The 55 Trendiest Bachelorette Party Themes of 2022

From space cowgirls to Taylor Swift eras.
bridesmaids movie themed Bachelorette party themes
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Esther Lee - Deputy Editor, The Knot
Esther Lee
Esther Lee - Deputy Editor, The Knot
Esther Lee
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Updated Mar 11, 2022

Narrowing down bachelorette party themes is a welcome break from wedding planning for any bride-to-be and her besties. With so many evolving trends and fresh bachelorette party themes, you and your bridesmaids can make your pre-wedding bashes personalized to your distinct liking. If a classic "last sail before the veil" is overdone for you, delight the group with these freshly-baked and fun bachelorette party ideas, inspired by pop culture, holidays, nostalgic eras, and so much more.

We round up the very best themes, including a Friends-inspired event, a Clueless-themed weekend and even wellness-focused themes for the chill groups. Read on for the very best bachelorette party themes of 2022 and beyond.

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For the Pop Culture Fanatic

Space Cowgirl-Themed Bachelorette

If you spend even five minutes on wedding TikTok, you'll probably come across the space cowgirl aesthetic: a blend of boho western-wear and futuristic celestial flair. Provide your crew with cowgirl hats and fringe accessories, and ask them to don cute space buns hairstyles and metallic outfits, and don't forget a shimmering streamer backdrop for photo opportunities. It's like the Kacey Musgraves song "Space Cowboy," personified.

Euphoria-Themed Bachelorette

The Euphoria-inspired makeup trend is perfect for bachelorette partiers who love bright colors and bold eyeshadow looks. Invite your crew to dress up in monochrome hues and don artistic makeup looks à la Maddy and Cassie—and don't forget a playlist of Labrinth songs for your weekend festivities.

Disco Fever Bachelorette

The '70s are back in a big way, particularly in the form of disco fever parties. Stock up on disco balls big and small to deck out your Airbnb or hotel room, and pay homage to the maximal era by wearing bell-bottom jeans, groovy patterns and blown-out hairstyles. You'll have so much fun celebrating the bride's final disco.

Bridgerton-Inspired Bachelorette

Travel back in time to London's Regency era with a luxe Bridgerton-themed bachelorette party. Lean into the regency-core aesthetic with champagne towers, tea parties, frilly attire and pastel colors.

Wig Bachelorette Party

Fact: Parties are more fun when everyone is wearing wigs. Ask your wedding party crew to purchase a colorful wig before the celebration, that way everyone can rock new hairstyles while celebrating the bride-to-be.

Y2K-Themed Bachelorette

Relive your glory days with a Y2K bachelorette party theme. Dress your crew in matching tracksuits, accessorize your hair with butterfly clips, and decorate with bright, neon colors to channel the best of the late '90s and early 2000s. (Think: The more Lisa Frank, inspired the better.)

Famous Chris-Themed Bachelorette

This creative bachelorette party idea is straight from TikTok, and it's perfect for groups who aren't into traditional themes. For one night of your bash, invite your friends to come dressed as a "famous Chris." From Hemsworth to Pine to Evans and even -tina Aguilera, the more innovative your take on "Chris," the better. Or, choose a different famous Hollywood name, like Ryan or Joe—the opportunities are endless. This kind of bachelorette party theme will create the most iconic memories.

Mean Girls Bachelorette

You're not a regular wedding party, you're a cool wedding party. Grab a burn book and throw a Mean Girls-inspired Bachelorette party that would make Regina George proud. Bonus points if you have your crew dress up like the movie's beloved characters, from Cady Heron to Aaron Samuels.

Harry Potter-Themed Bachelorette

For the bride-to-be who uses "Wingardium Leviosa" on a regular basis, a Harry Potter-inspired party awaits. Supplement this cute theme with a fresh batch of Butterbeer, cute spells for decorations and cocktails inspired by potions.

