photo backdrop that wows, like this telephone booth covered in fresh blossoms.

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5. Hanging Centerpieces

Bright and colorful flowers at Bridgerton-themed tea party bridal shower
Photo: Erica Vernis Photography

Dramatic decor is the key to any "Bridgerton"-themed bridal shower, and hanging centerpieces are just one stunning way to get your guests talking. Work with a professional florist to install flower-covered poles above and around the main tables, creating the effect that you're dining in a secret garden.

6. Pastel Tea Cups

Pastel green teacups at Bridgerton inspired bridal shower
Photo: Brie Thomason Photography

We beg of you, dearest gentle reader, to save the plastic cups for a less formal occasion. Porcelain or bone china tea cups and glass goblets are much more appropriate for your "Bridgerton" wedding shower, especially in an assortment of pastel colors and floral patterns.

7. Floral-Covered Chairs

Adorn the guest of honor's chair with decadent fresh flowers, greenery and ribbons for a seating arrangement that (almost) envies the queen's palace throne.

8. Chinoiserie Jars

Use these jars to display flowers or simply leave them as freestanding decor. Either way, blue and white chinoiserie pieces are a must-have for recreating the fanciful "Bridgerton"-style look.

9. Framed Table Numbers

Framed table numbers at Bridgerton themed bridal shower
Photo: Nikki Daskalakis

For a seated luncheon, display table numbers in ornate gold frames. Complete your table centerpieces with votive candles, colorful flowers and miniature stone busts reminiscent of the old-world sculptures you'd find in the grand houses of Mayfair.

10. Tassel Keychains

Instead of dance cards, these antique-inspired skeleton keys and tassels double as table escort cards and take-home bridal shower favors.

11. Oversized Flower Arrangements

Use long-stemmed flowers, such as stock, delphiniums and orchids, to supersize your tea party bridal shower flower arrangements. In true "Bridgerton" style, the flowers look gorgeous spilling out of this stone fountain, but if that isn't feasible on your end, try tall stone urns or silver trumpet vases instead.

12. Gilded Place Settings

Serve a meal to remember by adorning your place settings with gold-rimmed chargers and matching flatware. Individual menus with wax seal stamps and calligraphy will instantly make the occasion feel more grand.

"Bridgerton" Bridal Shower Games

No bridal shower is complete without a few fun activities, especially when one must keep oneself busy in between gossiping with others and sipping on tea. For your fête, consider these "Bridgerton" bridal shower game ideas.

13. Society Pages Bingo

Printable bingo is a bridal shower game that's easy and appropriate for all ages. Put a "Bridgerton"-style twist on the game by using phrases and character names from the show.

14. The Lingerie Game

What would a "Bridgerton" bridal shower be without a little bit of spice? The idea behind the lingerie bridal shower game is to ask each guest ahead of time to bring one lingerie item for the to-be-wed's trousseau. During the party, briefly blindfold the bride or send her into the next room while you hang the items using clothespins or hangers. When she returns, her goal is to properly guess who brought what item. In the end, the bride leaves with a new wardrobe for the wedding night and honeymoon.

15. Diamond of the Season

At the start of the party, present each guest with a faux diamond ring and choose a wedding-related word to be dubbed taboo. If a guest catches another guest accidentally saying the taboo word during the party, they collect the other's diamond ring. The guest with the most rings at the end wins.

"Bridgerton" Bridal Shower Ideas: Editor's Picks

Wouldn't you like to know even more "Bridgerton" party ideas on our list? Well, dearest reader, you're in luck—we have a few more up our sleeve that you're sure to love.

16. Parasol Favors

Parasol favors at Bridgerton themed bridal shower
Photo: onelove photography

Not only will parasols in a basket look lovely as table decor for your "Bridgerton"-inspired bridal shower, but they're memorable favors, too (and especially handy when the time comes to promenade).

17. Lace Gloves

Gloves were an everyday accessory in Regency fashion, and they'll make a modern-day outfit feel much more theme-appropriate. For daytime, netted wrist-length gloves are more ideal than satin elbow-length styles.

