Sample Wording for a Quaker Wedding Program

Read on for a helpful Quaker wedding program template.
by The Knot

Religious elements or traditions can enrich a wedding ceremony, but determining what to include in the program to reflect your beliefs as a couple can be difficult. We've gathered sample programs from several religions to get you started. Use them as a guide and add your own spin to make your day truly personal. Below is some helpful sample wording for a traditional Quaker wedding program.

Front Cover

A Meeting for Worship

To Celebrate the joining of

Bride's Name and Groom's Name

In Marriage

Date and Time

Meetinghouse Name

City, State

Inside Page 1

Explanation of the ceremony: A member of the meeting will explain the Quaker ceremony traditions to wedding guests.

All in attendance participate in silent worship and meditation.

When the couple feels moved to do so, they will rise, take each other by the hand, and exchange vows and rings before God and their friends.

The couple then signs the marriage certificate (to be presented and read aloud by the groom's father).

Return to silent worship from which all are welcome to share as they are moved, leaving a period of silence for reflection between messages. Brief, heartfelt words are often best; songs, poems and even humor are acceptable. You may find you are called to speak of the joys, challenges, and richness of married life.

[Bride's Name] and [Groom's Name] signify the end of the meeting by shaking hands with each other and with the wedding guests.

All present are asked to sign the wedding certificate as witnesses.

Note for Back Cover (Optional)

All are welcome to a reception immediately following the wedding.

Directions to the reception site

Thank you for all of your love and support!

Groom's Name


Bride's Name

[switching the order from the front, indicating that they are equal partners]

Special thanks to Sally Campbell, Downtown Manhattan Friends Meeting, New York City

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