A Beyonce Bachelorette Party

There are so many amazing ways to approach a Beyonce-themed event. Whether you pick up signs that read, "Drunk In Love" or "Fresher Than You," get your ladies into formation with swag they can wear repeatedly. (For the bride-to-be: we're sure you've also seen the bachelorette party shirts and swimsuits that read, "Feyonce.")

Clueless-Themed Bachelorette

As if there was a better bachelorette party theme. Alicia Silverstone joined TikTok in 2021, but everyone else is partaking in the throwback aesthetic that Cher Horowitz and her besties started in the 1990s. Whether you want cute ruched dresses inspired by Cher or Mel, or you're looking for swag that reads, "She's a full-on Monet," seek and you shall find.

A Friends-Themed Bachelorette Party

Arrange your very own Central Perk inside your bach pad with a Friends-themed bachelorette. We highly recommend Etsy for sourcing decor (there are so many inventive options), along with the new Friends collaboration with Pottery Barn. Ship the mugs your way and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee every morning. Or—better yet, send the cups home with guests as favors, after your Instagram shoot. If your bride tribe prefers a bachelorette party game, play a "who said it" option too.

Gossip Girl-Themed Event

If you're a Blair Waldorf or Serena Van Der Woodsen in real life, you'll want to gather your finest headbands and headscarves for a Gossip Girl-themed bachelorette party. If you're in New York, start with a scavenger hunt along NYC's Upper East Side for the most iconic filming locations (including food and cocktail spots). Don't forget a photo opportunity in Manhattan's Central Park, where Blair and Chuck got married.

A Real Housewives-Themed Bachelorette

One thing's certain: a Real Housewives-themed bachelorette will be far from an actual "Scary Island" experience. If you and your girls love curling up to Bravo shows (even beyond the scope of the Housewives franchise), the options are endless depending on city proximity. If you're in L.A., a must is setting reservations at Pump, Sur or TomTom for longtime followers of Vanderpump Rules. A New York City bash, on the other hand, should include an outing to the 21 Club, Russian Tea Room and AOA Bar and Grill, where RHONY's Ramona Singer is now a partner. Chase it all with a SkinnyGirl margarita and marathon of the most outstanding episodes, ranked from most dramatic to semi-dramatic.

An Office-Themed Bachelorette Party

You're likely not traveling to Scranton, Pennsylvania for your bachelorette party, but you can certainly transform your bach pad into Dunder Mifflin and throw an Office-themed event that will have even the likes of Michael Scott giving an impassioned speech about how "an office is a place where dreams come true." (If you're seeking direct inspiration, check out this Office-themed bridal shower complete with a framed photo of Meredith by the booze station.)

A Bridesmaids-Themed Bachelorette Party

There's a touch of irony in this bachelorette party theme. For fans of the flick, leave the drama aside and lean into the hilariousness of 2011 comedy Bridesmaids. Etsy has an array of options starting with invitation ideas (like this illustration of Kristen Wiig's character delivering her all-encompassing "I'm ready to paaaartyy" phrase).

A Rom-Com-Inspired Bachelorette Party

Paging Nancy Meyers. Whether your favorite romantic comedy is You've Got Mail or the recent Anne Hathaway-helmed hit, The Intern, romantic comedies provide a plethora of content opportunities for the bachelorette weekend. Movies to pull ideas from include Will Smith's Hitch or Jennifer Lopez's runaway hit The Wedding Planner. Other funny options for sayings and hotspots (especially in Manhattan) include Hathaway and Kate Hudson's Bride Wars all the way to How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Imagine the decor possibilities!

A Disney Princess-Themed Bachelorette

Dinglehoppers aplenty, the next best thing to actually being at Disney World or Disneyland for a bachelorette getaway is having your girls channel their inner Disney princesses all weekend long. Why not, if you've got 20? Disney has long built out an empire of partnerships, meaning everything from face masks to wine glasses and shot glasses are fair game for this bachelorette party theme. So throw on a princess-themed sheet mask, pour yourself some wine in a Cinderella glass, and turn on your favorite Disney classics.

