9 Thank-You Gift Ideas for Mom and Dad

  1. A Photo of You Together

    Photo by Charlie Star Photography

    Have your favorite photo of you and your parents turned into a painting or simply frame it. If you want to give each parent something different, give your dad a framed photo of your father-daughter dance and your mom a photo of you when you were younger, saying something like, “I'll always be your little girl."

  2. A Video Slideshow

    iPad custom wedding video album gift
    Photo by Jeff and Julia Woods/Renaissance Albums

    Gather all your old photos of the family and create a slideshow. Pair it with songs from the past decades. Present it to your parents on an iPad or have a surprise viewing right before dinner or near the end of the reception -- your folks will love the shout-out.

  3. Their Wedding Picture

    Old photos of the bride and groom's parent's wedding day
    Photo by Vitalic Photo

    While you are celebrating your wedding, give your parents a blast from their own past and have a vintage photo of them on their day framed as thanks. Pick a photo of their first dance or one as they're exiting the reception or even a pretty posed shot of them in their wedding attire.

  4. A Personalized Wedding Photo Album

    Bride sorting photos for custom wedding album
    Photo by Gregory Woodman Photography

    Go through your wedding photos with your mom and dad and pick out the shots they love the most. Then work with your photographer to make a customized photo album just for them. While this gift can't be presented on your wedding day, it'll be worth the wait.

  5. Day-Of Accessories

    Embroidered handkerchief mother of the bride wedding gift
    Photo by Nancy Ray Photography

    Present your parents with accessories to wear on the wedding day. For mom, a personalized handkerchief with a note on it is thoughtful, or pick a bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings. For dad, personalized cuff links and a bow tie are good options.

  6. Home Improvements

    Backyard potted strawberry garden
    Photo by James Tse

    You've heard your dad complain about the leak in the roof and the creaky stairs, and you know that mom could use some help in the garden, so why not contribute to some upgrades at home? Chances are they put projects on hold during the year leading up to the wedding. Buy them some gift cards to use at home stores or go a step further and get your mom a gardener for the summer, or hire a carpenter or contractor for your dad to use where he needs the help.

  7. A Weekend Away

    Porch swing in mountain home
    Photo by Thinkstock

    Rent a private cottage out of town or arrange for them to stay at a luxe hotel they've always dreamed of splurging on. Throw in a romantic dinner for an extra-special touch.

  8. A Spa Day

    Oil and sea salt spa essentials
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    Get your parents a couple's spa day. Include a couple's massage and a romantic candlelit lunch or dinner. (We think dad will secretly enjoy this gift too.)

  9. Tickets To…

    Inside view of theater seating
    Photo by Shutterstock

    Once the wedding is over, they'll be happy to get out and enjoy themselves. Box seats to their favorite sports team, tickets to the theater or opera, or even a gift card good for five movie dates are all good ideas.