The 55 Best Wedding Registry Items to Add to Your List of Gift Ideas

We've got things you want, things you need and things you had no clue were registry friendly.
Wedding registry ideas including an oyster plate, a coffee machine and a wine glass
Photos: The Knot Registry Store | Design: Natalie Romine
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Updated Apr 23, 2024
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Betrothed babes, it's time for you to dig into the best part of planning your wedding: assembling your wish list. And, in turn, it's also time for me to embrace my favorite part of my job as an editor and expert on all things weddings and homes: helping you uncover wedding registry ideas that suit your aesthetic and that set your love shack up for success.

It's worth noting that dreaming up dozens of wedding gift ideas (hundreds of them even, depending on the guest count of your big day) takes more care and calculation than you might think. But really, I'm here to help. A day doesn't go by when I'm not keeping a finger on the pulse of blossoming home decor trends that are well on their way to timeless or scouring sites to make sure everything I cram into my (well-decorated) studio apartment is worth the cabinet real estate.

Another power player on your side: The Knot Registry Store. Its curated collections cover everything from the coolest registry ideas for small spaces to the most practical picks for cooking pros—all of which you'll have full access to with your The Knot Registry. And, if you've got your eye on something specific from another retailer, our handy browser button allows you to add that to your wish list on The Knot with one click.

Take in the ideas below and see what's actually worth adding to your wedding registry, including winners of The Knot Registry Awards and picks beloved by both our editors and our couples. The end result: You'll have a wish list to be proud of and your guests will feel like Martha Stewart needs to hire them ASAP for their gift-giving prowess.

Jump to our favorite ideas:

Why You Want a Wedding Registry

We'll be the first to say it: Registering for wedding gifts can feel super weird. But we assure you, it's expected and appreciated by your guests. A registry takes the guesswork out of wedding gift giving (saving your loved ones precious time and energy), plus gives them confidence that they're purchasing something meaningful and useful. Plus, it notes what other attendees have already scooped up—because no one needs two four-slice toasters.

Meanwhile, you can track guests' purchases on your digital registry, which makes writing thank-you notes SO much easier. And after you lick the last envelope, you can take advantage of cool perks like The Knot Registry's 20% postwedding discount on eligible ungifted items from The Knot Registry Store.

What Should You Add?

Couples should feel like the gifts they choose are either heirlooms in the making, high-quality practical items that'll make married life easier (no need to fight over who has to vacuum if you have a sexy new Dyson that's way satisfying to use) or bespoke pieces that represent their one-of-a-kind love story. Keep these types of products in mind:

  • Items that you'll use often: Which kitchen accessories do you need to cook your favorite recipes to perfection? What entertaining pieces are you constantly borrowing from family or friends? If it's something you know you'll use regularly, it's an excellent wedding registry item.
  • Items that suit your style: Think about your shared style, the aesthetics that really bring you joy, and the colors and patterns that'll look amazing with the rest of your home decor.
  • Items that are made to last: The best wedding registry items can be cherished for years to come and won't need frequent replacing. Think: goodies from heritage brands like Le Creuset.
  • Items that reflect your relationship: Consider your shared passions and hobbies and honor them on your registry. Guests will love seeing your personalities shine through and it'll make their gifts feel all the more special.

Base the size of your registry on the size of your guest list, with options for everybody and a few extras to give ample options and account for any overeager gift-givers—and don't forget to acknowledge the different budgets at play.

P.S. If you're looking to emphasize a few favorite gifts, The Knot Registry allows you to pin certain gifts to the top of your wish list and marks each of them accordingly as a "Top Choice." That way, you can let your guests know exactly what items you're most interested in receiving. For more recommendations, check out our top wedding registry tips. Finally, as you're figuring out what to put on your wedding registry, be sure to reference our registry checklist so you don't miss any important additions.

What Should You Skip?

