The Definitive Guide to Buying Wedding Stamps for Your Invitations

If the invite is the cake, the stamps are the icing.
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Updated Jul 13, 2023
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We're wedding-planning psychics—and we predict choosing your perfect wedding invite will require lots of thought and care. Even after you've weighed the benefits of different cardstocks and decided if foil accents are a must, your design expertise is in play for a few more decisions. Next up: wedding stamps for your envelopes.

Finding the right stamps for your wedding invitations is kind of a big deal. Most importantly, the type of or amount of stamps you include on an envelope could make or break your stationery arriving safely to your eager guests, since the size and weight of your invitation is likely a little different from a standard letter. Also, a cluster of pretty stamps says to the recipient: "Yes hello, I am a special piece of correspondence, please don't leave me in the mailbox to be crushed by a Pottery Barn catalog or yet another Chinese takeout menu." All in all, choosing the appropriate wedding stamps are a key element of nailing down how to mail wedding invites. And we're digging into all the details you need to know below in our handy guide to buying postage stamps for your wedding invitations.

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Do you need special stamps for wedding invitations?

You don't need special stamps for wedding invitations. But chances are, you might have to pick up some stamps that cover extra postage costs that you aren't used to using (like a 20-cent stamp to add to your first-class stamp if your envelope weighs over one ounce) or choose to invest in some stamps that feel fancier for the occasion. Basically: It's definitely possible to make use of some stamps you have on hand while sending your wedding invites, but you'll probably want to aim for some sort of cohesive stamp theme. For example, if you have some purple tulip stamps in your desk drawer and you're hosting a lavender-hued spring wedding, then you can absolutely use up your roll, but you'll likely have to grab some more to accommodate the number of invitations you're sending out as well as another stamp to cover the extra weight or unique size of your envelopes. While there isn't a catch-all "wedding invitation stamp" by name, we're listing a few different stamp styles that you'll need to get familiar with below.

What are wedding Forever Stamps?

Wedding forever stamps are wedding-themed versions of the standard Forever Stamp, which will cover the cost of first-class postage "forever," even if the cost goes up after the time of purchase. They have no expiration and no denomination, and are probably the type of stamp you have in your desk already. These guys will cover any envelope weighing in at one ounce or under. Forever Stamps come in a slew of different designs, including a few that are categorized under a "Love/Wedding" heading, which feature pretty flowers and other appropriate motifs. But, designs are always subject to sell out or change, so if you see something you like, it's best to stock up now.

What are wedding postcard stamps?

Postcard stamps are just what they sound like: stamps made especially for postcards (which are lighter and sent without an envelope). Chances are, you're not sending postcards for your wedding invitations, since there are so many flourishes you might choose to incorporate, but you may be sending save-the-date postcards or wedding-announcement postcards. Wedding postcard stamps will come in at around 15 cents less than a Forever Stamp, so it's the most cost-effective option.

What are vintage wedding stamps?

Vintage wedding stamps are stamps that were printed decades ago or even a century ago, typically on antique printing presses that are no longer in commercial operation, so the aesthetic and tactile feel of these stamps is noticeably different from that of modern stamps. Unlike contemporary stamps, vintage stamps often might cost more to buy, since they've been so carefully preserved, maintained and unused. For example, maybe you buy one stamp for $5, but the postage denomination marked on the stamp itself is 50 cents; regardless of the value of the stamp to a collector, it will only account for 50 cents of your postage.

How many postage stamps should you put on your invites?

The number of postage stamps you should put on your wedding invitations depends on the weight and dimensions of your fully stuffed envelope. If they're standard size and weigh under one ounce, all you need is one single Forever Stamp to cover the mailing cost. If you've got a funky-shaped envelope on your hands or are sending an envelope bursting with details cards and fancy embellishments, the extra weight will require you to pick up some additional postage stamps in smaller denominations (like 20 cents) to stick on in addition to your Forever Stamp to make up the difference.

When you're buying your postage stamps, don't forget about the other pieces of your stationery suite. If you're also sending save-the-dates and RSVP cards, you'll need to buy stamps for those items as well. This means you'll need at least three stamps per invitation suite. It's also a good idea to pick up a few extras in case of any mistakes while addressing your invites (because calligraphy is hard).

What size stamps do you need for your wedding invitations?

There isn't a particular physical size of stamp required for wedding invitations, rather, it matters more that whatever stamp or stamps you do use accurately cover the cost of postage. Oftentimes, wedding invitations are mailed with multiple stamps, but—if you don't dig the maximalist look—there are plenty of single stamps out there that are meant for wedding stationery weighing up to two or three ounces. Pro tip: If you're not quite sure what size/denomination of stamps you'll need for your wedding invitations, a member of staff at your local post office will be happy to help. Just bring one ready-to-mail envelope complete with all the inserts and they can advise you on postage. This is an especially important step if your stationery isn't the standard size (letter size) or shape (rectangular). If you're working with a professional stationery designer, they can also be an excellent resource when it comes to finalizing the postage and mailing invites.

How much do wedding invitation stamps cost?

The total cost of stamps for your wedding invitations depends on a few different factors. First: Consider the weight, shape and size of your mail. If your heart was set on that groovy hexagon shape or you selected some ultra-thick and luxurious cardstock, you'll have to shell out more for postage. The location you're mailing to and speed of delivery are also important factors. If you want to send your invites first class (which we recommend to ensure that guests have enough time to respond and prepare), expect to spend a little bit more on your wedding stamps. Similarly, if you're sending any of your invitations outside the US, postage will be more expensive.

As it stands, the least-expensive stamp you'd be able to use is a postcard stamp, which as aforementioned, would most likely only be useful for save-the-dates or RSVP cards, setting you back $0.51 a piece. (But remember, they must be rectangular and no bigger than the standard size.)

