Move Over, Star Signs: Your Moon Phase Soulmate May Be Where True Love Lies

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Moon Phase Soulmate
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Updated Dec 18, 2023

Whether you check your horoscope daily or think it's a bunch of hocus pocus—but still fun to think about!—the enchanting powers of cosmic are bound to pique your curiosity. One aspect of the vast lunar world out there to explore is finding your moon phase soulmate.

As the moon goes through its natural cycles, the energy it gives off changes, too. Whether the moon is in its waxing crescent phase or the waning gibbous (more on that later!), each phase sets a vibe that contributes to your love life. To better understand moon phase soulmates and how to find your moon phase soulmate, we spoke with Dana DeFranco of the Allegedly Astrology podcast.

Let's explore the magic.

Meet The Expert

  • Dana DeFranco is a professional astrologer based in Chicago. Her astrology practice combines traditional and modern techniques, psychology and philosophy in an effort to help clients understand their pasts and plan for their futures.

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What Is a Moon Phase Soul Mate?

Popularized through a TikTok filter (you know how it sometimes goes…), moon phase soul mates and the moon phase soulmate test are essentially measures of compatibility based on any two people's natal moon phase, or the moon phase at your birth.

As far as the social media app is concerned, the filter allows users to enter their own and their partner's birthdays to see how their respective moon phases stack up and learn what moon phases are compatible.

While the moon phase trend is a fun one to indulge in, remember of course that the success of a relationship is based on things like communication and joint effort—not your moon phase at birth.

Understanding Your Moon Phase

After looking up your moon phase at birth (sites like AstroStyle offer calculators you can use by entering your birth date), learn more about each of the eight phases, below, with characteristics as explained by DeFranco.

New Moon

People born under a New Moon were born to become wholly themselves. Asserting their individuality is an essential need and self-discovery is an ongoing process. Under the New Moon phase, the moon is not visible in the sky; likewise, these people may feel like they are without a guide from time-to-time. These innovators must forge their own path. Their laser focus is unmatched and may give way to tunnel vision at some point.

Crescent Moon

People born under a Crescent Moon are curious, inventive and often self-starters. These folks are often proactive about getting their ideas off the ground. With this phase often the ideal time for intention setting, people born under this lunar phase may be similarly intentional. Life may require them to face their fears in order to realize their dreams.

First Quarter Moon

People born under the First Quarter Moon are ambitious and intense due to an inner conflict between their needs and wants. This inherent tension is also what makes them driven. Crisis management is one of their many talents and they are eager to help out in a bind. This marks the halfway point between the New Moon and Full Moon; it's a time when we're updating strategies and intentions we made in the previous two cycles. Thus, people born under this phase are likely strategic thrill-seekers.

Gibbous Moon

People born under a Gibbous Moon are detail-oriented and capable of deciphering a great deal of nuance. This is due to understanding contradictions they feel within themselves. People born under this lunar phase are clever and bright, and would benefit from not being so hard on themselves.

Full Moon

The Full Moon is when the moon is at its brightest in the sky—it's a point of culmination and realization. Thus, people born under the Full Moon may feel compelled to find the truth around them. Emotionally intense, they need to check themselves from time to time to make sure they aren't projecting onto others.

Disseminating Moon

This is a phase where decompression begins; the energy has peaked and now people are moving forward and onward. Folks with this moon phase at birth understand that irreconcilable differences are all about what makes us human. Even after reaching clarity, some things will never make perfect sense.

Last Quarter Moon

People born under the Last Quarter Moon have seen it all and still keep going. Resilient and strategic, these are the people celebrities call in when they need to revamp their image. If this moon phase had a theme song, it would be, "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" by Daft Punk.

Balsamic Moon

This is the phase when we feel tired and introspective. Likewise, people born under this moon phase may find themselves more prone to isolation and low energy. They must get alone time and adequate rest, as well as guard themselves against paranoia or falling prey to other people's ill intentions. Wise and accepting, people born under the Balsamic Moon are also highly intuitive.

How to Find Your Moon Phase Soulmate

To find your moon phase soulmate, you first need to discover which of the eight moon phases were happening at the time of your birth, since each phase is associated with unique traits and energies.

As with most compatibility quizzes, you then compare your moon phase with that of your partner or potential partner. Do your energies align, according to the moon phase soulmate test? What are the lunar dynamics of your connection?

Which Moon Phases Are Considered Soulmates

According to DeFranco, there are not specific pairings one can point to as true moon phase soulmates. Instead, your and your partner's moon phases will fall into one of six set ranges of one another. These include:

  • Conjunct (zero degrees apart, in the same moon sign): "There is an inherent understanding and unity," DeFranco says of this pairing that just seems to get each other. "This couple will endure the same transits at the same time which can mean double the pleasure—or double the stress."
  • Aversion (30 degrees or 150 degrees apart, or 1 or 5 signs away from each other): When your moon phases are in aversion, there may be an initial spark but then something might feel wrong and you're just not sure what. "There is an inherent tension or discord which can make it difficult to understand each other," DeFranco explains. "This can also be an incredible learning opportunity."
  • Sextile (60 degrees apart or 2 signs away from each other): When your moon signs are sextile, DeFranco says you'll have an inherent camaraderie and thrive while working towards common goals together. "There is an ease when hanging out," says DeFranco.
  • Square (90 degrees apart or 3 signs away from each other): "These are the relationships that succeed as long as they're on the same team," notes DeFranco. Couples whose moon signs are square may be competitive with one another, which could potentially breed resentment. But as DeFranco says, this match-up offers "incredible opportunity for growth and this couple is unlikely to get lost in stagnancy."
  • Trine (120 degrees apart of 4 signs away from each other): When your moon phases are trine, partners are generally on the same page and wavelength, with similar needs and a natural inclination to meet one another's needs. "Things may feel too easy sometimes, so it's important to find ways to keep the spark alive," DeFranco warns.
  • Opposite (180 degrees apart or in opposite signs, 6 signs away from each other): These relationships prove that opposites attract. They balance each out, but compromising is always at the top of their priority list. According to DeFranco, "If the opinions or details become more important than the relationship, both partners will be miserable and it will never last."

Based on this information, you can determine more about your individual moon phase compatibility.

How Accurate Is The Moon Phase Soulmate Test?

"It would be wrong of me to suggest that the moon phase soulmate test is inaccurate—and it would be equally wrong to suggest that it is accurate," says DeFranco. "The moon phase soulmate test is a brand new mechanism in synastry and astrology. Thus, there are no studies done to confirm or deny its validity."

She adds that while the moon phase soulmate test is new, classic and modern synastry (the study of relationships through natal chart comparison) is backed by thousands of years of astrological practice.

But while the moon phase soulmate test aims to provide guidance to a harmonious romantic connection, it doesn't mean that you can't have a loving, dynamic relationship if the moon's odds are against you. It's just a helpful tool, should you decide to embrace it.

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