Wedding Guest List: Invite Bridal Party's Significant Others to the Wedding?

Q: How should I send wedding invitations to the girlfriends of my fiance's ushers? Should I invite them and guest so they have a friend to sit with while their boyfriends are at the head table? If no, then won't they be sitting alone? What is the correct thing to do?

A: It's great that you're concerned about them sitting alone, but no, you don't have to invite them to bring along a friend to keep them company. If all the ushers sit at the head table, simply seat their girlfriends (and any boyfriends of the bridesmaids) together, and trust their social skills enough that they will get along and have a good time. Once the meal is over, they'll be able to hang with their significant others and wedding-party members anyway. Another option is to let your attendants sit with their dates, while you two have your own personal head table for two, or you sit with your parents at an honored table.A note about invites: Technically, unless they live together, you're supposed to send each girlfriend an invite separately from her boyfriend. But since these are your wedding-party members, it's fine to include each significant other's name on the same invite as the usher or groomsman.

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