20 Thank-You Gift Ideas for Parents of the Bride and Groom

How do you thank your parents for all they’ve done in the lead-up to your wedding? We’ve got a few ideas...
by The Knot
Old photos of the bride and groom's parent's wedding day

Just as you should give your wedding attendants personal thank-you gifts, you should also take the time to find something equally meaningful for your biggest fans: your parents. After all, they’ve been there since day one, offering wisdom, guidance and support. To that end, there’s no right or wrong way to say thanks—a practical gift is just as special as a sentimental one when it’s given with love. To help you narrow down your choices, we've rounded up the wedding gift ideas that'll make mom and dad smile.

  1. 1. Photo of You Together

    Dig up a cherished childhood photo of you with mom and dad, or wait until your wedding images are ready and pick out your favorites—such as a snap of your father-daughter dance or a pic of you and your mom getting ready the morning of your wedding. Have the image professionally framed and include a heartfelt, handwritten card.

    Framebridge The Chloe frame, $59, Framebridge.com

  2. 2. Their Wedding Picture

    Give a nod to where it all started: your parents’ wedding day. Choose a shot from their first dance, as they’re exiting the reception, or a classic posed portrait, and display it in a new frame. If the vintage photo is torn or sun-damaged, go a step further and bring it to a professional photo studio for restoration.

    Classy Crafts Inc. To Our Parents wedding frame, from $45, Etsy.com

  3. 3. Wine Subscription

    After months of helping you pull off the wedding of your dreams, your parents likely need to unwind too. Since an Italian honeymoon isn’t in store, offer them the next best thing: a three-month subscription to a “Taste of Italy” wine club, where bottles will be delivered directly to their doorstep.

    1-877-Spirits.com Taste of Italy wine club, $169, 1-877-Spirits.com

  4. 4. Personalized Cutting Board

    This timeless wooden cutting board can be engraved with your names and wedding date, or a personal message to your parents. It’s equal parts poignant and practical.

    The Knot Shop personalized wooden cutting board, $23, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

  5. 5. Spa Day

    Moms and dads deserve pampering—especially after hosting a big family wedding. Treat them both to a spa day. For maximum R&R, include a gift card for a couples massage and a romantic lunch or dinner à deux. (We promise, a spa retreat isn’t just for your mom!)

    Spa Week gift card, value of your choice, SpaWeek.com

  6. 6. Family Photo Calendar

    Gather your 12 favorite images from all your wedding events and present them to your parents in a chic calendar. The thick photo pages are propped up on a mini brass easel, and you can refill your order the next year with different photo memories for a gift that keeps on giving.

    Artifact Uprising brass easel and calendar, $55, ArtifactUprising.com

  7. 7. Event Tickets

    Once the wedding is over, your parents will have more free time on their hands. Buy them VIP seats to cheer on their favorite sports team or tickets to a concert, the theater or opera.

    Ticketmaster gift card, value of your choice, Ticketmaster.com

  8. 8. Meaningful Glassware

    These matching glasses are perfect for toasting during your wedding reception speeches and will remind your parents of that special day every time they use them. Available as pilsner, pint, whisky or wine glasses, there’s an option for everyone, from your pinot grigio–loving mother-in-law to your Scotch-aficionado father. 

    EVerre hand-engraved glasses, $55 for set of 4, Amazon.com

  9. 9. Personalized Wedding Album

    After your wedding photos are ready, invite mom and dad over to check them out. Take mental notes of the ones they love most, then create a customized photo album just for them. While this gift can't be presented on your wedding day, it'll be worth the wait.

    Shutterfly premium photo books, from $115, Shutterfly.com

  10. 10. Day-Of Accessories for Mom

    When it comes to most moms, you can never go wrong with jewelry. A bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings won’t go unappreciated, especially if it’s a piece that acknowledges all of the heartfelt wisdom she’s bestowed on you over the years.

    The Knot Shop Swarovski crystal earring and necklace set, $30, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

  11. 11. Day-Of Accessories for Dad

    Your dad will surely appreciate stylish and personalized accents to wear with his suit or tux. As a thoughtful touch, tuck in an embroidered handkerchief along with personalized cuff links and a tie bar.

    The Knot Shop gentleman’s handkerchief, $17, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com; Ox & Bull Trading Co. engravable tie bars, from $35, CuffLinks.com; various engravable cuff links, from $40, CuffLinks.com

  12. 12. A Custom Illustratration

    Whether you moved out of your childhood home long ago or plan to after you say “I do,” offering your parents a detailed custom illustration of the home where you grew up and created so many memories together is sure to bring all the feels.

    Miss Design Berry custom house portrait illustration, from $257, MissDesignBerry.com

  13. 13. Bamboo Plant

    Got green-thumb parents? Present them with this heart-shaped bamboo plant to convey your gratitude and add to their house plant collection. It’s considered a traditional symbol of luck and good fortune—a worthy sentiment to impart to your ever-generous parents.  

    1-800-Flowers heart-shaped bamboo, from $35, 1800Flowers.com

  14. 14. Framed First Dance Lyrics

    You may not want a ton of slow songs played at your wedding, but there’s no denying the power of the first dance song. No doubt your parents feel the same way. In that vein, commission artwork based on a photo of them dancing (either from your wedding or theirs) using the lyrics to their own first dance song from long ago.

    Studiojones1 Wedding Lyrics Vow Art, $59, Etsy.com

  15. 15. Cozy Throw Blanket

    This neutral throw would look right at home in just about any living room. Customize it with a sweet embroidered message, and your parents will think of the momentous day every time they reach for it. 

    Personal Stitch Gifts keepsake blanket, $65, Etsy.com

  16. 16. Acrylic Print

    If you’ve already given your parents a picture of the four of you at your wedding, go one step further and transform your fave photo into a gallery-quality acrylic print. Choose from smaller photo blocks your parents can prop on their desk, or a larger format they can mount on their walls. It’ll represent both a cherished memory and serve as a modern focal point for their home. 

    Mixbook acrylic prints, from $50, Mixbook.com

  17. 17. Your Family Tree

    Keep it all in the family with a customized tree print that captures the moment your spouse becomes their in-law. Bonus: The print is available in dozens of colors, so you can match it to your wedding’s palette.

    Cedar House Keepsakes personalized art print, $20, Amazon.com

  18. 18. Smart Speaker

    Getting a home speaker as a gift is already pretty cool, but you can make it even more so by creating a Spotify playlist featuring all of your reception tunes—including your first dance, your father-daughter dance and some of their old favorites—and helping your folks connect to it. The video call feature ensures they’ll be showing off their dance moves to you in no time. 

    Amazon Echo show, $130, Amazon.com

  19. 19. Home Improvements

    You've heard your parents complain about the leak in the roof, the creaky stairs and the overgrown garden—why not contribute to some upgrades at home? Buy them gift cards to use at home stores, get them a gardener for the summer, or hire a carpenter or contractor for big projects around the house.

  20. 20. Weekend Escape

    The only duo that deserves a postwedding getaway as much as you and your spouse is your parents. Rent a private cottage out of town or arrange their stay at a luxe hotel they've always dreamed of splurging on. Throw in a romantic dinner, massages, or a guided tour of the local area for an extra-special touch.

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