The option you'll probably use in one way or another is a first-class Forever Stamp, which clocks in at around $0.66 cents (Global Forever Stamps, which you can use to send correspondence that's standard size and under one ounce internationally start at $1.50). If your stationery is on the heavier side (read: between one and two ounces), a single first-class stamp costs $0.90. And if it's over three ounces, it'll cost $1.14 (that's pretty heavy for a wedding invite, unless you've etched your bid in sterling silver or are getting doves to fly out of your envelope or something.) To get these prices, your envelopes must be flat, rectangular, letter-size and made of paper. They also shouldn't have any attachments such as string, buttons, wax seals or clasps.

If your invitations don't fall into the standard size category or feature some decorative baubles, you can expect to spend a little bit more on postage. That's because these envelopes will have to be hand-canceled. For those not up on all the USPS lingo, to "cancel" is the term for when the post office marks your postage stamp with a black ink stamp to ensure it can't be used again. Requesting to hand-cancel your wedding invitations is a smart choice regardless of any envelope embellishments, since it prevents any tearing, smearing or ripping that might happen if your envelope is fed through a machine (which is common practice). However, it will cost an extra $0.40 per envelope, so factor that in when you're hashing out your budget.

Do you need to provide stamps with wedding RSVP cards?

If you're wondering whether or not you should pre-stamp your RSVP cards, the short answer is yes. It's part of the full package of what to include in a wedding invitation to send a stamped and addressed RSVP envelope for convenience. This won't just make things a whole lot easier for your loved ones, it also guarantees a faster response time. Of course, there are a few clever ways to cut costs when it comes to RSVP postage. Instead of requesting traditional written responses, try asking guests to RSVP on your wedding website instead. You can still send response cards to any less-tech-savvy loved ones. If you really want to collect written responses, replace the traditional card and envelope with RSVP postcards. As we mentioned earlier, the cost of a standard postcard stamp is just $0.51.

Can you buy stamps for wedding invites at the post office?

Of course you can buy stamps for wedding invites at the post office! If you're short on time or don't want to risk any unexpected shipping problems, it's your best bet. Plus, you won't have to contend with the irony of paying to ship something that's paying to ship something else. Though, it's also a good idea to call ahead and ask a member of staff if they have the kind of stamps you're looking for (and make sure they have enough).

Alternatively, shopping online will present you with a much wider range of stamp designs (and the option to go down a rabbit hole of stunning vintage stamps). If you do choose to go the digital route, order your stamps in bulk to save on shipping and leave yourself a week or so of wiggle room to accommodate any shipping snafus.

Where can you order wedding postage stamps online?

If you're looking for stamps specific to your wedding theme or for vintage or other unique options that likely wouldn't be available at your local post office, the web is a treasure trove of cool options. From destination-wedding-appropriate stamps to romantic designs that are perfect for love letters, the online retailers below carry some of our favorite styles. Just remember: Shipping will vary from site to site, so read the fine print before you checkout.

  • If you can't make it to the post office before sending out your stationery, you can find the USPS's latest line of stamp designs online. They have a slew of nice options—from those featuring famous works of art, to fragrant-looking flowers, to sweet seasonal motifs—and even feature a "Love/Weddings" section, so you can easily find a stamp that's on theme. If you're looking to scoop up multiple types of stamps at once (for example, a standard first-class Forever Stamp and a 20-cent additional postage stamp), this is a great one-stop shop. You can also sort the results if you have a preference on buying a roll, book or sheet of stamps. The only catches are shipping can take up to a week and the designs are limited run, so you might have a smaller selection overall.
  • Etsy: Etsy boasts lots of cool collectibles and vintage Forever Stamps that'll help set the tone of your invitations. You can find everything from single-style stamps, to complete sheets of now-discontinued collections, to custom-curated grouping of stamps paired together to match your wedding vibe that'll surely save you some effort. You can even find collections curated by color, if your aim is to achieve an overall cohesive look and you aren't concerned with each specific wedding stamp design. Just note: Since these are often rare or specially collected stamps, the price you pay will be more than the price each stamp is worth for postage.
  • Edelweiss Post: Every stamp sold by Edelweiss Post has been carefully chosen by owner Patrick Dea's expert eye (he grew up with an avid stamp-collecting grandfather, so he really knows his stuff). Edelweiss' stamps are all vintage or discontinued and so many work beautifully for wedding invitations. Think: countless florals, lacey hearts, cherubs and doves. They also typically ship out within two business days, which is a wonderful turnaround time for a smaller operation.
  • Little Postage House: A 2023 The Knot Best of Weddings Award winner, Little Postage House is a jewel box of sweet stamps. They have specially packaged stamp collections for wedding invitations grouped by color or theme (just be sure to double check the one you're choosing covers your postage cost) as well as an extensive inventory of state, city and landmark stamps. Because how cute would it be if you got engaged in Vegas and put a vintage Nevada state stamp on your invites as a special nod? Best of all, there's also an option for a custom-curated stamp collection. Just fill out the form and check "find cute stamps" off your list.
  • Magnolia Postage: If you're looking for some vintage, small-denomination stamps to round out your invites, Magnolia Postage has lots of lovely options, ranging from one cent to over 30 cents. And if you don't see something that strikes your fancy (which isn't likely, since they carry hundreds of options) the team is happy to (and has the connections to) source any stamp you could possibly desire. You can give them the general aesthetic you're going for or give them a specific stamp you maybe saw on one of your friend's wedding invitation to source—and you'll have it in your hands.
  • Amazon: Amazon is—well—Amazon. They have lots of modern stamp options to choose from and really shine when it comes to buying stamps in bulk and fast shipping, if you have Prime.
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