Exclusive: How 'Bachelor' Star Caelynn Miller-Keyes Planned a "Quiet Luxury" Colorado Wedding

Plus, see the travel-centric gifts she registered for.
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Updated Oct 12, 2023

Four years ago, viewers of Bachelor in Paradise watched Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert—two fan favorites of ABC's hit reality dating franchise—fall in love on the beaches of Mexico. Following their quick connection, the couple left the show early to pursue their romance off-camera… in a van, that is. As avid travelers, Dean and Caelynn quickly became known for embarking on "van life" after their television stint, documenting their journeys on Instagram and YouTube. Although they once shied away from the tradition of marriage, the couple got engaged in October 2022. Less than a year later, Caelynn and Dean were married on September 23, 2023, at Beyul Retreat in Meredith, Colorado.

Ahead of the big day, The Knot caught up with Caelynn Miller-Keyes to chat about her wedding plans, the invitations that stole her heart, and the gifts she and Dean registered for. (Hint: They may or may not be related to road trips in their van). We also got the scoop on the wedding vendors she couldn't live without, along with her vision for a "quiet luxury" celebration set amongst the sweeping backdrop of the Colorado mountains.

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The Wedding Vendors Caelynn Miller-Keyes Couldn't Live Without

The first thing Caelynn told us about her wedding was that she used The Knot to source her vendors. (Stars, they're just like us!) Here are five pros who were the most integral throughout her wedding planning journey.

A Localized Planner

Before she booked her bucolic venue, picked the neutral color scheme, or started shopping for dresses, the initial task on Caelynn's wedding planning checklist was to find a great planner close to her venue. "The first wedding vendor we hired was our wedding planner," she tells us. "Originally, we thought we might get married in Italy, but then we settled on a place near where Dean grew up, which is by Aspen. So, I looked for Colorado wedding planners on The Knot."

This search led her to Carly Wilde of Milk Glass Productions, and Caelynn tells us they hit it off from the start. "I talked to a few wedding planners and when it clicks, it clicks," she explains. "Our personalities really meshed well." Plus, she adds, Wilde's industry connections essentially unlocked the rest of her planning journey. "[Planners] have so many contacts, so she could guide me in the direction of where we wanted to go with our other vendors."

She adds, "I love planning and I've been having so much fun with this. I thought it was something I could do on my own—but wedding planners are on a whole different level. They have so much knowledge and experience, and once we got connected with them, all the puzzle pieces fell into place."

A Multi-Faceted Photographer

Another key piece of the puzzle, Caelynn told us, was finding a photographer who specializes in multiple aesthetics. "Dean and I are both into photography, so this is super important to us," she says. "We also have different photography styles. I like things that are darker and more vintage-looking, and Dean likes bright, sharp photos. We found the perfect photographer who captures what we both love." That perfect photographer was Carter Rose, a renowned photojournalist. Known for his clean, hands-off documentary-style aesthetic, Rose expertly showcased the natural beauty of the couple's elevated-yet-rural retreat.

A Vintage Jeweler

Also at the top of Caelynn's vendor must-have list was a vintage jeweler to help style her bridal look. "I'm really gravitating towards the 'quiet luxury' trend," she explains. "It's the Sofia Richie, Meredith Blake aesthetic."

To bring this buzzy vibe to life, she leaned into unique accessories, like vintage clip-on earrings. "I don't really want diamonds and extravagance," she notes. "I want something that's just classic, elegant and maybe a little bit different."

A Photo Booth Rental

Another wedding must-have was a reception photo booth, which Caelynn knew from experience would be a big hit with her guests. "We had a photo booth at our engagement party and it was so fun," she shares. "It brought everyone together and was a fun bonding experience. And now we have those physical memories." Thanks to Airi Photo Booth, the couple's loved ones left with physical reminders of the memories made throughout the raucous evening.

A Thoughtful Officiant

Caelynn knew her ceremony wouldn't be complete without a great officiant, so she and Dean ended up asking a friend to do the honors. "Within the Bachelor world, people gravitate towards other people from the show [to serve as officiant]," she explains. (Case in point: Previous Bachelor officiants include former host Chris Harrison and contestant Tanner Tolbert.) While she confirmed there would be Bach Nation representation in the audience, they enlisted one of the groom's lifelong friends to do the honors. "We love our friends from the show, but it will mean a lot to have Dean's best friend be up there. I think it'll make it so much more personable."

