An Exclusive Look Inside Delaney Childs' "Electric" Miami Bachelorette Party

Complete with her tips to nail your own prewedding bash.
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Updated May 06, 2024
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What happens in Miami doesn't always stay in Miami. For influencer Delaney Childs, there was no other place she wanted to have her April 2024 bachelorette party. "It's such a lively, fun city, and it has the perfect vibe for a girl's trip," she tells The Knot in an interview. Plus, she says, it offered a fun opportunity to flex her bridal styling skills: "I saw it as a great opportunity to wear some really fun outfits."

Childs began her content creation journey in 2016, and has since amassed over one million followers across her social media platforms thanks to her authentic beauty and fashion expertise. After getting engaged to her fiancé, Clayton, in April of last year, the couple wasted no time on bringing their summer 2024 wedding to life—and a spring bach party, she says, was the perfect way to mark the end of her planning journey.

Here, Delaney Childs gives us an exclusive inside look at her Miami bachelorette party, including a day-by-day breakdown of activities, a guide to her favorite themes, and her top tips for nailing your own prewedding bash.

Day 1: Electric Love

Upon touching down in the Sunshine State, Childs and her crew checked into W South Beach, a recently renovated luxury hotel overlooking the ocean.

Once her attendees were settled, they kicked off the weekend with dinner at Sexy Fish, an Asian fusion restaurant that features DJs and live entertainment after the sun goes down.

For Childs, it was important to blend fine dining and unique experiences without going down the stereotypical bachelorette party route. "My friends and I aren't a huge party crew," she explains. "We didn't want to go to clubs, but we did want to soak up Miami's lively energy. We had a great time going to nice restaurants that have engaging shows."

Given her online persona as a style guru, Childs intentionally set niche attire themes for each night that allowed her crew to show up—and show out—in style. "There are so many amazing bachelorette themes these days, so it was hard to narrow them down," she recalls. "For the first night, I went with 'Electric Love.' It describes Miami, and I wanted everyone to wear bright, fun colors."

Rather than opt for a white ensemble, Childs wore a shimmery green set from Albina Dyla. "I didn't want to wear white the whole time," she laughs.

Day 2: All That Glitters

To kick off day two, the bride-to-be and her friends enjoyed a self-care morning, complete with Hydrafacials at the W South Beach Spa.

From there, the group headed to lunch at Nikki Beach, a luxury beach club that's a must-see for any Miami vacation. After enjoying a "long, leisurely" lunch with a "mermaids and matrimony" theme, they headed back to get ready for night two.

With celeb hotspot Delilah on the itinerary for dinner, the bride invited her crew to follow an "All That Glitters" theme, which couldn't have been more apropos for the vibrant setting. "This was a fun way to capture the energy of Miami, and I loved having everyone wear something with a little bit of sparkle," she says. The bride donned a custom white mini dress by Veni Infantino, which she paired with sparkly heart earrings, bow heels and Bach HQ's signature veil.

Night two brought one of her favorite memories from the trip—and it might not be what you'd expect. "After dinner, we went back to my suite and played games in the room," Childs recalled. "It was so wholesome."

Day 3: Something Blue

On the third and final day of the trip, the group embarked on a yacht excursion. Clad in a white bridal swimsuit by 437 (complete with a tulle bow and a straw hat), Childs effortlessly embodied the "bach on a boat" aesthetic.

Rounding out the itinerary was dinner at Kiki on the River, where the entire group donned "Something Blue." Childs wore a pale blue Nana Jacqueline mini dress with a micro veil and lace gloves, which drew plenty of Cinderella comparisons. ("I loved it!" she says.)

Looking back, Childs credits her friends for helping craft a weekend trip that was perfectly balanced with engaging activities and enough downtime to feel like an actual vacation. Perhaps the best tidbit she learned, though, is that setting a vision board is an essential party planning tip. "One of my matrons of honor made a mood board and included suggestions of how to fit the themes, which was so helpful," she says. "It's nice to give your guests an overview and an idea of what they should wear."

With her wedding about a month away, Childs is gearing up to complete the final items on her to-do list. "This has been the perfect amount of time for wedding planning," she says. "It's short enough that it still feels exciting, but long enough that we never felt too rushed."

And if the bach party attire was any indication, there are plenty more amazing bridal ensembles to come. "I am so excited for the wedding looks," she says with a smile. "I have some fun outfits planned. There will be outfit changes, of course, but I'll leave it at that."

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