This Essential Wedding Registry Checklist Covers All the Must-Haves

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Updated Apr 28, 2023

Registering for wedding gifts can feel like a daunting task after getting engaged. You want to make it easy for loved ones to give you an engagement, couple's shower or wedding gift, but you're not sure what you need for married life. Worry not, we've created the best wedding registry checklist for you to scroll, print and mark up. It won't just help you source wedding registry ideas, it'll also make sure you haven't forgotten any wedding registry items. (Looking at you, food storage containers.)

Below, you'll find wedding registry lists for every room in your home, plus unique gift options you might not have thought of, but will definitely use—like new couples camping gear if you're outdoorsy or gift cards to help cover date night costs. It's a big checklist, but that's actually a good thing! When it comes to how many gifts to put on your registry, you'll want to multiply your guest list by two and then add a few extras. This gives friends and family plenty of options to shop, so they can find something that excites them and fits nicely within their budget.

That said, our checklist of wedding registry must-haves is ultimately a jumping-off point. While we feel we've included all the important wedding registry essentials, every couple is different. Take stock of what you have, what you need and what you want before adding items to your wish list. And just because something is a traditional wedding gift, doesn't mean it's the right wedding gift for you. No matter what you decide to register for, enjoy the process—making your registry should be a fun task for you and your S.O. to complete together in the months leading up to the wedding. So open up the laptop, pull up The Knot Registry, grab your partner and get started.

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Kitchen Registry Checklist

Kitchen full of wedding registry checklist must-haves

Start your wedding registry in the heart of the home: the kitchen. Equipping your kitchen with the right cookware, tools and small appliances will help motivate you to make homemade meals (and desserts) with your partner, which in turn can be valuable time together, especially if you're both busy. And must-haves for your kitchen registry checklist aren't all cooking and baking supplies. Add spice racks and drawer organizers to keep the space tidy and even bar tools, if you're both budding mixologists. Browse the essentials below and customize your list to your liking—maybe you don't need the espresso machine, but really want a cold brew coffee maker.

  • Air fryer

  • Aprons

  • Baking sheets

  • Bar tools (corkscrew, jigger, strainer, etc.)

  • Basting brush

  • Blender

  • Cake pan

  • Can opener

  • Carving set

  • Casserole dish

  • Cheese grater

  • Citrus zester

  • Coffee grinder

  • Coffee maker

  • Colander

  • Cookie cutters

  • Cooling racks

  • Cupcake or muffin pan

  • Cutting boards

  • Dish rack or drying mat

  • Dish towels

  • Drawer organizers

  • Dutch oven

  • Espresso machine

  • Food processor

  • Food storage containers

  • Garlic press

  • Handheld juicer

  • Hand mixer

  • Ice cream scoop

  • Ice tray

  • Indoor grill and griddle

  • Kitchen shears

  • Knives
    • Bread knife

    • Chef's or santoku knife

    • Paring knife

    • Steak knives (6 to 12)

    • Utility knife

  • Knife block

  • Knife sharpener

  • Ladle

  • Loaf pan

  • Measuring cups and spoons

  • Meat thermometer

  • Mixing bowls

  • Oil and vinegar dispensers

  • Oven mitts

  • Panini press

  • Paper towel holder

  • Pie dish

  • Pot holders

  • Pots and pans
    • Saucepans (1.5 and 4 quarts)

    • Sauté pan

    • Skillets (8 or 10 inches and 12 inches)

    • Stir-fry pan or wok

    • Stockpot (8 quarts)

  • Pressure cooker

  • Ramekins

  • Recycling bin

  • Rolling pin

  • Salad spinner

  • Salt well

  • Slotted spoons

  • Slow cooker

  • Soap dispenser

  • Spatulas

  • Spice rack or organizer

  • Stand mixer

  • Stand mixer attachments (ice cream maker, pasta roller, spiralizer, etc.)

  • Tea kettle

  • Toaster or toaster oven

  • Tongs

  • Trash can

  • Veggie peeler

  • Waffle maker

  • Whisk

Tabletop Registry Checklist

What's a home-cooked meal without a nice table setting? From breakfast, lunch and dinner with your spouse to hosting holidays and parties for your friends and family, this is all the serveware you need. Plus, we list quantities! The general rule of thumb is to have eight to 12 place settings—matching that quantity for flatware, drinkware and table linens. Of course, you can account for what you already own as a couple and assess your anticipated hosting needs to determine your final number. If you won't be in charge of Thanksgiving dinner, there's no need to stock your cabinets with a dozen charger plates.

