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Don't forget to put the finishing touch on your wedding invitation with the perfect wedding stamp
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Updated May 20, 2020
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You worked so hard to pick out beautiful wedding invitations, so make sure you finish them off right with a great wedding stamp. Do you really need special stamps for your wedding invitations? Think about it this way, do you want your wedding invitations to make an impression the moment your guests pull them out of the mail? If the answer is yes, then you've probably already put a lot of thought into the weight and size of the invitation, the quality of the envelope and even the penmanship of the address. Why take away from all your hard work with a boring stamp?

Here's a quick and easy guide to finding the right postage for your wedding invitations.

Choose a Stamp that Matches Your Wedding Theme

If your wedding has a specific theme, consider picking out a stamp that matches your theme. For example, if you're planning a beach wedding, find a beachy stamp or nautical-themed stamp. Get fun and creative. Check the United States Postal Office's postal store for all currently available stamps.

Choose a Stamp Related to Your Wedding Destination

Are you having your wedding in a special place? See if you can find an available stamp that represents that location in some way. The U.S. Post Office regularly offers stamps connected to U.S. states, but you can also get creative. Hosting your wedding in Hawaii? How about stamps for your wedding invitations that feature a palm tree or a picture of the sun?

Choose a Stamp That Expresses Your Relationship

Is there something unique that defines your relationship or your personality? Maybe you both love dogs. Try to find a stamp that features a happy canine. What about a stamp that showcases an instrument you play or a cool car to represent your partner's obsession with anything on four wheels? The U.S. Postal Service is always releasing interesting new themes, everything from jazz-related stamps to dinosaur stamps and more.

Choose a Stamp That Represents Love

Though the U.S. Postal Service regularly updates its catalog of stamps, it almost always offers wedding-related stamps. That includes stamps featuring beautiful flowers and big red hearts. Choose the "Love/Wedding" theme on its stamp catalogue page to see what postage for wedding invitations is available.

Tips on Buying Your Wedding Stamps

The U.S. Postal Service makes it easy for you to buy the wedding stamps you want. Browse its online catalog and make your purchase online. You don't even have to drive out to the post office and wait in line! Just remember to get enough stamps for your RSVP envelopes as well!

Double check that your wedding invitation meets current postal guidelines for a single Forever stamp. Currently, a single Forever stamp can be used for an invitation weighing up to one ounce. If your invitation is extra bulky, especially with your RSVP card and envelope inside, you'll want to weigh your envelope before sending it out. Nothing is worse than receiving all your wedding invites back due to insufficient postage. If your wedding invites are too large for a single Forever stamp, you can save money by purchasing stamps in smaller denominations to make up the difference to add to the envelope. (This will save you a lot compared with adding a second Forever stamp.)

Finally, it's a good idea to order a few extra stamps in case you make a mistake in addressing the envelopes. Plus, it never hurts to have extra stamps at home!

Before you put your big, beautiful wedding invites in the mail, make sure you address your wedding invitation correctly. With your wedding stamps affixed, your wedding invitations will make a great impression on all of your guests.

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