Do You Have to Have Parent Dances at Your Wedding?

Remember, it’s a tradition, not a rule.
by The Knot

We love a good parent dance—when it works for the couple and their folks, of course. But if you’re not particularly close to your parents, sadly missing one of them or simply feeling shy in the spotlight, you can definitely skip or tweak this portion of your wedding reception. And don’t worry about guests being disappointed or noticing something’s missing—they won’t, and it’s not.

Parent dances are incredibly meaningful and sentimental, but they’re also very personal—which means they should be personalized to suit what feels right to you and your family (even if that means nixing them entirely). You shouldn’t feel like you have to do something you’re not comfortable with just because it’s a popular tradition, or replace a parent with someone else if it doesn’t feel right. That said—you might be up for a dance with another important person in your life. Fathers can dance with sons, mothers with daughters or you could stick to just your first newlywed dance. Otherwise, why not ask a beloved grandparent, aunt, uncle, best friend, sibling or a favorite new in-law to join you for a spin on the dance floor?

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