Wedding Photography Trends You Shouldn't Miss Out on in 2024

You might find things you’ve never seen before.
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chapelle johnson the knot associate editor
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Updated Nov 15, 2023

Photography is a beautiful medium because it allows people to tell a story without using words. This is why staying up to date on wedding photography trends is important. You can not only learn what kind of vibe you want for your images but also what wedding photographer you need to book to accomplish it. That's why we've rounded up the top new wedding photography trends you'll see in 2024, according to industry experts. Plus, our fave photo wedding trends that aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Get ready to get inspired and put your creative spin on these fun and romantic photography styles.

We love discovering new trends popping off in the wedding world. Here are the top ones, according to photography experts.

1. Blurred Action Wedding Photography

Wedding photography in 2024 is going to see an increase in blurred action shots of the big day, but don't just take our word for it, get insight from the ones that see trends happening in real time. "Blurred photos have found their way into weddings from the world of photojournalistic photography. This trend has gained immense popularity as it adds movement and a dream-like quality to images. It offers a unique way to infuse depth and romance into photographs, making them more captivating," Elena Gera, wedding photographer expert and Owner of Focus on the Moment Photography, says. Gera believes the best way for the photographer to achieve this look is to "ensure the subject's face, or at least their eyes, are in focus while everything else is blurred."

For those curious about why this wedding photography trend is making waves, Nikki Golden, professional wedding photographer and Owner of Nikki Golden Photography, breaks it down. "First, it feels more authentic. A blurred motion photo can sometimes help you feel the emotion of the image. Second, images like this aren't something that can be done with a phone (not well, anyway), so I think some couples are leaning into this trend because it takes skills to do this well. It's not something they can replicate on their own, so it feels more unique."

2. Disposable Cameras

A current trend in wedding photography that's sticking around is the disposable camera. Many couples are leaving disposable cameras at the reception tables for guests to document their points of view. Some couples even give fun printable wedding games, like I Spy, to encourage guests to talk and get to know one another better. Meredith Ryncarz, wedding photography guru and Owner of Meredith Ryncarz Photography, says one of the best ways to incorporate disposable cameras into a wedding is by putting them in welcome bags so guests can take pictures throughout the day. Then, have containers available so you can collect them at the end of the event.

Once the film is developed, you and your partner can laugh and maybe shed a tear at the beautiful moments your guests captured. Ryncarz suggests finding a way to get the images online (Psst. This is a perfect time to use your wedding website after the wedding) so your guests can enjoy and relive the day as well. Even though disposable cameras are in addition to the wedding photographer, they serve a big purpose since they can influence guests to mingle and catch wonderful, candid memories.

3. Documentary/Photojournalistic Photography

One of the latest wedding photography trends is the documentary/photojournalistic style. Megan Breukelman, photo capturing expert and Lead Wedding Photographer and Videographer of Megan & Kenneth, explains what makes this trend special. "Wedding photography focused for a long time on getting the perfect shot for social media. Everything had to be perfectly in place and styled like a magazine. The shift away is consistent with the trends in social media updating to more authentic content. Couples don't want to feel like they're 'selling' their wedding through their photos. They want to be present and in the moment."

Hannah Nowack, The Knot's Real Wedding Photo Specialist and Senior Editor, thinks of documentary/photojournalistic photography as almost an anti-trend because it depicts the wedding in its original form. "I'm seeing the popularity of true-to-color editing. For years, 'light and airy' and even 'dark and moody' editing styles were popular. But couples want the images to feel like an authentic representation of the day, which is why they're gravitating toward pros who shoot and edit in a way that feels true to life."

4. Drone Photography

Drone photograph of wedding
Photo: Brett Heidebrecht Photography

Without a doubt, technology has become a large part of modern society. One tech invention that has seamlessly integrated into almost everyone's everyday life is drones. Drones are replacing fireworks, delivering groceries and even capturing wedding photos. Katelyn James, Founder and Educator at Katelyn James Photography, explains why drone wedding photography has gained popularity. "You can take drone footage of a gas station and make it look epic. Seeing anything from an abnormal viewpoint is always going to draw people. Drone footage adds a new level to the visual memories of your day." By hiring a professional drone photographer, your wedding album will reach new heights since they're perfect for capturing the true beauty of any wedding. Get a view of your circular ceremony seating from above, pose with your partner for creative aerial wedding portraits or arrange you and your wedding party into a heart for a fun photo––the options are endless.

James, a professional photographer since 2008, thinks drones are a fun addition but wants couples to remember one thing. "Drone coverage will definitely add a 'wow' factor to your wedding album, but it's important to note that it can be on the pricey side if this isn't something your main photographer offers." Before you book a drone wedding photographer, ask your wedding venue if small aircraft are allowed on the property so you're in line with their rules and regulations. We also suggest using the drone before or after the ceremony because drones tend to make a buzzing noise while in flight, which can ruin intimate and quiet moments.

5. Film Photography

Film-style photograph of bride and groom kissing
Photo: Michelle Lea Photographie

Want a classic look for your wedding photos? Then film photography is the perfect option for you. Film is the oldest photography style there is and requires a specific camera with a limited frame count to achieve the look. The frame count pushes the wedding photographer to put more forethought into what moments they capture, which leads to a better curated wedding album. Also, the focus on film cameras usually isn't as sharp as its digital counterparts, but it makes the image look more soft and romantic.

Jen Sulak, Lead Wedding Photographer of Weirdo Weddings, explains why she likes the current film wedding photography trends. "I think film photography is a fabulous way to pay homage to the work it takes to capture film images versus digital. Film feels so much more intentional." As engaged couples stray away from heavily edited photographers, they look for something more real and tangible. Film photography fills that need and allows the classic aesthetic to stand the test of time.

6. Direct Flash Photography

One 2023 wedding photography trend that's moving into next year is direct flash photos. This doesn't surprise us because who doesn't want to feel like they've been caught by the paparazzi while walking down the aisle? Direct flash photos require flash aimed at a subject (think: a candid image of a celebrity out for a stroll), and photographers don't need a specific camera to get a crisp picture.

We believe the love for the documentary/photojournalistic style is why flash is all the rage right now. "The paparazzi-style direct flash photos are popular and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Everyone wants to feel like a celeb, and these high-contrast, in-your-face pics give that feeling of living the high life," Nowack adds. But even though flash (and film) photography are Gen-Z wedding trends right now, it's perfect for any couple to participate in since the luxury and vintage aesthetic is timeless.

7. Under the Veil Wedding Portraits

"The wedding veil is one of the most iconic parts of a bride's attire, so its use in portraits sets apart the photos from any other event. From veils swept up by the wind to couples (and their photographer) snuggling underneath them, couples find these photos fun and timeless," Tracy Autem, wedding photography expert and Owner of Tracy Autem & Lightly Photography, notes. This isn't a brand-new wedding photography trend, which works best with long veils, but it's having a resurgence, and we love it. With the popularity of colored, pearl and embroidered wedding veils, couples are bringing new life to this classic photoshoot.

Sulak, an inspirational speaker, explains why couples love this trend. "A veil is a covering that can represent so many things in your relationship. This dreamy moment lends to artistic interpretations of love, connection and beauty." Don't be afraid to get close and personal with your new spouse and pose for some intimate photos you'll cherish forever.

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