Unique Date Ideas for Every Zodiac Sign, According to a Pro Astrologer

Celebrate a love that's written in the stars with a zodiac-customized date night.
Best date ideas based on your zodiac sign.
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Jamie Cuccinelli the knot writer and wedding expert
Jamie Cuccinelli
Jamie Cuccinelli the knot writer and wedding expert
Jamie Cuccinelli
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Updated Jun 02, 2023

While there are only so many times you can do the whole dinner and movie routine, regular date nights are a vital part of maintaining a healthy relationship, according to experts. So, how do you mix things up when it comes to planning your next couple's venture? Search no further: These unique date ideas based on every zodiac sign are practically guaranteed to leave your partner starry-eyed.

To help us match each zodiac sign to the unique date idea perfect for them, we turned to Ryan Marquardt, professional astrologer and host of the Clairannoyance podcast. According to Marquardt, planning dates according to your or your partner's zodiac sign presents a fun, lighthearted opportunity to potentially try something new together. Additionally, it's a chance to further explore your compatibility. "Each sign has unique characteristics that can be infused into the date," explains Marquardt. "So you'll get to know each other through a completely different lens."

Taking your partner's zodiac sign into consideration when working out the details of your next date night also shows your partner both engagement and thoughtfulness—especially if astrology is of interest to them. "These date ideas show that you're taking the time to understand your partner," says Marquardt. "Even if they don't feel like they relate to their sun sign very much, it's a gesture that shows you're interested in nurturing their preferences and investing in them beyond just handling the bill at dinner."

Your love was written in the stars, and you'll find that the unique date ideas below are similarly fated! Scroll on to see the best date ideas for every zodiac sign.


According to Marquardt, Aries are huge fans of a little healthy competition. The trailblazing Aries can turn anything into a fun game with exciting stakes, so surprise them with a DIY tournament date. "Creating a custom competition, like a timed cooking challenge or an outdoors obstacle course, will feed into their adventurous side," says Marquardt.


Ruled by their senses, the Taurus loves to luxuriate with whatever titillates. "A fragrance blending workshop is the perfect way to invigorate their sense of smell," suggests Marquardt. "They'll be able to explore their love for aromas while crafting their own scent and learn about the art of fragrance creation along the way."


"Geminis love to be socially and intellectually stimulated," notes Marquardt, "so a trivia night out at a fun bar or pub is the perfect way to keep them engaged and in good spirits." Conversation is bound to flow in between rounds—especially since, as Marquardt points out, Geminis aren't typically competitive (so you can keep the stakes low and fun).


The nostalgic Cancer will melt for a sweet and sentimental outing. "They cherish their past experiences, so a scrapbooking class is an excellent way for them to open up about their personal history," says Marquard. This hands-on activity will provide the opportunity for your date to bring along old photos and mementos—and for you to learn more about their memories and experiences.


"Leos like to feel special, and they really appreciate it when someone makes them feel special for no reason at all," says Marquardt, which is why the pro astrologer suggests planning a no-occasion-whatsoever surprise party for your Leo love. "The purpose is to make them feel good about who they authentically are with no expectation that they need to perform, show off or do anything in return."


Virgos are just as nurturing as they are hardworking, so a date volunteering at an animal shelter is right up their alley. "There's nothing that brings them more meaning than feeling like they're making a difference in the world," says Marquardt. "They'll shower the animals with love and affection, and you'll see a side of them that they rarely have a chance to show in their daily life."


According to Marquardt, "Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty—so a luxurious spa day is one of the best ways to make them feel pampered and loved." Booking joint treatments, such as a couples massage, also presents the opportunity for a bit of romance as well, as the two of you will be able to relax and reset side-by-side. (Can't you just smell the soothing scent of lavender already?)


The detective of the zodiac world as dubbed by Marquardt, Scorpios love a mystery and are adept at reading between the lines. "Pick the most difficult escape room you can possibly find in your area and get ready to watch your Scorpio become fixated on figuring out the mystery," suggests the astrologer. "Escape rooms are also a great opportunity for couples to work together and strategize on problem-solving."


The wanderlust-struck Sagittarius adores adventure, so sending them on a scavenger hunt is sure to keep them on their toes. Plus, putting care and thoughtfulness into the clues and stops will demonstrate your affection for your partner. "A Sagittarius loves a car ride, so space the clues out enough that you get some one-on-one time in the car between [stops]," suggests Marquardt. "And make an irresistible playlist that you know they'll enjoy listening to as you jet off to the next spot."


"Capricorns have a strong [interest in] history, and they respect the value of craftsmanship more than any other sign," explains Marquardt, who suggests the activity of antique restoration as the ideal date for this star sign. Look for workshops at local antique or craft stores, or get your DIY on and refurbish some second-hand home goods (with some help from Youtube, naturally). You'll even end up with a cool memento from the day.


Both intellectual and often interested in astrology, the curious Aquarius is fated to flip for this unique date idea that combines these two loves: A visit to the planetarium. Learn about the wonders of the universe together during the immersive shows—and later (if weather and location allows), venture outside with some late-night snacks and star-gaze, IRL. "You'll love the intimate thoughts that flow freely from [your Aquarius partner] throughout this date," says Marquardt. "And they'll feel a larger-than-life connectedness to you at the same time."


To the imaginative Pisces, a unique date idea that embraces escapism is a dream come true. Experience a virtual reality game or simulation together for a collaborative, immersive date activity. "Look for any virtual reality experience that takes place in a magical realm or incorporates surreal landscapes, so the Pisces can feel a sense of wonder," encourages Marquardt. "The Pisces appreciates art of all kinds, so they'll be in awe of the skill it takes to create such an otherworldly experience."

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