13 Sweet Ways to Include Your Mom on Your Wedding Day

Don't forget—it's a big day for her too.
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Your wedding day is a monumental experience for everyone involved—especially your mom. If you're wondering how to include mom in wedding activities, there are plenty of ways to make her feel special. While you can (and should) enlist her planning help leading up to the main event, she'll be so happy to be incorporated in wedding day activities. Here, we've rounded up 13 sweet ways to include your mom(s) in your wedding, plural. These ideas are perfect for mothers of the bride and mothers of the groom—after all, both deserve to be honored at their child's wedding. (We have a feeling she'll love them.)

Have Her Walk You Down the Aisle

Traditionally, the bride's father walks her down the aisle. But couples are putting their own spin on age-old traditions. To get your mom involved, have both of your parents take on the duty together. Or, you could reserve this honor specifically for your mom. There are no rules that say who can and can't walk you down the aisle for your ceremony. If you know this is an honor you mom would love, ask her to take on the role.

Wear Her Jewelry

If your mom has a sentimental piece of jewelry that she saves for special occasions, ask her if you can wear it on your wedding day (if she hasn't offered it already, that is). She'll be beaming with pride to see you wearing her prized possessions as you say "I do." For an even sweeter option, ask if there are any family heirloom jewels or brooches you can wear or include on your bouquet.

Include A Keepsake From Her Wedding

Looking for something borrowed? Consider adding something from your mom's wedding day to yours. There are plenty of sweet ways to memorialize your mom's wedding at your own—have a piece of her gown sewn into yours, wear her veil or even repurpose her wedding cake topper. Not only would this be a sweet nod to your mom's day, she'll be thrilled to see part of her wedding live on through yours.

Have Her Get Ready With You

You'll be surrounded by your bridesmaids as you get ready on the morning of the wedding, so ask your mom to join the fun. Your time spent getting hair and makeup done together will be a special memory you'll cherish for years to come. Don't forget to purchase her a cute robe and a custom hanger to serve as keepsakes.

Take a First Look Photo Together

First looks are common with couples, but consider getting your mom involved in the fun. Her reaction to seeing your wedding day look will be priceless, and you'll be glad to look back on the memory together years later. If you want to get ready together and still get first look photos, have her leave the room while you put on your wedding dress. From there, let your photographer bring the moment to life.

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Honor Her Favorite Traditions

If you're wondering how to include your mom in your wedding ceremony, honor a cultural or wedding tradition she loves. Set aside time before the wedding day to ask her about traditions that mean the most to her. Do research on your own, and determine the best way to adapt it to fit your wedding day. Whether you include a practice from her culture or a tradition she implemented at her own wedding, you'll make her feel incredibly important by including it in your day.

Include Her Favorite Flowers in Décor

Surely your mom has a favorite flower. One sweet way to include your mom in your wedding day is to incorporate her favorite blooms in your décor. Style your bouquet to include the flowers she loves, or accent your ceremony aisle and reception tables with petals in her favorite color. Your attention to detail will surely make her feel appreciated on your day.

Use Her Talents

Don't hesitate to use your mom's creative skills on your wedding day. If she's the queen of home improvement, enlist her to help make wedding favors, escort cards, décor or hand-lettered signage. Or, if she's more of a performer, ask her to give a reading during the ceremony or speak during the reception. Not only will this make your mom feel included, it'll add an element of personalization to your wedding day. Guests will love seeing the unique ways you and your mom worked together to make your nuptials feel personal.

Get Her a Wedding Day Gift

It's customary for couples to get each other gifts on their wedding day, but there's no reason you can't get your mom (and dad) a token of appreciation too. Plenty of couples get thank-you presents for their parents, so there's no shortage of gift inspiration. Buy her a piece of jewelry to accent her wedding day look, or get a custom keepsake you know she'll adore. No matter what gift you decide on, your mom will be over-the-moon to accept it on your wedding day.

Arrange a Photo Display

Break out the photos from your mom's wedding day and arrange them on a table at your reception. Your guests will love taking a walk down memory lane and reliving her day as they celebrate yours. Plus, add in a few of your own baby pictures for good measure. No one can resist fawning over a great #TBT.

Showcase Her Recipes

Perhaps your mom is known for her killer cocktail recipes or delicious baked goods. If that's the case, share the wealth by serving one (or two) of her recipes at your reception. Use her mixology skills to inspire your signature drinks, or turn her skills into a take-home treat for your guests by using it as a wedding favor. After all, guests love any gifts that can be eaten—and if your mom makes the best cookies, they'll be more than happy to take some home at the end of the night.

Dance at Your Reception

Receptions are notorious for father-daughter dances, but moms can get in on the fun too. Dedicate a song to your mom and dance together in front of your guests—she'll certainly feel the love. Keep it simple, or choreograph a fun routine if that's fit to your personalities. No matter what you choose, she'll be thrilled to have a moment with you on the dance floor.

Thank Her

Don't forget to thank you mom! She's been by your side since the beginning, and your wedding day will be an emotional experience for everyone in your family. Take the time to express your thanks, either privately or in front of your guests with a speech. The sky's the limit when it comes to ways to include your mom in your wedding day. What matters most, though, is taking the time to express your love and thanks for her.

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