Think about what you already have and what you're fine living without when considering what to skip adding to your wedding registry. What kinds of things are collecting dust on your shelves? Are there certain gadgets and gizmos that you've never found a use for (hello, apple slicer)? That's the stuff to skip.

It's also super important to make sure you're only including presents that, for the most part, feel like wedding gifts. For example, super-personal items like clothing or beauty products that are meant for only one of you are best saved for a birthday or holiday wish list. For your registry, focus on the items you and your partner will both appreciate and enjoy.

Practical Wedding Registry Ideas

Practical items are the best way to start—and round out—your wedding registry. If you need ideas, these classics are a great jumping-off point. Who knew you could get so excited about a good vacuum or the right cookware set? (We did, we knew it.)

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5 Qt. 10-Speed Stand Mixer

Pistachio green KitchenAid stand mixer wedding registry item
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

What would a list of wedding registry ideas be without the most popular wedding gift of all? A KitchenAid stand mixer costs a pretty penny, but it's famous for a reason. The plentiful attachments are a joy to use and the color options are true eye candy. This one comes with the essential attachments: a wire whisk, a dough hook and a beating paddle. It truly is a baker's dream appliance (not to mention, one of the most highly recommended wedding registry items).

Brooklinen Super-Plush 4-Piece Bath Sheet Set

Brooklinen towel wedding registry set
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

Maybe you've got bath towels, but you need bath sheets. They're extra big, so you can fully wrap yourself in coziness the second you step out of the shower. Crafted from Turkish cotton, this set comes with two bath sheets and two matching hand towels. Your bathroom will be hotel-level fancy—let the honeymoon continue.

Caraway Non-Toxic Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

Caraway cream cookware set for wedding registry
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

The best wedding registry items are the things you really need, and good cookware is essential for a happy, healthy kitchen. Caraway's colorful pots and pans aren't just nice to look at. This ceramic cookware is non-stick so you don't have to start the day arguing with your pancakes, and the coating is non-toxic so your efforts to cook healthy meals won't be sabotaged by unhealthy chemicals.

CB2 Marta Optic Fluted Cooler Glasses Set of 6

Cooler Glasses Set of 6 wedding registry idea
Photo: CB2

Just because you'll be using your water glasses every day doesn't mean they can't be interesting. Fluted glassware is so in right now and we love how it looks on these sophisticated drinking glasses made in Poland. Stylish and dishwasher safe? Count us in.

Character 14-Piece Tool Set

Character green toolbox and tool set wedding registry idea
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

You won't want to store this (dare we say) sexy tool set in your shed or under your sink. The stunning and sleek emerald green box is sure to make a style statement and it includes everything you need for hanging up a gallery wall in your newlywed nest or changing out those hideous rental apartment kitchen knobs. You might even be excited the next time a bolt needs tightening, since you get to whip this baby out.

HitchSwitch Name Change Gift Card

HitchSwitch gift card practical addition to wedding registry
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

Anyone who's ever changed their name after getting married will tell you there's a lot of paperwork involved. If one or both of you plans on updating your surname, this might just be the most practical wedding registry gift ever. HitchSwitch simplifies the process and provides easy access to the relevant name change forms. Add a gift card for the service to your wish list so you can get a jump start on making your shiny new name appear on all of your official documents.

DASH Rapid 6-Egg Cooker

Egg cooker practical registry item
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

This spaceship-like egg cooker is as adorable as it is useful. Whip up six soft-cooked, medium or hard-boiled eggs in a flash without fussing with the stove. It takes a maximum of 12 minutes to cook and signifies its completion with a little bell noise. But even if you get too into mashing your avo for toast, it has an automatic shut-off function, so you won't risk overcooking your eggs.

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

Fellow sleek black kettle with wooden details cool wedding registry idea
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

This pretty little kettle has racked up countless accolades for its form and function. We're here to say it's worth the hype. Coffee enthusiasts know there's an art to making the perfect pour-over and, with this nifty kettle, you can set the temperature yourself to get it right. Plus, it offers a super smooth pour, given the elegant gooseneck and counterbalanced handle. It works for tea, too.

