All the Best Places to Propose in the U.S. and Around The World

Pop the question in any one of these romantic destinations.
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Updated Oct 19, 2020
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Planning your engagement is one of the most exciting (albeit stressful) times of your relationship. You've had the marriage talk with your partner and found the perfect engagement ring. All that's left to do is select the perfect spot to pop the question—but where in the world should you do it?

Finding the best place to propose requires thought and planning, especially if you're in search of a spot that is sentimental to both you and your partner. Whether you're planning a dreamy destination engagement or a proposal that's close to home, we've rounded up the best places to propose both in the United States and around the world. Your loved one will have no problem saying "yes" in any of these romantic destinations.

Best Places to Propose in the United States

You can stay domestic and find some of the best places to propose stateside. The United States of America is full of meaningful and romantic spots that would make the perfect setting for your engagement. Below, find the best places to propose in the United States.

New York, New York

It's the city that never sleeps, and it's also a great spot to pop the question to your significant other. Your options are endless: Central Park, Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, Wall Street, Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge and Hudson River Park are all renowned New York City landmarks that are frequent places for engagements.

Chicago, Illinois

If you choose to get engaged in the Windy City, follow it up with a romantic river cruise through the iconic Chicago Loop, a fun night out at a sporting event, or with a deep dish pizza celebration. Or, take your love to new heights by checking out the stunning skyline views from the Willis Tower.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Those who've adopted the "Go big or go home" mentality will appreciate an extravagant proposal in Sin City. Cap off your big moment by visiting any of the desert city's famed casinos or by taking a stroll along the strip of lights and landmarks. Celebrate with a swanky champagne dinner at the many fine dining establishments in the various resorts.


Any of the islands here are beautiful options for a romantic proposal. Imagine getting engaged to the love of your life on a Hawaiian island followed by vacation cocktails and a delicious celebratory dinner. The only thing that would be the perfect accompaniment to your tropical getaway is a photographer who will capture you and your partner in your element. Aloha to that.

San Francisco, California

Scenic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the adorably iconic Nob Hill? Yes, please. This West Coast tech town is not only easily accessible, but it features sweeping views of the bay and beyond. A bonus is having the perfect backdrop for your "Just Said Yes" engagement photoshoot.

At a Famous Landmark

History buffs and travelers alike will appreciate a proposal at the most famous historical preservation sites across the country. This includes the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Mall, the Space Needle, the Philadelphia "Love" statue or the Hollywood Sign, all of which make great engagement settings for those who are looking for a memorable way to document their love story.

At a National Park

For the couple who shares a mutual appreciation for nature, nothing is quite as romantic or thoughtful as a proposal at a National Park. With locations scattered across the U.S., couples can plan hikes, explore local flora and fauna, and pledge their commitment to each other while surrounded by dazzling views. Plus, it's easy to plan the perfect National Park proposal without venturing too far from home.

Disney World

It's the happiest place on earth, so why not consider a Disney World proposal? From Cinderella's Castle to the Tree of Life, a Disney proposal would make for a magical experience. With the new opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, all types of entertainment buffs can swing by the park for their own personalized version of popping the question.

Best Places to Propose Around the World

World travelers and thrill-seekers might want to take their engagement to the next level by going international. Below, find the best places to propose around the world. Get your passport ready!


The capital of the Netherlands is home to colorful flower fields and picturesque windmills, not to mention quaint cobblestone streets that line colorful houses. Grab a bike, set up a picnic, and ask your partner to marry you in this scenic town.


Historic arts and architecture (think Gaudí, Picasso's home and more) and the vibrant local culture make Barcelona a perfect proposal destination for the adventurous, museum-hungry couple. You and your brand new fiancé will love toasting to your engagement in this gorgeous coastal European town.

The Eiffel Tower

Nestled in the City of Love, the Eiffel Tower is a dreamy proposal destination for hopeless romantics. They'll have no problem saying "oui" in front of this iconic Parisian monument. The best photographers also know where to avoid the sea of tourists too, so check in with professional services like Flytographer to capture the perfect proposal.

The Louvre

Plan your engagement in front of the timeless Louvre art museum, and you can celebrate your happy news by checking out some of the world's most iconic art pieces in one of the most romantic cities.

The Mediterranean Coast

From the coast of Italy to colorful seaside Greek towns, a proposal along the Mediterranean coast would be a dream come true for any travel-lover.

The Colosseum

The historical charm of the Colosseum in Rome makes a stunning backdrop for international proposals. And when followed by authentic pasta and Italian wine, your loved one will cherish the moment for years to come.

Best Personalized Places to Propose

If you want to put a truly personal stamp on your proposal, you don't have to travel far and wide to find something that will make your S.O. swoon. Instead, any of these ideas can be custom-tailored to your love story.

At Your First Date Location

Go back to where it all began and pop the question at your first date location. Your partner will love taking the next step of your relationship at such a significant (and sentimental) spot.

On a Hike

If you and your loved one spend your free time exploring the best outdoor trails, take your hike to the next level by proposing once your reach the summit of your destination. Not only will it make for beautiful engagement photos, your significant other will appreciate the thought that went behind the gesture. (Plus, endorphins.)

At Home

Flashy engagements aren't for everyone. In fact, a heartfelt and private proposal at home could mean just as much to your significant other (just like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle).

At a Theme Park

Thrill-seekers might enjoy an unexpected proposal at their favorite amusement park. Mark the occasion with a spin on your favorite roller coaster and a classic theme park snack.

On the Beach

Beach bums will love saying "I do" while overlooking the ocean at their favorite shore destination. Whether it's your hometown beach or a tropical destination, a beach proposal would make for a romantic setting.

At a Family Gathering

Tight-knit families who want to be included in the proposal (or in the post-engagement celebration) will appreciate having the special moment at a family gathering. Reunions, summer barbeques, or casual get-togethers would all make opportune moments to ask the question.

Your Alma Mater

Whether you're high school sweethearts or you were brought together by a college class, pay homage to your humble beginnings by proposing at your alma mater. Bonus points if your wear your school colors.

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