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Here's Why You Should Never Propose at Someone Else's Wedding

You have so many other memorable options, so take this one off the table.
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Maggie Seaver
by Maggie Seaver

You don't have to tell us how romantic weddings are. If you're not yet engaged, nothing puts you in the mood to make or receive a sweeping romantic gesture quite like attending someone's wedding—the lights, the vows, the music, the cocktails, the love—it can be a serious rush of emotions (which is a good thing!). But the one thing you shouldn't do, no matter how cool you think the couple would be with it, is propose at someone else's wedding—and definitely not in the middle of the ceremony when you're the officiant and groom's best friend. Yes, that really happened! (The bride couldn't even hear her husband's custom-written vows over all the excitement. How sad is that?)

 Oh, you and your partner share mutual friends with the couple so all your loved ones will already be there, making their celebration the perfect place to pop the question—that makes it okay, right? Wrong.

 Here's the thing: This day isn't about you. The couple is experiencing one of the most special moments of their entire life. They've spent their hard-earned money and valuable time planning a beautiful and personal event centered on their love—not setting the stage for your proposal.

 Please don't plan a surprise proposal during the ceremony or reception toasts (like, seriously, please don't do that). But in our opinion, even if you're not scheming a surprise, don't even ask. No matter how chill the couple may be as friends, chances are (even if it's way deep down) they'd prefer you to keep your personal romantic gesture, well, personal. Plus, they don't need one more thing to think about in the time leading up to their wedding day—they're likely busy enough.

We're so happy you're in love and ready to get engaged! The important thing is to find the right type of proposal plan for you and your partner. Whether you pop the question over a cozy date on your rooftop with a bottle of wine, plan a scavenger hunt that hits all your favorite local spots, or hire a skywriter for an epic proposal for the world to see, you should get engaged on your own time. Think of it this way: When it comes to your own wedding day, would you want someone interrupting your first dance by stealing the microphone and proposing?

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