NutriBullet Ultra 32 oz. Blender

NutriBullet 32-ounce blender wedding registry idea
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

When it comes to crowning the best blenders on the market, NutriBullet consistently makes (and often tops) the list. If smoothies are your go-to breakfast, but you've struggled with finicky machines in the past, this appliance will amaze you. It's easy to use, relatively compact and powerful without being too noisy. Good things come in threes, right?

Parachute Percale Fitted Sheet

White Percale Fitted Sheet
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

PSA: You deserve nice sheets. The nicest sheets, actually. I've been using this airy, smooth one from Parachute every night for the past year and it does not disappoint. Snag the pillowcases too (I have 'em) and the top sheet, if you're on that side of the top sheet vs. no top sheet debate.

Great Jones Beyond Measure Measuring Cup Set

Great Jones green and yellow glass measuring jugs cool wedding registry idea
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

Yeah, measuring cups are practical, but these ones are also gorgeous. Crafted from unbreakable borosilicate glass, the vessels have different capacities for mixing and measuring. Use the 32-ounce jug or 16-ounce jug depending on what you need, from batch cocktails to big baking jobs. Can we get a little commotion for the vibey green and yellow colorway it comes in?

Fable Base 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4

Fable dinnerware set for wedding registry
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

There are so many choices when it comes to plates and dinnerware out there, but it's definitely an essential thing to add to your wedding registry to get your couple kitchen looking cohesive. We love this set with a coveted modern silhouette, made sustainably with local and recycled clay in Portugal. And it's got the essential qualities you'd want in your daily dinnerware: microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe.

CALPAK Hue Carry-On Luggage

CALPAK carry-on suitcase practical wedding registry idea
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

For couples who travel a lot, a good carry-on suitcase is one of the most practical wedding registry ideas there is. CALPAK's sturdy luggage has a protective hard shell and TSA-approved lock. Multi-directional wheels mean you're in for a smooth ride and the dimensions are right within the standard requirement for carry-on luggage. Safe travels!

SMEG Drip Filter Coffee Machine

SMEG Drip Filter Coffee Machine wedding registry gift idea
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

Do you want to take your morning coffee with a dash of milk and a sprinkle of retro style? Scoop up the SMEG. It's so pretty it's basically jewelry for your kitchen countertop, and it not only comes in every pastel hue you can dream of, but it has an adjustable brew quantity as well as a keep-warm setting that works for one hour.

Zwilling Joy Nonstick Stainless Steel Wok With Lid, 12"

wok registry ideas
Photo: Sur La Table

Take it from this former food editor: You need a wok on your wedding registry. This style of pan provides so much surface area for cooking up just-tender veggies, meat and more in a flash. Zwilling is a top brand in the culinary space, so of course we're partial to their model. The slight texture helps give it even better nonstick properties, so delicate foods like fish won't tear when you flip them.

A New Home Cash Fund

Selection of cash fund wedding registry ideas
Photo: The Knot

Some of the most useful registry items aren't tangible objects at all. Use The Knot Registry to set up a cash fund for something really meaningful, like a new home. You can add a special note for guests about your plans for a truly personalized touch. Request a set amount of money or allow loved ones to decide on their contributions. Either way, you'll be one step closer to your dream home.

Libbey Small Prep Bowl With Lid, Set of 8

Glass bowls with lids used for food storage practical wedding registry item
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

Whether you love to snack or you're pros at putting together a grazing board, these handy glass bowls make both prep and tidy-up a dream. You can use the bowls to serve snacks or appetizers and then simply pop the lids on and place the leftovers in the fridge.

