20 Stylish Elopement Announcements to Help Spread Your Good News

Let your fam' and friends in on your newlywed status with these pretty paper pieces.
20 Elopement Announcement Cards to Share the News
Photo: The Knot
alyssa longobucco the knot wedding planning expert
Alyssa Longobucco
alyssa longobucco the knot wedding planning expert
Alyssa Longobucco
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Updated Nov 15, 2023
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Eloping with your person can be wildly memorable and romantic—right up until the moment when you're faced with telling your (many) loved ones what went down. If the idea of sharing the news is ruining the vibe, don't let it. Your secret weapon: elopement announcements. Yep, that's right—they're basically a "guess what we did" in paper form, allowing you to blast the good news to friends and family with just one quick trip to the post office. They can be similar to a wedding announcement, showcasing just an image from your big day alongside a few brief details or they can double as an invitation to a celebratory bash in honor of your newlywed status. Whichever you choose, we've found a stylish elopement announcement for you below, many of which that have the option to customize your elopement announcement wording. From modern and minimal to cheeky and playful, these pieces are bound to be the happiest bit of snail mail your crew will receive this year. Congrats, you crazy kids—your secret is safe with us until those cards hit the mailboxes. See our fave elopement announcement ideas below.

1. Simple and Sophisticated Elopement Announcements

Just Married elopement cards from The Knot
Photo: The Knot

This simple and elegant "we eloped" announcement puts your good news front and center, with some casual script at the top that reads: "Just Married." A full-bleed photo of the two of you (aka the newlyweds—eek!) holds court on the front, while the back of the card boasts enough room for sharing the details of your day or inviting your loved ones to a postnuptial celebration.

2. Island Vibes Elopement Announcements

Island themed elopement cards from Minted
Photo: Minted

If you and your partner eloped while on vacation (it truly is one of the best places to elope), this stylish piece of stationery is for you. It's designed to resemble a retro postcard or travel poster, with a nondescript pixilated photo of palm trees and tiki torches on the front (the vibes are vibing, for sure). You also have a few options for designing the back of these elopement announcement cards, including a watercolor treatment, a photo grid, a blank neutral backdrop or a little blurb where you can explain how your private vows went down.

3. Elegant Arch Elopement Announcements

Elopement cards from LucyMarchStudio on Etsy
Photo: LucyMarchStudio

Elopements tend to be no-frills events, especially if yours was on a whim (just like your whirlwind romance!). If that's the case, you probably didn't have a chance to hire a photographer—and thus, don't have images—which can make finding a stylish surprise wedding announcement difficult. Luckily, we came across this gorgeous design on Etsy, which relies on a unique shape and bold typography to convey your happy news. The best part? The possibilities for customization are endless—you can choose both the envelope color and tassel color from a selection of chic shades.

4. Playful Postcard Elopement Announcements

We eloped! elopement cards from Zazzle
Photo: Zazzle

Something about these casual elopement announcement postcards just feels happy—which makes them perfect for letting your friends and family know that you're officially in it for life. The front touts elegant script and the exciting phrase, "We Eloped!," while the back is structured like a postcard, giving you plenty of room to pen your personalized message to each person. This is a great option if you don't have a ton of people to notify (ya know, hand cramps and all) and want to lend an extra touch of personalization.

5. Garden Gem Elopement Announcements

Elopement announcement cards from The Knot
Photo: The Knot

When spreading the good news about your elopement, you're going to leave a lot of loved ones wishing they were there (even though they respect your choice). To help soften the blow a bit, choose some "we got married" announcements that convey a bit about where the whole thing went down. This floral-covered card is romantic and whimsical, with nine different color palette options that echo different seasons. Bonus: There's plenty of room on the card to share details of your nuptials and even share the URL to your wedding website so they can see photos from the day.

6. Impatient Elopement Announcements

Elopement cards from Minted
Photo: Minted

We're obsessed that you two couldn't wait to seal the deal, and your loved ones will be just as taken with your story once they receive this cheeky card in the mail. The front has a polaroid-like photo and the phrase, "Love is patient, but we're not," hinting at how you two were anxious to make things official. Once you choose your color theme, you can make other custom adjustments, like the border of the card (we love the scallops) and the details on the back. Plus, this works as a somewhat funny elopement announcement without sounding too laissez-faire.

7. Love in Lilac Elopement Announcements

Elopement announcement cards from The Knot
Photo: The Knot

The only thing sweeter than this postelopement announcement is your love. The soft lilac envelope and coordinating watercolor florals make it the perfect pick for spreading the word about a spring elopement (bonus points if purple buds actually appear in the photo you pick, too). While there isn't a ton of room to detail your intimate celebration, you can still share the where and when, along with a little thank-you bid to your circle for their constant support.

8. Neutral Note Elopement Announcements

Elopement announcement cards from The Knot
Photo: The Knot

Keep things simple and sophisticated with this creamy, dreamy elopement announcement. Elegant typography and botanical line drawings combine for a timeless piece of stationery that moves beyond seasons and trends. Hosting a celebratory reception down the line? This design comes with a whole suite of extras (think: place cards, menus and table numbers) to brand your party from start to finish.

