12 Things You Need to Register for if You Love Pasta

Whether you prefer penne or ravioli, here's what you should register for if you want to be able to make fancy pasta right at home.
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
Bridal Fashion and Beauty Expert
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Updated May 15, 2018

Love pasta? Getting married? Then we have the perfect items for you. Below, find what to register for if you really, really like carbs (who doesn't?), whether you fancy fettuccine, gnocchi or lasagna. (And don't worry if you're not a whiz in the kitchen—we have some things for you too.)

1. This aesthetically pleasing pan is specifically designed for baked pastas and lasagnas.

​Lagostina Heritage Lasagnera pan

Lagostina Heritage Lasagnera pan, $200, Williams-Sonoma.com

2. Now you can boil, cook and drain your pasta all in one pot. (The less mess, the better.)

​All-Clad Gourmet Accessories 6-quart pasta pot

All-Clad Gourmet Accessories 6-quart pasta pot, $150, Bloomingdales.com

3. If fresh pasta sounds too intimidating to make, this super-easy and simple-to-use pasta maker will definitely change your mind.

Atlas Marcato pasta machine

Atlas Marcato pasta machine, $80, SurLaTable.com

4. What would pasta be without freshly grated parmesan? Honestly, we don't even want to think about it.

​Moulinex rotary grater

Moulinex rotary grater, $15, Williams-Sonoma.com

5. These pasta-themed dishes are bright, colorful and adorable.

Sur la Table five-piece pasta bowl set

Sur la Table five-piece pasta bowl set, $33, SurLaTable.com

6. See, beginners? We told you we'd have something for you. This starter set has everything you need (including a detailed instruction book).

​Eppicotispai pasta starter set

Eppicotispai pasta starter set, $60, SurLaTable.com

7. Now you can make perfectly proportional ravioli right at home, no matter what your filling preferences are.

​Cuisinox square ravioli cutter

Cuisinox square ravioli cutter, $18, Wayfair.com

8. You can make all of your favorite traditional pasta dishes—with a healthy twist—if you register for this spiralizer.

Oster spiralizer

Oster spiralizer, $40, Target.com

9. This pasta maker comes with discs for spaghetti, penne and fettuccine.

Philips compact pasta maker

Philips compact pasta maker, $200, Macys.com

10. Is anything better than fresh gnocchi? Gnope.

​Williams Sonoma walnut gnocchi roller

Williams Sonoma walnut gnocchi roller, $17, Williams-Sonoma.com

11. Consider this your official pasta-making tool set (it includes a rolling pin, ravioli stamps and more).

Eppicotispai ravioli & tortellini starter set

Eppicotispai ravioli & tortellini starter set, $60, SurLaTable.com

12. Of course, your favorite meal wouldn't be pastable without one of the best-reviewed colanders on the web.

​Focus stainless steel 5-quart colander

ExcelSteel stainless steel 5-quart colander, $16, Amazon.com

Hungry yet?

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