Le Creuset 5.5 Qt. Signature Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven With Lid

Le Creuset dark gray Dutch oven practical wedding registry item
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

A colorful Dutch oven is another timeless registry item that's worth the splurge. The Signature Dutch oven from Le Creuset is a perennial favorite, thanks to its eye-catching enamel and solid, heirloom-worthy cast iron. It'll add an air of elegance to any kitchen. Le Creuset Dutch ovens come in a wider variety of colors and sizes than most other brands, so finding the perfect one for you and your kitchen is that much easier.

Nordic Ware Gold Nonstick Baking Sheet Sets

Gold Nonstick Baking Sheet Sets
Photo: Rocky Luten, Julia Gartland | Food52

Top performance with a little extra sparkle—that's why we love these gold-toned baking sheets from Nordic Ware. They're nonstick and available in three different sizes to suit every baking endeavor, from ooey gooey brownies to flaky biscuits. Select a set of two quarter sheets, half sheets or big sheets (for those times where you just need a double batch).

BALMUDA Toaster Oven With Steam Technology

Toaster oven practical wedding registry idea
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

Yes, this sleek toaster oven is famous for being owned by influencer Emily Mariko, but it's not just a pretty piece for your countertop. This appliance totally lives up to the hype, though. What makes it special is that it steams while it toasts, so your bread gets an even, golden crust without getting too dry and brittle. It does wonders for heating up leftovers, too.

OXO Good Grips Salad Rotator

Salad Rotator wedding registry gift idea
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

Take it from us: A salad spinner is the kitchen item you definitely need. No one wants a soggy salad. This model easily spins the water out of your greens by pumping the central button. And it's pretty fun to use, to boot.

Our Place Always Pan 2.0

Our Place Always pan in action over a stovetop
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

Just because pans are practical, doesn't mean they can't be pretty. The internet-famous Always Pan comes in myriad chic hues (this editor owns the Spice shade, herself), so no need to store it away in a cabinet. It's not all about looks here, though, the thick walls of the nonstick pan hold heat and distribute it evenly—no burn spots!

Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

Once you've stocked up on the basics, it's time to browse beyond the basics. These unique registry items are still very useful, but they bring a little something extra to the table (sometimes literally).

Estelle Colored Glass All-Purpose Wine Glass, Set of 6

Colored glassware on dining table unique addition to wedding registry
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

Wine glasses are a common wedding registry item, but this unusual drinkware reaches new heights of elegance. Swap out your standard clear wine glasses for these artisanal, colored glasses in one of 11 stunning hues (or a mixed set of many). From subtly tinted pastels to striking jewel tones, they're sure to make a statement on your dining table. It's the kind of thing you'll pull out whenever you're toasting a special occasion—just think of all those future wedding anniversaries.

Airbnb Gift Card

Airbnb gift card unique wedding registry idea
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

Get your postwedding vacay on with an Airbnb gift card. It's one of the most popular wedding registry essentials for a reason. From weekends away to destress from all that wedding planning to sojourns to visit friends and family, you'll definitely find a great use for it. Happy trails!

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Vitruvi stone diffuser unique wedding registry idea
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

How about this hardworking piece of home decor? Beautiful stoneware combines with a practical diffuser to create this unique wedding registry idea. Your home is about to real a whole new level of relaxing.

Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror

Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror wedding registry gift idea
Photo: Anthropologie

If you're wondering about that stunning antique-style mirror that you're seeing adorn every Instagram influencer's mantlepiece, here it is. A mirror is a must-have for your newlywed nest. Not only will a wall mirror make your digs look larger and brighter (always welcome if you're sharing space for the first time), but a full-length floor mirror is great to do a quick outfit check before you run out the door. Luckily, this mirror comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your home decor needs.

Pressed Floral Bouquet Preservation Piece

Pressed Floral Bouquet Preservation Piece
Photo: Pressed Floral

A gift card to Pressed Floral on your registry gives you one of the most precious keepsakes of all: the bouquet from your wedding day pressed and preserved to admire forever. This gorgeous piece is sure to be an heirloom. Your botanicals will be displayed between two panes of glass and a frame of your choice. Simply choose the style you're interested in and request a gift card for that amount.