9. Flashback Fun Elopement Announcements

Elopement announcement cards from Zazzle
Photo: Zazzle

A bit '70s, yet totally modern, this retro-inspired design is perfect for a pair of vintage fans looking to honor their timeless love story. Playful bubble letters read, "We Eloped" on the front, while the back of these photo elopement announcements offers up plenty of room to type a detailed reenactment of your intimate vows, happy tears and all.

10. Gorgeous Grayscale Elopement Announcements

We Eloped cards from The Knot
Photo: The Knot

Nothing is more timeless—not to mention more eye-catching—than a classic black-and-white photo. If you're in love with the images your photographer shot during your elopement, why not give one of them the star treatment on your elopement announcements? This stylish piece of stationery goes grayscale for an impactful piece of mail your friends and family will be anxious to hang on their refrigerators.

11. Happy Heart Elopement Announcements

Elopement announcement cards from Minted
Photo: Minted

Part quirky, part modern, this elopement announcement design is the ideal way for chic lovers to spread the good news. It relies on a shiny metallic heart (available in your choice of gold, rose gold, silver, ice blue, bronze, red or pink) to do the talking, complementing a horizontal shot of the two of you from your elopement. The front looks minimal, save for a sweet line that reads: "Our love couldn't wait." You can leave it at that or detail more about your elopement on the back of the design.

12. Seasons Greetings Elopement Announcements

Christmas elopement cards from The Knot
Photo: The Knot

There's just something about the holiday season that puts love into overdrive. If you two chose to swap intimate vows ahead of the most wonderful time of the year, you can use your holiday cards as a creative way to let friends and family know all of the exciting things you've been up to. This festive design offers a twist on traditional tidings, with "Just Married Christmas" front and center in glittery typography. The finishing touch? Three of your favorite shots from the best day ever, of course.

13. Modern Romance Elopement Announcements

Elopement cards from Zazzle
Photo: Zazzle

Modern design lovers will appreciate the impact this card has the second it's pulled from the envelope. Trendy forest green details (including the phrase, "Hitched!" on the front and a dramatic background on the back) offset your chosen image, which is "cut" into an arch shape for added appeal. We can guarantee your guests will be gasping—and not just because you tied the knot in secret.

14. Bold Type Elopement Announcements

Elopement cards from Minted
Photo: Minted

For those couples that can't choose between cool typography and a full-bleed shot from their elopement, we present this pretty design. Basically the best of both worlds, it combines a high-impact image from your day with a bold text overlay that reads: "Newly Married" for a memorable piece of mail that is sure to make a statement. We're seriously crushing on these creative elopement announcements.

15. Custom Creation Elopement Announcements

Elopement cards from TalkCreativeDesigns on Etsy
Photo: TalkCreativeDesigns

If you're planning to let your friends and family know you eloped and give them all the details for an upcoming party in your honor, you're going to need a hardworking stationery design—and these elopement reception invitations are just that. The front allows imagery from your day to hold court, while the back is full of need-to-know party details so guests can join you in celebration of your newlywed status. Even better, this is a digital download, so you can tweak any part of the design you need and print it whenever is best for you. Our favorite part? The bold headline that reads: "Happily Ever After Party." Clever, right?

16. Custom Creation Elopement Announcements

We could not wait! elopement cards from Minted
Photo: Minted

Let guests in on your excitement by providing them with the reason for your elopement in the first place: You just couldn't wait! These cute elopement announcements get right to the heart of the issue, with a simple layout and timeless typography that'll suit whatever image you choose to adorn the front. The back of this card is yours to do with as you please.

17. Monochromatic Magic Elopement Announcements

We are Married! elopement cards from Minted
Photo: Minted

Part elopement announcement, part elopement party invitation, this design is so cool your guests may even be tempted to leave it up long after your celebration has passed. The front boasts all of the necessary details, like the fact that you're married in the first place (yay!) and where and when guests can join you for a celebration. Our advice? Stick with a black and white photo for this design—it'll help create contrast with the typography so guests can read everything clearly.

18. Sleek and Minimalist Elopement Announcements

Elopement cards from SAINTMADESTUDIO on Etsy

When you decide to elope, you may need to mourn the loss of some traditional wedding mainstays, like a wedding party or a big grand entrance. One thing you don't have to sacrifice: the chance to have really good wedding stationery! This elopement announcement is as chic as any wedding stationery suite we've seen, with a high-impact, yet simple black and white design. Bonus: Since you get to print this digital download yourself, opt for thick cardstock for an extra-luxe touch.

19. Creative Card Elopement Announcements

We eloped! cards from ByStephanieTara on Etsy
Photo: ByStephanieTara

Photographs are how friends and family are going to be able to witness your elopement, so you might as well make them the star of the show in your elopement announcement. This unique design combines a favorite shot from your wedding day along with a smaller square card that details your newlywed status and directs guests to a website where they can view more pictures and details. Even better: The designer behind this suite will work with you to come up with a custom color combination for the card that'll perfectly complement your chosen photograph.

20. Elegant Edge Elopement Announcements

Elopement cards from katakalaSTUDIO on Etsy
Photo: katakalaSTUDIO

If you're considered the cool trendsetters amongst your friend group, they're probably expecting a very chic piece of mail from you to mark your elopement. This announcement comes through in style, with an elegance and edge all its own. While there's no rule saying you have to choose a black and white photograph to star in this design, we happen to think it's the perfect complement to the brushstroke lettering and timeless sans-serif typography.

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