Inside Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's Wedding & Marriage

The couple continues to celebrate their love.
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Updated Feb 11, 2022

Of the many celebrity weddings that have come and gone over the years, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's 2012 wedding day is one that continues to capture the imagination. The couple celebrated their big day with an intimate fete in Puglia, Italy, with a Hollywood guest list. (This should come as no surprise, given Biel's 7th Heaven roots and Timberlake's NSync boy band past.)

Beyond just the beautiful nuptials, however, the pair also inspires with how they've grown and changed together over the years, overcoming rumors and headlines to affirm their love for one another again and again. In 2015, while accepting his induction into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, Timberlake thanked Biel in a tearful speech. "I wanna thank my beautiful, loving, and incredibly-understanding-of-her-husband's-shortcomings wife, Jessica," he said, adding with a smile, "She ain't from here but she built like she is!"

And Biel, for her part, isn't shy about singing her husband's praises either. "I'm so proud of all you've accomplished and all that is ahead for you," Biel wrote to her husband in 2020. "Plus you're a super hot dad. A ninja dad. A kiddie teeth brushing, Jedi sleep mind tricking, intimidating dad voice disciplining SUPER HOT DAD. I love you, you hot dad.. I'm here, right by your side, OG fan girl #1." Below, we offer up a look back at how the couple first connected, their memorable Italian wedding bash, and a glimpse into their current happily ever after.

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All About Justin Timberlake's Wedding to Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel exchanged vows in an epic destination wedding at the Borgo Egnazia resort in Puglia, Italy, on October 19, 2012. Their A-list guests were treated to the utmost privacy given the castle-like grounds of the resort, but over the years, details of the wedding have continued to trickle out, much to the delight of fans everywhere. "It was magical," Timberlake told People at the time. "It was an unforgettable evening." Added Biel: "It was a fantasy."

Their guests had no idea where they were headed.

The couple went to extremes to ensure a grand surprise for their wedding week. Their friends and loved ones were reportedly instructed to fly to Frankfurt and await further instructions. Upon arrival, they were told that they would be headed to the south of Italy (Puglia, to be exact) to take part in a series of wedding festivities. From there, the guests were put up in the 63-room, 28-villa luxury hotel, where they no doubt had a blast relaxing and mingling ahead of the pair's big day. The top-secret premise of the wedding paid off, however: Timberlake and Biel didn't have to worry about paparazzi and could be fully in-the-moment with their nearest and dearest.

The guest list was filled with celebs.

Speaking of nearest and dearest, the couple's guest list was comprised of just 100 guests, which is considerably intimate by Hollywood standards. Guests included everyone from Timberlake's bestie Jimmy Fallon to Saturday Night Live alum Andy Samberg to the singer's oft-collaborator Timbaland. Biel's former 7th Heaven co-star Beverley Mitchell was also in attendance. "It was a really special evening," Timberlake told People at the time.

Jessica Biel wore a trendsetting pink dress.

For their nuptials, Biel bucked tradition by wearing a light pink, custom-made Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown. The stunning wedding dress featured a fitted, sleeveless bodice and a frothy, over-the-top ballgown silhouette.

"I wanted the dress to be very romantic and feminine and a shape that I very rarely wear," she told Elle in 2013. "I have never been crazy about all-white wedding dresses, for me at least. [Giamattista Valli] had created that same fabric in a fuchsia-and-pink combination for a dress in a previous collection, and I asked him if he could create that same pattern in a white combination, and he suggested pink." Colored wedding gowns were trending for quite some time following their nuptials. (And for the record, Timberlake wore a Tom Ford tuxedo that he co-designed.)

Timberlake serenaded Biel as she walked down the aisle.

Ever the showman, Timberlake crooned to his bride as she walked down the aisle. "It was an original piece I wrote specifically for the evening and for her," Timberlake told People at the time. Though the details of the song haven't ever been revealed—no doubt something that helps to preserve the intimacy of their big day—what the two have revealed is the song they danced to for their first dance as husband and wife: Leon Russell's 1970 hit "A Song for You." "To my beautiful @jessicabiel: You have taught me so much about what a true love means," he wrote in a sweet Instagram caption on their fifth wedding anniversary. "I can't put into words what these last five years have meant to me, so… 'Listen to the melody 'cause my love is in there hiding…"' #Happy5thAnniversaryWifey#ASongForYou."