Caelynn Miller-Keyes' Must-Have Wedding Registry Gifts

Caelynn and Dean spent the beginning of their relationship traveling the country in a van, which meant they didn't exactly stock up on tons of home basics. But now that they've put down roots in Las Vegas, they've been able to stock their home with the essentials, which is why they used their wedding registry to ask for the things they really love: experiences they can share together.

International Experiences

Caelynn tells us that she and Dean rarely swap physical gifts on holidays. Instead, they prioritize new travel opportunities—so their wedding registry was no different. "What I loved about The Knot is that you can add experiences [to your registry]," she raves. "We're not materialistic people. We love to go to a game or a show, or travel somewhere new. We definitely prefer that over getting things for around the house."

In fact, the fiancés have their sights set on a brand new adventure once the wedding excitement settles. "Dean told me that for my wedding gift, he wants to ship the van to Europe so we can travel for a few months," she reveals.

Honeymoon Funds

Of course, before the future spouses take their road trip across the pond, they do want to have an ultra-romantic honeymoon, which is why Caelynn also registered for cash funds. "We've been talking about doing New Zealand or South Africa," she says. "Both are super romantic and at the top of our bucket list."

Airfare Credits

The best adventures have yet to be planned, so Caelynn also prepared for future trips by registering for airline gift cards.

Packing Cube Sets

With so many experiential gifts on their registry, it only made sense for Caelynn and Dean to register for a few things to make travel a breeze. She also asked for a set of packing cubes, which can easily be used to organize a suitcase or the trunk of their van.

A Pizza Oven

Travel aside, there are still a few fun home additions Caelynn and Dean were sure to request. "The thing that's hard about getting married after you're a homeowner is that you kind of have everything," she notes. "So, we got to add fun things to our registry, like a pizza oven." (Which, she says, they've already been gifted and use quite frequently at home.)

The Wedding Invitations Caelynn Miller-Keyes Loves

In keeping with the trendy "quiet luxury" aesthetic, Caelynn told us that her vision for the wedding day could be summed up as "mountainous elegance," a fitting theme for their Colorado setting. "I love neutrals," she says of the color palette, "and I want to look back at our photos and think they're timeless and classic."

To convey the theme to her guests, Caelynn was intentional about her stationery selections. "I think it's important to send out the invites and set the precedent of what the weekend is going to be like," she explains. " I also feel like that helps when people will ask, 'What do I wear?' 'What are the colors?' and 'What's the vibe?' The invitations tie it together."

Below, we've rounded up four stationery sets from The Knot that Caelynn loves. The best part? If any of these gorgeous invites strike your fancy, you can grab them right here.

Striking Scene Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations with engagement photo
Photo: The Knot Invitations

Obsessed with your engagement photos? We don't blame you—those gorgeous snaps deserve to be blasted everywhere…including your guests' refrigerators. Caelynn loves this "Striking Scene" invitation design, and so do we. Not only does it paint a picture of what your wedding day will be like, it can give your guests a sneak peek into what the venue will be if you've gone so far as to take engagement photos at the same location.

Peaceful Valley Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations with watercolor valley picture
Photo: The Knot Invitations

Doesn't this just scream mountainous elegance? These wedding invites feature an idyllic watercolor scene of a landscape dotted by a fence, which is *literally* perfect for a bucolic wedding taking place on a farm, a ranch or a valley in between mountain ranges.

Picture This Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations with engagement photo
Photo: The Knot Invitations

Here's another wedding invitation suite that will bring your favorite photos front and center. On the back, you'll get to show off a collage of your favorite snaps together. When flipped over, this stationery suite boasts a gorgeous italic font that'll sum up the must-know deets.

Vintage Toile Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitation with vintage European toile print
Photo: The Knot Invitations

These lovely vintage-inspired invites will add a dash of European elegance to your festivities thanks to its classic toile style. They're decorated with an antique pastoral pattern in a single color that depicts birds, branches and grapes around your names on a banner.

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