Drake-Themed Party

Ask the bridesmaids to DIY a giant Drake cutout, because this is a trending theme that even has its own category on Etsy. For a Drake-themed party, you'll want to purchase bachelorette party decor and signs that read, "Worst Behavior" and "24 Hour Champagne Diet."

A Barbie Party

Even if you don't rent a Malibu Dream Home for this one, a Barbie theme could be especially fun for your friends who love the color pink and crave a dose of nostalgia. The color palette would be infused with pops of rose gold, while no Barbie-themed playlist is complete without the inclusion of Aqua's "Barbie Girl."

A Swiftie-Themed Bachelorette Party

You may or may not make it to Cornelia Street, where she once fell in love, but let "Sparks Fly" with a Taylor Swift-themed bachelorette party. Pay homage to all of her top hits and albums by gathering your girls in bachelorette party shirts that read "Champagne Problems" or "Lover." Blast 1989 on repeat as you make drinks before you head out for the night, and in short, gather those swan, unicorn and Olivia Benson pool floats so that you can throw a party worthy of Taylor Swift. (How meta!)

Sex and the City-Themed Bach Party

And just like that, your closet full of little black dresses is calling. With the reboot of Sex and the City, an entire bachelorette party theme is waiting to be explored for your group of fabulous besties who can differentiate between Manolos and Choos.

For the Classic Bride

A Celestial-Themed Bachelorette Party

If the bride knows her Sun and Moon signs, plus her partner's rising sign, we predict she desires an astrology-themed party. Stock up on celestial-themed invitations and decor, and ask everyone to dress in their favorite star motifs. If you're looking for experiences, hire an astrologer to do everyone's chart or drink under the stars with cozy blankets. This idea could be a big hit, and not just with the bride. Who doesn't want to know what the future holds?

Boho-Themed Party

You'll want pampas grass, moody photography, layers of chic garb and unconventional decor at this type of event. Brunch is on the sand, outdoors on the beach, against an eclectic mix of colors and textures.

A Garden-Themed Bachelorette Party

If your girl is a flower hoarder like this editor, then there's nothing as fragrant as a floral-themed bachelorette party for the bride. Whether you opt for wisteria hysteria to greet the group inside your bach pad, or you fill the room with seasonal selects, make the weekend all about flowers even down to your hair and makeup for the night out. Rose-themed is a replacement. The easiest place to begin is your local grocery store, where you can stock up on all types of flowers. Or consider a delivery service.

Preppy Bachelorette Party

Pull out the tartan and seersucker outfits. If you're a group that loves to golf or relax at the club (not the nightclub), consider a preppy-themed bachelorette party complete with argyle-themed attire and Tom Collins cocktails.

For the Foodie

high tea bachelorette party

A High Tea Bachelorette Party

Grab your fascinators. If your friend wants an elegant affair, consider a high tea party, complete with lace doilies, finger sandwiches, petit fours, scones, clotted cream and a variety of tea. You can easily host a tea in someone's home, or if you want to splurge, make reservations at a fancy tearoom. Some high-end hotel properties even offer etiquette classes to accompany group high tea sessions too, so reserve ahead to mind your manners.

Donut-Themed Bachelorette Party

Place those orders for bachelorette party shirts and decor with "Donut Forget Us" messaging. If your bride-to-be can't get enough of this treat, you may want to lean into stocking up on Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' Donuts or any local favorites for an experiential getaway. The bridal party will enjoy party cups and bachelorette party decorations with donut motifs.

A Foodie-Themed Bachelorette Party

Talk to the bride about her favorite cuisine, and then attend a cooking class based on her preference—Japanese, Mexican and Italian are always big hits. Another splurge is hiring a private chef to cook for the bachelorette and throwing a luxe dinner party at someone's home. Wine (sake, beer, cocktails) pairings are a must and let the conversation flow.

A Wine Tasting Bachelorette Party

Go to a local winery or restaurant and have a wine tasting—even better if you can pair each round with delicious cheese, fruit and charcuterie boards. You can also hire a sommelier to come to someone's home and do a private tasting so nobody has to worry about driving home.

