Here's Exactly How to Phrase Your Elopement Announcement Wording

Let your loved ones in on your happy news.
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alyssa longobucco the knot wedding planning expert
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Updated Nov 07, 2023

Couples who are looking for a more intimate way to celebrate their nuptials often opt for an elopement over a big bash, but that doesn't mean skipping out on recognizing your love with family and friends completely. The solution? Sending elopement announcements! Finding the right elopement announcement wording that doesn't make guests feel like they missed out on a celebration can be tricky (especially if you aren't planning a party after your ceremony), but we're here to help. Below, we're rounding up numerous creative ways to announce your elopement—from sentimental poems to playful prose—to help you convey your happy news to your inner circle. But first, we're diving into what an elopement announcement is in the first place, plus the proper elopement announcement etiquette (hint: It doesn't happen over social media!).

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What is an elopement announcement?

Elopement announcements are pretty much exactly what they sound like: thoughtful answers for couples wondering how to announce an elopement to their friends and family. Elopement announcements can be as formal or as casual as the newlywed duo would like, but they're traditionally sent through the mail, instead of via email or appearing on social media. Think of them as your excuse to still get in on the wedding stationery fun without hosting a big bash.

Focusing on color palettes and creative stationery accents is great, but the real pickle comes when you're figuring out your elopement announcement wording. For some couples, the paper notification is used to simply reveal the news of the private nuptials to friends and family; for others, it's a chance to let their crew know they swapped vows and to invite them to a postelopement party celebrating that fact. Our elopement announcement wording samples below will help you cater your verbiage to whatever your circumstances may be, while still expressing the absolute joy you both feel to be official spouses.

When should you send elopement announcements?

If you're choosing to elope privately and fill friends and family in after the fact, it's a good idea to send out elopement announcements pretty soon after your elopement. The last thing you want is for important people in your life to find out about the momentous occasion via word of mouth (or worse, social media) and feel left out of the fun. That being said, you can take several months to send out your elopement announcements if you'd rather keep the news to yourselves a bit longer.

Couples who are hosting a postelopement celebration—and want to communicate that with their elopement announcements—will want to send out their announcements/invitations as you would any other wedding party invite, giving guests plenty of time to plan for (and RSVP to) your celebration. We recommend sending out your elopement announcements and invitations at least six weeks ahead of your party—or longer, if many of your guests will have to travel.

How do you word elopement announcements?

If you're scratching your head thinking of what to write in an elopement announcement, check out our advice: When coming up with your "we eloped" announcement wording, you'll want to focus on language that's celebratory and inclusive, basically turns of phrase that'll give guests a glimpse into your happily ever after and make them feel like they were part of the moment, even if it was private at the time (similar to how you'd formulate wedding announcement wording, in fact). Below, we're rounding up plenty of different ways for how to announce your marriage after an elopement, ranging from the playful and funny to the serious and sentimental.

Simple Elopement Announcement Wording

Keep things simple and straightforward with these thoughtful elopement announcement templates that allow your love to take center stage.

  • We Eloped! We swapped vows in an intimate celebration on October 15, 2023.
  • We Said I Do—Just Us Two! We officially became husband and husband on September 5, 2023 and are looking forward to celebrating with you in person soon.
  • No Frills, No Fuss, Just Us. We tied the knot last month in Napa Valley and are thrilled to finally share the happy news with our loved ones.
  • Dearest family and friends: On June 14, 2023, we were married in an intimate ceremony in New York City. We appreciate your support from afar and are looking forward to sharing a glass of champagne with you.
  • Love is all you need. Cait and Brayden made it official in a private ceremony in Rhode Island earlier this month after celebrating a decade side by side.

Creative Elopement Announcement Wording

If you like to keep guests on their toes, try out one of these creative elopement announcement wording ideas.

  • We Said Yes (Alone!). Last month in Boston, we made things official in a private ceremony at City Hall. Thank you for all your love and support over the years!
  • Love is patient—but we couldn't wait! We decided to say "I do" before the year was over during a private celebration in the Hudson Valley. We look forward to celebrating with you soon!
  • It's officially official! Lousia and Ann became wife and wife on July 22 during an intimate ceremony in the Bahamas.
  • We really love you—but we still eloped! Last month, we swapped private vows at City Hall. Looking forward to celebrating with you soon!
  • Oh yes we did! We swapped the big shindig for a secret ceremony, just us two. But don't worry—we still missed you!

Funny Elopement Announcement Wording

Show off your sense of humor—and your new titles as spouses—with these funny elopement announcement wording ideas.

  • Did someone say husband and wife? That's us! We tied the knot on August 13 in a private ceremony for just us two. Thank you for all your love and support!
  • We've been keeping a little secret…
    We're married! After nearly a decade of love and laughter, we made it official in a private ceremony on March 11.
  • We pulled one over on all y'all and got married last month in LA. Officially the best surprise we've ever pulled off—and now you're in on the fun!
  • Next time we see you, we'll be rocking new bling! We swapped private vows during an epic beach vacation to Mexico. Sorry you weren't invited (sort of).
  • Jokes were dropped, tears were shed and rings were exchanged. That's right, we're officially husbands! 'Til death do us part, right?

Vegas Elopement Announcement Wording

Did you swap vows in Sin City? These elopement announcement wording ideas will help loved ones feel just as excited as you are about your new couple status.

  • We're lucky in love! We swapped vows in Vegas this month and couldn't feel more blessed to say we're officially married.
  • We are "what happens in Vegas." This month in Sin City we made things official. Married life, here we come!
  • We swapped vows in Vegas! After a decade together, we're officially husband and wife after a raucous trip to Sin City. Looking forward to celebrating with you soon!
  • Going to the chapel—in Vegas! We escaped to Sin City to swap vows earlier this year (and yes, it was planned!).
  • You could say we were feeling lucky: We decided to roll the dice in Vegas and get hitched!

Alternative Elopement Announcement Wording

Keep things brief with this elopement announcement wording that lets other elements (think: a gorgeous photo from your big day) take center stage. And if the word "elopement" itself would make some family members' heads spin, these alternate phrases might soften the blow a bit.

  • Nothing fancy, just love.
  • We made it official!
  • We said yes!
  • Just married, just us.
  • We did it (and without anyone knowing!)

Elopement Celebration Invitation Wording

Hosting a party after your private ceremony? Invite guests to join in the fun with this creative and celebratory elopement party wording.

  • Happily ever after (party)! Please join us in celebrating our recent elopement with a reception on December 13, 2023.
  • We may have eloped—but we want to celebrate with you, too! Join us at a backyard BBQ to toast to our new marriage.
  • It's time to celebrate—we tied the knot! Your presence is requested at a postelopement party in New York City. Cocktail attire is requested; dancing is mandatory.
  • We couldn't wait, but we still want to celebrate! Help us ring in our new status as husband and wife with a cocktail party on January 24, 2024.
  • After the private party comes…the after party! Join us in celebrating our elopement with a reception in DC on February 11, 2024.

Elopement Announcement Poem Wording

Flex your creative muscles with a twist on a classic poem for your elopement announcement wording.

Roses are red, violets are blue
We said, I Do
— Just without you!

We really wanted to get married

Without dealing with anyone's queries.

So we eloped,

But please don't mope,

We'll be throwing a party to celebrate with you soon.

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