Havenly Full Transformation Design Package

Havenly interior design package image of modern living room
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

Did you know you can add a full-on room makeover with a professional-interior-designer touch to your wedding registry? Well, now you do. Taking into account the client's personal style and budget constraints, Havenly will dream up a unique design concept for any room in your home. All you have to do is take a style quiz and then you'll be matched with an accredited designer. You can revise your design as many times as you'd like and you receive the first design pitch in just two days. Last minute powder room refresh before hosting your first Thanksgiving as newlyweds? No prob.

Laken Ashley Design Please Leave By 9 Cocktail Napkins, Set of 4

Please Leave By 9 Cocktail Napkins
Photo: Laken Ashley Design

These little embroidered cocktail napkins say what we're all thinking when hosting extended family. If you're too gracious of a host to drop hints to your guests when it's time to hit the road, let these cheeky linens do it for you. Each napkin reads "please leave by 9" in pretty script.

Material The Resting Stone

Resting stone wedding registry gift idea
Photo: Material

These fire-polished glass stones look like giant, dimpled drops of rain. Each is designed to hold all manner of little items, like crystals of kosher salt, the heads of spoons and bundles of lemon wedges in the kitchen. Or soap or jewelry (wedding bands and such) on the bathroom counter.

Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine wedding registry gift idea
Photo: Williams Sonoma

So you want to save some cash on weekday mornings instead of splurging on a cappuccino at the local coffee shop, but you don't have pro-barista chops just yet. If this sounds like you or your future spouse, you need the Breville Bambino Plus. Though small and relatively inexpensive compared to the typical, high-end espresso machine, this little powerhouse is fully automatic, which means that all you have to do is measure the correct amount of grounds into the portafilter, tamp them down and let the Bambino take it from there. Though if you are craving a little customization, you can change up the shot pull time as well as the milk frothing time and temp. No guarantee you'll ever master latte art, though.

Jennifer Slattery Cobalt Silver Service Embroidered Table Runner

Cobalt Silver Service Embroidered Table Runner wedding registry gift idea
Photo: The Six Bells

If you're the one constantly saving tablescapes on Pinterest, you've definitely had "imaginary dinner" embroidered tablecloths on your radar. Whimsically stitched with the silhouettes of place settings, the swath of Irish linen perfectly marks each guest's spot at the table with the outline of a fork, knife and dinner plate. If you prefer a full tablecloth, try this pretty option.

Framebridge The Newlywed Gift Picture Frame

Framed wedding photo of couple unique wedding registry idea
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

You'll need a spot for your favorite wedding photo and this picture frame is the perfect spot. It can hold an 8" x 10" photo with a thick white mat that gets personalized with your wedding date or a sweet note of your choice. The secret story pocket on the back is also the perfect place for handwritten vows or another sweet memento.

Crate & Barrel Clear Glass Carafe

Clear Glass Carafe wedding registry gift idea
Photo: Crate & Barrel

This is the special nightstand touch you never knew you needed: a cute little cup-carafe duo. The cup fits perfectly atop the carafe like a cap, so you can fill it up a few hours before bed and it'll be ready to go. Scoop up extras for any guest bedrooms you have—your company will feel super pampered.

Pottery Barn Dreamy Handwoven Fringe Throw

Handwoven Fringe Throw wedding registry gift idea
Photo: Pottery Barn

You'll want to stock up on these throws to add some color and coziness to your couch or bed. Each is super soft and lightweight, finished with fringe for a little extra pizazz. Wrap yourself in this blanket and cue up your latest Netflix binge.