Lemon-Themed Bachelorette Party

Celebrate your bestie finding her main squeeze with a lemon-themed bachelorette party. Stock up on bright yellow decor and serve citrusy drinks and snacks to nail this zesty theme.

For the Jetsetter

A Beach-Themed Bachelorette Party

Not to be confused with a mermaid-themed event, but a beach-themed bachelorette party is a classic way to bond before the nuptials. Head seaside with your bride tribe for a mellow (or action-packed) weekend. After all, those rose cans are extra delicious in a cooler with a side of funnel cake. If you want to take the added step, dress your entire crew in matching swimsuits or cover-ups with the bride shining in white or her color of choice.

Casino-Themed Party

Regardless of whether you select Las Vegas as your bachelorette destination, you'll want to throw on your glitziest outfit (channel Monte Carlo vibes) and take a seat at the table for a casino-themed bachelorette. This next-level concept involves card games, naturally, as well as themed sunglasses to conceal your true expressions as you put on your best poker face.

A Club Bachelorette Party

Whether it's a pool party at a day club, a drag show, bottle service at a swanky nightclub or something else entirely, a fun-loving bride will say "I do" to this theme. Reserve a table for your group and dress up in themed attire or simply, your most dance-worthy outfit.

Desert-Themed Party

An Arizona or Palm Springs bachelorette getaway is within reach, especially when you opt for a desert-themed party. Regardless of where you plan to throw your event, if cactus motifs and palm trees are a known thing for your bride-to-be, consider a desert-themed event stocked with a bar to serve as your oasis.

Tropical-Themed Event

Some groups love cheetah prints and Monstera leaves. If that's the case, a tropical or jungle-themed party, with cute printables and actual rainforest home plants, can create a lush environment and Instagram-friendly vignettes.

For the Party Hopper

pinata for bachelorette party

Breakfast at Tiffany's Bachelorette Party

Make Holly Golightly proud with this themed idea. Ask each guest to bring their favorite little black dress (in the bride's case, whichever color she chooses), a pair of bug-eyed sunglasses, and ask the bachelorette party lead to stock up on croissants, coffee and a mimosa bar. If you're feeling extra adventurous, build a Tiffany & Co.-worthy backdrop for this classic theme party idea. Then, play the film or any other classic Hepburn flick in the background.

Great Gatsby-Themed Party

It is the Roaring '20s once again, and a Gatsby-themed bachelorette party would be particularly fun for a group that tends to dress to the nines. Ask your guests to source their best flapper-style attire and decorate the party space with Jazz Age accents like metallic brushes and swirl detailing. Plus, those bachelorette party invitations should come with a quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Moulin Rouge-Themed Party

If you want to set a scene straight out of Moulin Rouge, consider this idea that marries the Bohemian Era with the Gilded Age in the Parisian neighborhood of Montmartre. You'll want to start with that iconic windmill, Hollywood-inspired lettering and spotlight motifs.

A Murder Mystery-Themed Bachelorette

If the bride digests a new true-crime podcast daily, perhaps a murder mystery-themed bachelorette party is just the party idea for the crew. Experiential group games are on the upswing (think, Escape the Room and more), so why not have a bachelorette party theme that keeps everyone guessing throughout the night.

Flannel Themed Bachelorette

If you're throwing a slumber party, this concept is the perfect fit for your pajama and button-down adoring friends. Ask each guest to wear her favorite flannel piece (it could be anything), then have a cozy fall day in pumpkin patches and apple orchards.

Final Fiesta Theme

Margaritas with your señoritas has long been one of the most in-demand themes for a bachelorette. In this case, make it extra Picante with spicy cocktails, homemade guac, a Mexican menu and fiesta-themed party decorations. If you want to be extra in the best kind of way, order a piñata so your besties can walk away with sweet bachelorette party favors like candy.


You'll need an anchor for this one. The last sail before the veil concept is ever-popular (complete with sailor hats, cute outfits and of course, a boat ride of some sort.) Complete it with rosé.

