Q&A: RSVPs: What Does "RSVP" Mean?


What do RSVP and Regrets Only mean?


RSVP is short for, "Respondez, s'il vous plait," which means, simply, "Please respond" in French. That means you should respond either way, whether you're able to make it or not. If the couple has included a response card or postcard with the invitation, it's easy -- just send the card back saying you will attend or will not attend. (If there's no response card included, you should send a note letting the couple know whether you'll be there.) If you don't respond, the couple will be forced to call you to verify your attendance! Don't give them more to do -- just send your card back. "Regrets" or "Regrets Only" means that only guests who can't make it need to respond. This way, the couple assumes that if you don't respond, you are coming.