Yes, You Need to Send Individual Thank-You Notes After Every Single Wedding Event

That means writing separate notes for every engagement gift, bridal shower gift and wedding gift. Here’s why.
by Sophie Ross

You know the drill. Thank-you notes should be sent as early as possible (ideally as soon as you receive a gift) after your wedding weekend has officially wrapped (although the grace period after the wedding day is two months).

But the importance of sending out respective thank-you notes before your wedding begins can’t be emphasized enough. For example—if someone gives you a thoughtful engagement gift right after you get engaged, or you receive a bridal shower gift (and refrain from opening it in public), your loved ones might not even know that their generous gesture made it to your doorstep. Obviously, they might feel a little slighted.

So, odds are, you’ll need to write thank-you notes after every single wedding event (save for your bachelorette party unless your friends bought you something special for it). In other words, every single engagement gift, bridal shower gift and wedding gift should be individually acknowledged.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, even if one person gave you three gifts—one at your engagement party, one at your bridal shower and one at your wedding—you should still write them three separate thank-you notes acknowledging each one. (That includes anyone who didn’t get you an actual wedding gift—every guest should receive a thank-you note for attending your nuptials, at the very least, especially considering the average cost of attending a wedding in 2018 is a whopping $289, including travel, accommodations and attire.)

We know, we know. It might seem daunting and annoying, but trust us—your friends and family will appreciate it more than you know. And remember: More thank-you notes means more cute stationery to splurge on. And that’s always a good thing, as far as we’re concerned.

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