10 Different Ways to Include Your Loved Ones in Your Wedding

You might not realize it, but there are so many jobs you'll probably want help with (that won't involve your wedding party).
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Updated Feb 12, 2019

So, you've chosen your wedding party—and that's about it. You might not realize it now, but there are tons of other duties and roles you might want to get people involved with—especially if the loved ones in your life want to help. Not only will you get extra pairs of hands surrounding your ceremony and reception, but you'll also get to incorporate the ones who might not have made the wedding party cut. (Just make sure to thank them in spades for all of their hard work.)

1. Secretary Stuff

A plethora of paperwork surrounds your wedding day. Why not get a meticulous cousin or friend to help address the envelopes, organize the replies, sort through the place cards or compose a thank-you list? In return, offer to lick the envelopes yourself.

2. Site Styling

If you're doing the reception decoration setup yourself, you'll probably need an able-bodied crew to help do everything from arranging the tables and chairs to setting down the place cards. To take the drudgery out of hanging up a zillion string lights, have breakfast or lunch delivered for everyone.

3. Program Distributing

Depending on the venue, you'll probably want at least two people to hand out your programs. This easy duty puts some of your favorite people front and center—and lets them enjoy the rest of the day.

4. Ushering

Often wrongly considered "guy" domain, ushering is a task females can perform too. If you need to work teens, capable family members or a few extra friends into the celebration, here's your opportunity.

5. Train-Bearing

Remember all the kids who kept Princess Diana and Meghan Markle's trains in check? If your train is even one-tenth as long, you'll probably need a few little ones (or a friend or two) to help keep the fabric flowing.


6. Ceremony Singing

Put loved ones' vocal or musical talent to work by asking a friend or family member to provide the live music while you walk down the aisle. Just make sure the selections are in tune with your ceremony.

7. License Signing

While your maid of honor and best man can sign the legal certificate, commemorate the presence of very special relatives and friends by having them sign a decorative wedding license (or a ketubah, if you're having a Jewish wedding).

8. Guest Book Guarding and Greeting

If you're having a guest book or guest book alternative, take the confusion out of signing in and have a lighthearted friend or relative man it for a small amount of time at the beginning of cocktail hour. Choose somebody who'll get the expensive pen back, but not someone who'll be militant about enlisting everyone who walks through the door.

9. Present Patrolling

Put a bubbly relative in charge of fielding the "Where does this go?" looks as gift-giving guests pour into the reception. Look for a candidate who'll know most of crowd and can greet people by name while steering them toward the gift table and card box.

10. Favor Arranging or Distributing

Make sure everybody gets the ingenious favors you've assembled so carefully. Have a detail-oriented friend set the favors on the tables before your reception begins, or ask them to hand them out as guests depart.

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