The Hottest Bachelorette Party Trends to Recreate

We asked nearly 300 bachelorette party attendees to spill the tea. Here's what we learned.
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Updated Aug 09, 2023

In the grand scheme of wedding traditions, bachelorette parties are a pretty recent development, only becoming popularized in the 1980s. But over the last decade alone, we've seen some big changes—bachelorette party trends have evolved from one-night outings to hyper-personalized, multi-day affairs. Immediately post-pandemic, we saw a rise in multi-day bach party getaways (hello, travel boom!), but this year's data shows a return to pre-pandemic levels in terms of behaviors and activities. Instead of the lengthy, over-packed bachelorette party agendas that were popular immediately post-pandemic, we're seeing a return to slightly shorter bachelorette parties, with fewer, thoughtfully-chosen activities.

These days, bachelorette parties are often accompanied by custom gear, sweet surprises, plenty of activities and even a designated planner to map out the trip. The maid of honor typically will refine planning details for the bach party (47% of MOHs, in fact), but even more BFFs and family members are chipping in with the planning process. Here are the top bachelorette party trends, based on responses collected from nearly 300 participants. With so much to unpack, here's everything you need to throw the best bachelorette party, including new ideas and current trends.

The Official Bachelorette Season Is…

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Spring was previously the most popular season for bachelorette parties, but our data reflects a shift for when these prewedding events are commonly taking place. Reminiscent of school days where summer vacations were an anticipated window of respite, the most popular bachelorette party season is now summer with peak season falling between the months of June through August. This pattern also has to do with wedding season, as roughly 80% of all bach parties are now taking place within a month of the wedding.

The Average Length of Time Has Normalized

With many people returning to the office, we're seeing bachelorette parties return to pre-pandemic levels in terms of length. While the vast majority (92%) of bachelorette parties are still overnight events, these celebrations last an average of two days which is on par with our 2019 data, but a slight decrease from the 2021 average of three days. This still gives attendees time to travel, if desired, but are keeping the locations a little closer to home (more on that in a minute).

The Budget Is Bigger

Our most recent company data found that the average bachelorette party attendee spends $1,300 to attend the celebration, an increase from previous years. And it's pretty easy to understand why—the U.S. Travel Association shows lodging and flights have each increased by 15% since 2019. Since this new cost association has become the norm, we provide practical tips for how to budget for a bachelorette party.

Dancing, Clubbing and Bar Hopping Are More Popular Than Ever

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Those TikTok videos of a bride-to-be or MOH clapping along to Lady Gaga's voice as she says, "Bus, club, another club, another club," is the case with many groups in 2023. Dancing and clubbing hit a new high in terms of popularity with 48% of bachelorette party attendees hitting the clubs at some point during their celebration. Bar hopping is also more popular than ever, with 37% of bach party groups enjoying a bar crawl.

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Bach Party Photo Shoots Are an Emerging Trend

A bachelorette party trend we didn't see coming? Hiring a professional photographer and getting your smize on at a special photo shoot just for your crew. This year, 15% of bachelorette party attendees had a professional photo shoot at some point during their celebration. Obviously, the rise of posting influencer-worthy images on Instagram and TikTok has something to do with this trend, and we expect to see it increase even more in the years to come. If you're looking for a talented photog for your bachelorette party shoot (especially if you're traveling), check out The Knot Vendor Marketplace or Flytographer to find a photo pro in your bach party destination.

Driving Trips Are on the Rise

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In 2021, we saw the number of bach party attendees flying to their destination hit a new high, with one in four bachelorette partygoers traveling by plane. This year, we're seeing a slight decrease, with one in five bachelorette party attendees flying, and a slight increase in partygoers driving to the bach party location. This is likely due to return to office, as well as increased travel costs across the board. In fact, a bachelorette party attendee traveling by personal car will spend, on average, $900 while an attendee traveling by plane will spend, on average, $2,000. Fortunately, there are plenty of bachelorette party destinations across the country to choose from.