Bedding Registry Checklist

Couple making bed bedding registry checklist

Your bedroom should be a cozy oasis for you and your spouse. Even if you already live together, bedroom registry items are still necessary. After all, this is an opportunity to register for that silky, thermoregulating sheet set you've been eyeing online and fluffy new pillows that'll help with your postwedding R&R. Plus, you'll want to think about guest rooms if you have them. It's said you should have two to three sheet sets per bed so that you'll always have fresh ones to use. First things first: Check your linen closet. Could you use more pillowcases? Do you want both a comforter and a quilt so you can swap your bedding with the seasons? This is your time to ask for anything that'll elevate the bedroom(s) and aid in better sleep. Just make sure to specify each linen's color or print so everything will match.

  • Bed skirts

  • Comforters or duvet inserts and covers

  • Decorative pillows

  • Fitted sheets

  • Flat sheets

  • Mattress covers

  • Mattress pads

  • Pillowcases

  • Pillow shams

  • Pillows

  • Quilts

Bathroom Registry Checklist

For your pampering domain, you'll need so much more than just plush bath towels. (Though, new towel sets—specifically three per individual in the household—are a great start for any bathroom registry checklist.) Some other bathroom wedding registry essentials: a bath mat, linen hamper and vanity organizers. Of course, there are also little luxuries for your bathroom that aren't essential, but fun to have—like a heated towel rack, a bathtub caddy and matching couples robes.

  • Bath mat or rug

  • Bath sheets

  • Bath towels (6 minimum)

  • Garbage can

  • Hamper

  • Hand towels (6 minimum)

  • Miscellaneous storage and organizers

  • Shower curtain and liner

  • Shower curtain rings

  • Soap holder or dispenser

  • Toilet brush holder

  • Toothbrush holder

  • Washcloths (6 minimum)

Living Registry Checklist

While cash funds are a great way to cover some big-ticket items like a giant sectional or flat screen, there are still plenty of home furnishings you should register for to decorate the rest of your newlywed nest. Think: picture frames, curtains, lamps, throw blankets, planters—the list could go on and on. This is also where you can include that high-tech robot vacuum you're convinced will help you clean more. Start checking off some basic home items below.

  • Accent chair

  • Air purifier

  • Bar cart

  • Bookshelf

  • Candles and candle holders

  • Clock

  • Closet organizers

  • Coffee table

  • Curtains

  • Dining chairs

  • Doormat

  • Entertainment console

  • Floor lamps

  • Humidifier

  • Indoor planters

  • Iron and ironing board

  • Kitchen table

  • Mirrors

  • Ottoman

  • Picture frames

  • Rugs

  • Runners

  • Side tables

  • Smart home gadgets (security cameras, speakers, thermostats, etc.)

  • Sofa

  • Steamer

  • Storage baskets

  • Table lamps

  • Throw blankets

  • Throw pillows

  • Vacuum

  • Vases

  • Wall art

  • Wall hooks or coat racks

Outdoor Registry Checklist

Outdoor wedding registry checklist items on display in backyard patio

Want your home to be the go-to destination for summer cookouts and late-night porch chats? Use your wedding registry to turn your outdoor space into a nature retreat that's perfect for entertaining. Whether you have acres of land or you're working with a small balcony, registering intentionally will help you transform your space. This means you'll need to know the area's measurements and HOA restrictions before adding patio furniture and a firepit to your wedding registry. Feel free to think outside the box a little here, too. If you have the essentials covered, consider asking for fun lawn games, a waterproof speaker or a pizza oven (a must-have for a wedding registry, in our opinion) to take it to the next level.

  • Decorative lighting

  • Firepit

  • Garden tools

  • Grill and barbeque tools

  • Lawn games

  • Lounge chairs or chaises

  • Outdoor planters

  • Outdoor rug

  • Outdoor speaker

  • Outdoor storage

  • Patio table and chairs

  • Patio umbrella

  • Pizza oven

  • Wheeled cooler

Lifestyle Registry Checklist

So, what are good things to put on a wedding registry when you have everything? We're so glad you asked! Below, find your checklist for unique wedding registry must-haves like cash funds, charity donations and gift cards as well as travel essentials for your honeymoon and treats for your furry BFF. Your registry should feel tailored to your relationship and lifestyle—so if you have a small space or you just don't need more things, it's A-OK to get creative. After all, your friends and family want to get you things you'll actually use.

  • Camera

  • Camping gear

  • Carry-on luggage

  • Cash funds

  • Charity registry

  • Checked luggage

  • Experience gifts

  • Garment bags

  • Gift cards

  • Luggage tags

  • Pet gear

  • Toiletry bags

  • Tool kit

  • Travel totes, backpacks or duffel bags

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