18. Regency-Style Cake

Blue regency cake at Bridgerton themed wedding
Photo: Nikki Daskalakis

Who says that an elaborate cake has to be solely reserved for the wedding day? A three-tier cake decorated with bas-relief details, such as these flowers and bows, will be the pinnacle of your bridal shower dessert table.

19. Pink Champagne

If your group is looking for something to sip on that's a little stronger than tea, top off rose-colored champagne with berries or edible flower petals.

20. Macaron Tower

Pastel macarons are another way to incorporate your tea party bridal shower color scheme. For a decorative look, stack them in a tower on top of a traditional cake base.

21. Lace Booties

Lace booties at Bridgerton themed bridal shower
Photo: Carrie Patterson Photography

Dainty flats with frills and bows were de rigueur for Regency fashion, but it's okay to wear something fancier if that's your personal style. Pair your "Bridgerton" bridal shower dress with heeled lace booties for a modern-day interpretation.

22. Miniature Cakes

Think you can have too many desserts for your "Bridgerton"-themed bridal shower? Think again. Add to your indulgent assortment of sweets by using cloche jars to display miniature cakes like works of art.

How to Plan a "Bridgerton" Tea Party Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower might seem like a lot of work when you don't have an entire team of footmen and ladies' maids to help you, so allow us to take it from here. Here's how to plan a high tea wedding shower inspired by glamorous London society, step-by-step.

Bridgerton-inspired bridal shower venue
Photo: Jill Person Photography

Where to Have a "Bridgerton" Bridal Shower

The first and arguably most important step of hosting a bridal shower (after setting a budget) is selecting the location. Elegant settings, such as hotel banquet rooms, traditional tea rooms and historical estates, are ideal options when deciding where to host your "Bridgerton" wedding shower. Most importantly, look for bridal shower venues with details like crystal chandeliers, ornate wall moldings or other antique fixtures to really emphasize the posh, upscale theme. If you're looking for something more relaxed, consider a flower-filled garden or backyard—both would work for a "Bridgerton"-themed wedding shower.

What to Serve at a "Bridgerton" Bridal Shower

When you've nailed down the other party basics, it's time to focus on the menu. Your bridal shower food will depend on the style and time of your event—for example, a midday brunch would include breakfast items, while a late afternoon party calls for snacks and smaller bites. For a true "Bridgerton"-inspired bridal shower menu, offer guests light finger sandwiches, crudités and hors d'oeuvres, such as seasonal fruit or individual cups of soup. Perhaps most important, though, are the sweet offerings. Tea parties are known for scrumptious pastries, cakes and scones, so consider having a dessert spread with plenty of choices. We suggest serving treats like sugar cookies, macarons, petit fours, cupcakes or a variety of small cakes for guests to enjoy with a cup of tea or champagne.

Decorations at Bridgerton themed bridal shower
Photo: Brie Thomason Photography

How to Decorate for a "Bridgerton" Bridal Shower

No matter the theme, decorations are the key to hosting a bridal shower that wows both the bride and the guests, but this is especially true for a "Bridgerton" wedding shower that's all about opulence and status. Start by focusing on core items, like chairs, tableware and linens, that are traditional and high-quality with antique influences. Then, you can add whimsy and romance through colorful flower arrangements and smaller details, like taper candles, stationery goods and the dessert table. Last but not least, the party soundtrack should include a playlist of instrumental tunes.

Bride wearing white puff sleeve dress at Bridgerton themed bridal shower
Photo: Brie Thomason Photography

What to Wear for a "Bridgerton" Bridal Shower

One of the most memorable aspects of "Bridgerton" is, of course, the fashion. When hosting a high society-inspired event, encourage your guests to dress for the occasion (lest they receive unflattering remarks in Lady Whistledown's papers). Formal attire or semi-formal attire are both good options, but be sure to clearly include the proper dress code on the invitations. To make it even easier for guests, provide some fashion guidelines, like 'Formal Garden Chic' or 'Bridgerton Tea Time,' or consider asking guests to wear attire in a specific color. If you're the guest of honor, you can pay a visit to the modiste for a new bridal shower outfit finished with lace, bows or frills. Finally, give themed accessories to guests at the party, which could include gloves, top hats, pearl necklaces or sparkling brooches.

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