Wedding Thank-You Notes: Late Wedding Thank You Notes?

Q: We had a small wedding and didn't invite many people. I didn't send wedding invitations to people I knew wouldn't make the trip because I didn't want them to feel obligated to send a wedding gift. My friend's mother made a comment to her about not receiving an invitation. She sent us a gift, and I was embarrassed, so I kept procrastinating on sending a wedding thank you note. Now it's two years later and I still haven't sent one! How do I go about sending a late wedding thank you?

A: You have to just bite the bullet and send it! After a certain point it seems like it would be mortifying to finally thank someone for a gift -- as in, it's been so long that it'll look worse to send one now than to not send one at all -- but rest assured, it's never too late to be gracious. If you feel you must explain the situation -- that you had a very small wedding and didn't want people to think you expected a gift if you sent them a long-distance invite, and you hope your friend's mom wasn't offended -- go ahead and do so. In cases like this, honesty is always the best policy. If you feel the need to say time has completely gotten away from you and you feel horrible that it has been so long, say that too. Your friend's mom will surely appreciate your candidness, and, more important, she'll appreciate your thank you, no matter how long overdue.

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