A Country-Themed Bachelorette Party

If she's a country girl at heart, take the bride to a good old-fashioned country Western bar (or a country town like Nashville) for line dancing, mechanical bull rides and pitchers of beer. Don't forget to wear your cowboy boots and hats.

For the Holiday Lover

holiday bachelorette party halloween

An America-Themed Bachelorette party

Fourth of July weekend: here you come. Break out the red, white and blue attire if you're team bride for an America-themed party. Jello shots are optional.

A Christmas Themed Bachelorette Party

Say hello to gingham prints and spiked hot cocoa. If the bride is a big fan of Christmas, bring her wishlist to Santa to life with a holiday-themed bachelorette party. Enjoy a formal "family dinner" complete with festive settings and a holiday-worthy centerpiece. Or have the crew dress in their most comfortable pajama sets and marathon Hallmark Channel's Christmas lineup--with a side of kettle corn and mulled wine of course.

Halloween-Themed Bachelorette

A bachelorette… but make it spooky. If your bride-to-be comes alive every year in October and starts planning her Halloween costume in January, this is a theme to consider.

A New Year's Eve Party

Break out the bubbly and confetti. A New Year's Eve theme party gives everyone a reason to wear sequins, drink champagne, and set new goals for the season ahead.

A Galentine's Day Bachelorette

Love is in the air, so why not host the ultimate Galentine's bachelorette bash? Coordinate matching silk pajamas for your group, and go all out with heart-themed decor, balloons, and snacks in a pink and red color palette. Oh, and don't forget the heart-shaped sunnies for the ultimate photo opp.

For the Yogi

hiking bachelorette party nature

A Wellness-Themed Bachelorette Party

It's true: bachelorette party themes have evolved, especially for those who want to be more mindful and healthier about the overall experience. Since the bach party is one of those wedding events where we encourage couples to pursue their favorite interests and hobbies, those who prefer yoga, relaxation, massages and overall balance should consider a wellness-themed bachelorette party, complete with green juice cocktails and farm-to-table meals.

Also in this category are spa-themed bachelorette parties, which can include everything from massages to group facials to a manicure party. Maybe the day begins with a high-intensity workout or a hot yoga class, and ends with a sense of being centered and well before the wedding.

A Sustainable Bachelorette Party

Sustainability has emerged as a priority for many couples planning their weddings. There are ways to accomplish this with the bachelorette, whether you book a property that focuses on this initiative or a spot that specializes in ecotourism. A fun way to set the overall tone ahead is to send out invitations that are eco-friendly. Choose activities and meals that are aligned with the mission statement of sustainability.

A Nature-Themed Bachelorette Party

Is the bride a big fan of the great outdoors? Consider a nature-themed bachelorette party that includes a chosen destination. Glamping in luxurious tents or a cozy cabin is an option, or perhaps gather your besties and rent a luxe treehouse. Activities like hiking, kayaking, swimming, fishing and more are a unique way to spend a bachelorette party. Just make sure all guests know what clothes and necessities to pack for a nature sleepover. Oh, and don't forget the s'mores.

For the Nostalgic Bride

An '80s-Themed Bachelorette Party

For the bride-to-be who basically lives in another era, an '80s-themed bach party should involve scrunchies, bike shorts and crop tops, all of which isn't an issue since the modern aesthetic is a mix of both '80s and '90s styles.

A '90s-Themed Bachelorette Party

Fashion shouldn't be too much of an issue when planning a bachelorette party that harkens back to those bygone days of nostalgia and Skip-Its. Bring back your childhood and teenage memories by polling the bride and the group for their favorite '90s trends. It can include anything from your favorite TV shows and movies to board games and books. Then, bring the winners to life with swag that screams, "'90s Dream Team" as you make your way through your chosen destination. Make your own photo booth with a Polaroid to Fujifilm station.

A '00s-Themed Bachelorette Party

Break out the Britney and Backstreet Boys, because this one is a next-level proposition. Ask your besties to grab their tube tops, Birkenstocks (they're trendy again) and favorite slogan T-shirts from this era.

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