The wedding may have cost the couple around $6.5 million.

Though the exact figures aren't readily available to the public, speculation at the time was that the couple spent around $6.5 million for their grand nuptials. According to E! News, a big chunk of that cost was likely renting out the entire Borgo Egnazia resort for their 100 guests (an understandable move given that they wanted to foreground privacy). Another big expense was likely the activities they had planned for their guests, as well as the rehearsal dinner. And, if Timberlake and Biel were like many millennials, they probably spent a lot of time personalizing the details of their big day, which could mean an even more expensive bill at the end of it all.

The Couple's Relationship Timeline

Both Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have dated their fair share of fellow celebrities over the years. Timberlake's most high-profile romance was probably ex Britney Spears, though he has also reportedly dated Olivia Munn, Olivia Wilde, Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johansson. Biel has been linked to Chris Evans, Derek Jeter and Gerard Butler. But when the pair met for the first time in early 2007, the sparks were undeniable. Now, nearly 15 years later, the couple is still madly in love, and aren't afraid to show it.

When did they meet?

Though the exact date has never been revealed, Biel confirms that the pair "technically met" for the first time at a birthday party the singer was hosting for a friend in early 2007. Timberlake immediately took a liking to Biel, and asked his friend for her number so he could ask her out. When he finally called her, however, he realized he had to convince Biel to take a chance on him.

"I had to be pretty persistent in order to get her to say yes," Timberlake once revealed at a press conference with the Hollywood Foreign Press, according to Us Weekly. "But I have a fair amount of tenacity and if I want something I stick to it. And in the end, she agreed."

How long did they date?

The pair dated off-and-on for a solid five years. They went public in May 2007 when Biel flew out to join Timberlake on the UK leg of his FutureSex/LoveShow tour, and from there on out, it was game on. The couple frequented basketball games together, met each other's families, and made their red carpet debut at the 2009 Met Gala. They briefly split up in early 2011, however, shocking fans; by the end of the year, though, they were not only back together, but on the verge of getting engaged.

When did they get engaged?

During a snowy trip to Montana, Timberlake planned a proposal to Biel that he later talked about in his 2018 album Man of the Woods. "Without going into too much of a personal story, it started to really come together just talking about being in the mountains," Timberlake said in a conversation with Amazon Music. "When I did propose, I was saying to her, I was like, 'Oh look at the shadows on the mountains,' and I had the ring on my pinkie—I guess I will just tell the story. I had the ring on my pinkie and I was like, 'Look at the shadows over there on the mountains,' and she was like, 'Oh yeah, that's beautiful,' and I was like, 'Do you see it?' So it was something that inspired the lyrics for the bridge [of the song]."

Biel gave fans a good look at her impressive six-carat engagement ring several years later in a post to Instagram.

When did they get married?

The couple got married later that year, on Oct. 19, 2012, in an intimate wedding ceremony in the south of Italy, at the lavish, castle-like Borgo Egnazia resort. They invited their 100 closest friends and family for the special fete and later shared incredible images from the private ceremony with People magazine. Years later, Biel would reveal that she predicted that she and Timberlake would get married in a hilarious email exchange with her producing partner. "It's literally like, 'Okay, I can't make that meeting so I have to cancel. Also, I know I will marry this man. You can't tell anybody but your husband,'" she recounted to James Corden on The Late Late Show in 2017. "... I don't know what he did that day, but I have this hilarious email."

After the Wedding

The notoriously private couple didn't even let their closest friends know where they went for their honeymoon, though People in 2012 reported that the pair might have gone to Africa, staying at the Faru Faru Lodge in Tanzania.

They welcomed their first child, son Silas, nearly three years later, and their second child, Phineas, in early 2021. Over the years, they have shared tiny glimpses into their home life, mostly through sweet Instagram posts praising each other and by sharing their hilariously coordinated Halloween costumes with fans each October. One year, the family dressed up as Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Jessie from Toy Story; another year, they wore LEGO character outfits; and perhaps most memorably, in 2016, Timberlake and Biel dressed up as characters from Trolls, the movie, for which the singer lent his voice.

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