This is the Best Cash Wedding Registry for 2021 Couples

Because, yes—you can (and should!) register for money.
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sarah hanlon associate editor the knot
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Updated Jul 15, 2021

If you're in the process of making your wedding registry, you probably want to add the best wedding gifts to your wishlist—and we don't blame you. You can browse our roundup of the most popular registry items based on our data from The Knot Registry Store, from high-tech vacuums to trendy air fryers and luxurious linens. But as you narrow down your search for the best gift options, there's one idea you shouldn't overlook: money. Registering for cash is no longer taboo. In fact, creating a cash wedding registry is one of the best ways to make the most out of your wishlist. Your wedding guests want to purchase gifts that'll actually get used—so while an extra set of serving plates might sit in your cabinets until it's your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner, monetary donations will likely be spent right away.

For those looking to narrow down the best cash wedding registry, we've got you covered. We break down everything you need to know about registering for cash here, along with the best website to create a wishlist for monetary wedding gifts.

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What's the best cash wedding registry?

So, what's the best cash wedding registry for couples getting married today? With plenty of options on the market, it might feel difficult (or downright impossible) to select the best cash wedding registry website for you. We'll let you in on a not-so-secret tip: The Knot Registry has every tool you could possibly need, including a simple cash fund registry that can easily be added to your traditional wishlist.

Our all-in-one service allows you to register for any item you want in one place. That means you can register for new wine glasses, patio furniture, honeymoon airfare and cash on the same wishlist. Plus, with only one link to navigate, The Knot Registry makes it easy for guests to shop your gift ideas and for you to manage selections in the months leading up to your big day.

The Knot Cash Funds is the best online cash wedding registry because of its versatility. You might be familiar with honeymoon funds, which are cash registries specifically for your postwedding getaway. While you can use your cash registry on The Knot for your honeymoon, it's not your only option. You can dedicate cash funds to anything you need, from a home remodel fund to cooking classes for you and your S.O. We know that your ideal wedding gift might not be found in a traditional department store, which is why we made our cash fund tool as versatile as possible. (More on that below.)

One of the biggest perks of The Knot Cash Funds is that we offer an industry-leading transaction fee of just 2.5% upon checkout. This gets added to your guest's purchase, just like tax or shipping would be added to a traditional gift. This small processing fee means you get every penny of their monetary gift donated straight to your bank account.

How does The Knot Cash Funds work?

Now you know our money fund is the best cash gift registry on the market. But how does The Knot Cash Funds actually work? The process is as easy as can be. Start by making an account on Doing so will allow you to use all of our wedding planning tools, from the Checklist to the Budgeter and even our wedding website creator.

Making an account on The Knot is also essential for creating your online registry. Creating your gift wishlist is one of the first (and most important) planning tasks to tackle once you get engaged. Our user-friendly tool will guide you through the entire registry experience, including setting up cash funds. In fact, you can ask for cash just like you'd ask for traditional registry items from The Knot Registry Store (like cookware, towels, serving utensils or home decor).

There are no limits to how many cash funds you create, meaning it's easy to tailor your registry on The Knot to your needs. Whether you're interested in setting up a cash fund for postwedding date nights or you're trying to save up for a new pet, your cash funds will live alongside classic registry items from retailers and gift card requests as well.

You can create cash funds of any amount—we even allow you to hide the goal number from guests if that's what you prefer. (This is a great option for big-ticket group gifting items as well.) You can always check on the goal progress of your funds and see who gifted what. As soon as a guest makes a donation to a cash fund, you'll get an email confirmation and the money will be automatically transferred to your bank account within three weeks of the gifting date.

What's the difference between a cash fund and a honeymoon fund?

You might be curious to know the difference between a honeymoon fund and cash funds. Other registry services separate honeymoon funds and cash funds—that means you can only put donations to your honeymoon fund toward things like couple's massages or a nice dinner at your tropical resort. But, the biggest caveat is that these cash gifts aren't transferrable. For example, if you use a registry site that's designed solely for honeymoon funds, you can't use those cash gifts toward something else, like concert tickets to see your favorite artist or the window replacements you've been meaning to get to for years. (Or, you could opt for a registry-focused cash registry, like Traveler's Joy, that allows you to disperse cash gifts on your honeymoon and anything else you want.)

Registering for cash funds through The Knot allows to you combine all of your requests in one spot. That means you can create a cash fund for your honeymoon along with a cash fund for a bathroom remodel, unique date nights or pet adoption fees. Because The Knot offers so many registry options, you and your S.O. will have no problem asking for the gifts you really want (and need). And, since your loved ones want to ensure their gift will be appreciated and well-loved, creating multiple cash funds will allow them to give a monetary donation they know will make a positive impact on your newlywed life.

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