Coton Colors Signature White Cake Stand

White earthenware cake stand with ruffled edges wedding registry idea
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

A cake stand worthy of a patisserie in the South of France? Oh la la, how lovely. It's made from rustic earthenware and features a cream glaze and ruffled edge—the perfect balance between whimsy and elegance. Plus, with the divots along the edge, a cake knife can easily slide in to make clean slices.

Assouline Publishing Coffee Table Book

coffee table book wedding registry
Photo: Bloomingdale's

A coffee table book somehow just ties a whole room together (not to mention, it gives your guests some entertainment). Assouline Publishing is known for their gorgeous books that are more like layered pieces of art. We love this one that's a tribute to New York and all its boroughs, but the publisher has many more tomes dedicated to different locales.

Miyabi Kaizen 7" Hollow Edge Santoku Knife

Japanese cutting knife unique wedding registry idea
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

You're probably thinking of registering for a classic, European-style chef's knife. Consider a santoku instead. Santoku knives are essentially the Japanese version of a chef's knife, with a much lighter body and more nimble silhouette (thanks to a thinner steel blade), so you get much more precision when it comes to more delicate knife tasks like mincing.

Paravel 4-Piece Packing Cubes Set

Paravel yellow set of four packing cubes unique wedding registry idea
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

Are you ever the jet-setting couple? Then you'll definitely want to include these colorful packing cubes on your wedding registry. They're great for long trips and perpetual overpackers (same though), since they both organize the contents of your suitcase and save some space for you to pick up more souvenirs.

HEQET Cordless Table Lamp

Cordless Table Lamps for Home
Photo: Amazon

This dainty lamp has been all over every interior design influencer's kitchen counters—and bedside tables, and patios and seriously everywhere else. The reason: It's cordless and powered by USB for up to eight hours of charge. We adore the vintage-style design and brass base. Move it anywhere you need a little extra glow in your home.

Pottery Barn Dream Robe

Pottery barn dream robe wedding registry gift idea
Photo: Pottery Barn

What could be more fun than a couple of cozy robes to make every Sunday afternoon feel like your honeymoon? They're made from an ultra-soft blend of cotton, modal and silk and can also be monogrammed with you and your love's initials. Choose between white and gray colorways.

Ember 10 oz. Smart Mug²

Ember smart coffee mug cool wedding registry idea
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

Raise your hand if you're someone who makes frequent trips to the microwave to reheat (and re-reheat) your coffee throughout the workday. Whether you get distracted from your beverage with frequent meetings or you just prefer an extra-hot cup of joe, this heated mug can maintain an optimal temperature for up to 80 minutes on the go or all day at your desk using the charging coaster.

CB2 Oni White Alabaster Coasters, Set of Four

White Alabaster Coasters
Photo: CB2

Take it from a girl who lost a beloved antique side table to ring-shaped stains—it's time you get yourself some coasters. These Alabaster ones are so stunning—a cooler version of the white marble options you see everywhere. They also look pretty just stacked on your coffee table, so your friends will actually want to use them without you having to hint too much.

Fun Wedding Registry Ideas

Coming up with wedding registry ideas should be fun. After all, it's a unique opportunity to express yourselves as a couple. At least one of these out-of-the-box items is bound to put a smile on your face.

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 Fire Pit With Stand

Solo Stove portable bonfire cool wedding registry idea
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

If you're blessed with your own outdoor space, take a peek at this low-smoke fire pit. It's portable, durable and perfect for roasting s'mores to celebrate married life. The matching stand protects the surface below, so you can rest assured your patio, deck or lawn is safe.

Baccarat Lucky Butterfly

fun registry ideas Baccarat
Photo: Bloomingdale's

Looking to add a touch of whimsy and luck to your registry? Not that you'll need luck as you get hitched to your soulmate of course, but nonetheless, this butterfly from iconic luxury crystal maker Baccarat will be a sweet memento of your love. Choose between a bunch of pretty hues (maybe it could even be your something blue).

Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven

Ooni pizza oven cooking mozzarella pizza
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

There's something special about bonding over a slice on a cozy Friday, which is one of the reasons why a portable outdoor pizza oven deserves a spot on our list of top wedding registry items. This fun appliance cooks fresh, stone-baked pizza in just 60 seconds. It's gas-fueled and has a larger cooking area for 16-inch pizzas. Make memories experimenting with toppings and sharing some seriously tasty slices.

Fredericks & Mae Large Plastic Cutting Board

Colorful confetti-style cutting board wedding registry idea
Photo: James Ransom, Ty Mecham | Food52

In our opinion, confetti is always welcome, even in the kitchen (in appropriate fashion, of course). This cool-as-can-be cutting board proves it. The colorful pattern (made from upcycled, food-grade plastic) is so cheery and it's durable enough to chop on and pretty enough to serve on. All of the patterns are fun, but we especially love the celebratory confetti one.

Coton Colors Oyster Half Dozen Platter

Oyster Half Dozen Platter wedding registry gift idea
Photo: The Knot

There's nothing like slurping down a few oysters in the summer. And the only thing that comes close to rivaling that feeling is the design of this cute platter. It features six shell-shaped indents, perfect for showcasing petite snacks, dips and oyster-eating accouterments.

The Adventure Challenge Couples Camera Set

The Adventure Challenge Couples Camera Set wedding registry gift idea
Photo: The Adventure Challenge

Filling those last few spots on your registry can be tricky. After all, there's no point in registering for an extra set of bath towels or bed sheets if you know you won't use them. Instead, look for something off the beaten path, like this cool wedding registry item that offers super-fun date ideas and a place to document the memories all in one. The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition includes 50 scratch-off date ideas that, once revealed, must be completed. Afterward, there's space to jot down notes and add a photo from the included instant camera.

Recess Pickleball Paddle

Unique patterned Pickleball paddle wedding registry idea
Photo: Anthropologie

We found them: the world's prettiest pickleball paddles! Scoop up two or four of these patterned paddles for your sweetie and your squad and get to practicing your "dinks." You'll have so much fun getting in on this popular sport.

YETI Roadie 24 Cooler

YETI cooler in the trunk of car cool wedding registry idea
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

What could be more fun than a cooler perfect for long beach days? This model from YETI is ideal for grabbing and going, with space for 18 beer cans or an assortment of drinks and snacks. Plus, it has ample height to fit bottles of wine for those extra-romantic newlywed picnics.

Marble & Brass Round Charcuterie Board

Round Charcuterie Board wedding registry gift idea
Photo: West Elm

If we aren't socializing at a party, you can surely find us right by the charcuterie board. Be the hosts with the most with this classic marble and gold-hued option from West Elm. It'll be a timeless addition to your party table.

Therabody Theragun Mini 2.0

Woman using Theragun Mini
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

We know what you're thinking, can you really put a massage gun on your wedding registry? The answer is undoubtedly, yes. Use this mini, but still ultra-powerful, massage gun solo after long days at the office or intense gym sessions. Or, use it on each other for a pampering couples activity (just don't blame us if it leads to more than pampering).

SPUR Experiences NBA Tickets

SPUR Experiences NBA tickets registry idea image of basketball players
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

Basketball fans rejoice, you can now register for NBA tickets exclusively on The Knot Registry Store. Experience gifts are becoming increasingly popular on wish lists. They're a great way to keep up regular date nights after the wedding and honeymoon—keep that spark burning, baby!

White Marble & Brass Hanging Bar Tools

White Marble & Brass Hanging Bar Tools from Williams Sonoma for your wedding registry
Photo: Williams Sonoma

Sure, bar carts tend to be more popular than bar cabinets, but there's that added pressure to keep every shelf extra stylish, since everything's on full display. That's where these sexy bar tools come in. Not only are they stunning in a satin brass finish, but the stand itself has some sass, crafted with a sturdy and elegant marble base.

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