Home Rentals Are Popular

Sourcing and booking homes in hot bachelorette party destinations are trending, and one of the most preferred amenities might be pools. While hotel rooms still remain the preferred option of choice (46% of bach parties book a hotel or an all-inclusive resort), rental homes like Airbnb and VRBO have gone up by 10% in popularity since 2019. The average number of guests hasn't changed with about 10 loved ones total typically attending a bachelorette.

Bach Party Activities Are Thoughtfully Chosen

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While the average number of activities throughout the duration of a getaway hit an all-time high in 2021 with six, this year the average number of activities decreased to five. This likely has something to do with bachelorette parties getting slightly shorter, and those planning the party taking the time to choose a theme and activities that would be most meaningful to the guest of honor. Attendee experience is of utmost importance to those planning bachelorette parties.

Standard options include fun bachelorette party games, dinners and drinks out, dancing at clubs, along with spa days complete with massages and manicures. Nearly half of bachelorette attendees, however, are now opting for boozy brunches (hello, mimosas!), and one in four are opting for poolside parties. Likely a result of more bach parties taking place in the summer, your gal pals will appreciate anything involving a pool or AC especially in cities like New York. To create an even more unique schedule beyond standard drinking games, consider throwing a lingerie party, hosting DIY activities, designing a chic picnic, or booking cooking classes with a professional chef.

Downloading Apps Makes It Easy

Ah, the internet. With the increase in travel costs, budget-tracker and cost-splitting apps are the most convenient form of divvying up related expenses equally. Venmo and Zelle are everyday preferred payout methods of choice, so bach party finances model this behavior. Everything from inspiration to travel booking is done via group travel planning apps, and creative budgeting alternatives (like Splitwise and Klarna) are becoming more frequently utilized.

Florida Is the Bach Party State of 2023

While traditional bachelorette destinations like Las Vegas and Nashville are still popular, Florida is the state that hosts the most bachelorette parties, with nearly 10% of bach party attendees heading to the Sunshine State. The Miami/Fort Lauderdale area is the #2 most popular location for bachelorette parties, with the Tampa/St. Petersburg area breaking into the top 10 list for the first time this year, coming in at #8.

Bachelorette Treats and Gifts Are Officially a Thing

Imagine a bubbly-filled day of champagne pong and coming home to delicious confections. Groups are now planning ahead to present a "surprise moment" for the bride, and that means a group gift, decorations, cake or her favorite treat, all a welcome relief from wedding planning. While sweets are expected on the wedding day or at birthday parties and bridal showers, the bachelorette treat has quickly become a staple in 2023. Companies like Lady M, Milk Bar, Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream and more are shipping nationwide to help groups of best friends make the celebration just a little sweeter. Finally, many groups will plan a gift for the bride, whether it's something off her wedding registry, which we highly recommend, or lingerie for her honeymoon (another applauded option).

Custom Swag and Goodies Are Standard

Sashes were once the most coveted attire, but now, bachelorette parties are especially leaning into additional custom "gear" like swimsuits and T-shirts. With increased personalization sought by millennials and Gen Z, more groups are first setting the tone by sending bachelorette party invitations. Groups will also bulk order themed swimsuits, screen-printed T-shirts that read "bride tribe" and other keepsakes predesignated for the event. Bonus points for those who plan ahead with a fleet of Instagram-worthy pool floats.

More than half of respondents said they anticipate their upcoming bachelorette party to include special attire for the occasion, such as gear and bachelorette party favors. Popular sites to source necessities for bachelorette party activities (like slumber parties and scavenger hunts) include The Knot Shop, Etsy and Birdy Grey.

Excitement Is High

Yes, planning a bachelorette party is no easy (or inexpensive!) task, but the good news? People high-key love bach parties and can't wait to attend. According to our study, four out of five attendees are excited about the bach celebration. And here's why—bach party attendees are a great excuse to participate in fun activities that are a break from routine, it offers an opportunity to connect with friends and loved ones, and people actually enjoy celebrating the guest of honor. So don't stress about putting together the perfect, Instagram-worthy event—at the heart of it, your crew will be happy just being together.

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