10 Wording Examples for Your Wedding RSVP Cards

Bookmark these easy templates for your response cards and return envelopes.
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Updated Dec 20, 2023

If you invite someone to your wedding, you're hoping they're going to say yes, but you won't know for certain without their RSVP. As such, a response card is a critical part of your wedding stationery suite. Your wedding RSVP wording will determine how and when loved ones confirm their attendance. This isn't just important for your own excitement, but for a lot of other practical reasons, too. You and your vendors will rely on a total guest count for many details as you wrap up planning for the big day like how much food you'll need and how many napkins you need to rent. That's why we've outlined exactly what to put on a wedding RSVP card, regardless of whether you're having a traditional or unconventional affair. We even wrote some wedding invitation RSVP wording examples that you can copy and paste for your own stationery. So, keep reading for our easy-to-follow templates, then check out The Knot Invitations to shop our very own RSVP card designs.

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What to Put on Wedding RSVP Cards

Nightmare scenario: Your great aunt calls the day before your wedding letting you know she'll be there and is bringing your first cousin once removed who's bringing their spouse, three kids and dog. Uh oh! Luckily, with the right RSVP card wording there is a 99.99 percent chance this won't happen to you. (Hey, we always have to factor in that one relative.) Here's what to include on your wedding RSVP cards to ensure there are no surprises on your big day.

1. Guest names

The first thing to include on your RSVP cards is a blank line for guests to write their names. On a formal RSVP card, you should write "M" at the start of the line to indicate that guests should include their proper honorific (Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Miss) before their name. Having guests write in their own names guarantees that not only do you know who is attending your wedding, but also how to correctly spell everyone's name on the seating chart.

Warning: There are times when people will add extra guests to RSVP cards. This exact scenario is why the wording on your RSVP card is so important. Luckily, there are a few tactful ways to help prevent this little "misunderstanding" from occurring. First and foremost, you should carefully and correctly address your wedding invitations to make things as clear as possible. (For example, if plus-ones are welcome.) You can also utilize your wedding website to limit digital responses and communicate something like an adults-only wedding. If you still feel stressed about potential misunderstandings, you can word your RSVP cards in a way that allows you to indicate the exact number of guests invited. For example, you might say "__ of __ attending" (with the second space prefilled with a number) instead of just "__ attending."

2. Accept or decline

The primary purpose of an RSVP card is to learn who is coming to your wedding. So naturally, you'll need an attendance line for guests to accept or decline your invite. This could be formatted as checkboxes, circling or fill-in-the-blank lines.

3. RSVP deadline

An accurate guest count is vital to completing your wedding planning checklist, so the sooner you know who's coming, the better. Set an RSVP deadline that's around four weeks before your wedding date to give yourselves and your vendors plenty of time to coordinate those last-minute details. Your RSVP deadline should be featured in a prominent place on the card where it won't go unnoticed by guests. Often, designs put the wedding RSVP deadline wording ("Kindly reply by [insert date] or "Please respond by [insert date]") front and center, even making it the largest text on the card—it's that important!

4. Food selection

Chicken, beef or vegetarian? If you'll be serving dinner at your wedding reception, you'll want to collect your guests' food preferences and if they have any dietary requirements or food allergies. Start by mentioning the meal type: buffet or plated dinner. If the latter, use checkboxes to indicate their entree options. And, in either case, leave a fill-in-the-blank line for guests to detail dietary restrictions.

5. Special request line

Last, but certainly not least, you can include a special request line on your RSVP cards. A common one is song requests, though some couples also ask for guests' drink of choice to help them decide how to stock their bar or that they include a favorite memory of the couple or relationship advice. This small addition will make it that much more fun for you and your fiancé to receive RSVPs.

Formal Wedding RSVP Wording

Follow these sample RSVP wordings for black tie weddings or if you just prefer a timeless, traditional approach with your stationery.

Example One

  • Graciously accepts
  • Respectfully declines

      Example Two

      • Accepts with pleasure
      • Declines with regret

          Funny Wedding RSVP Wording

          Having an informal wedding or want your stationery to convey a relaxed, party-ready vibe? Use these RSVP card ideas to get a laugh out of your guests as they open the mail.

          Example One

          • Yassss, let's party!
          • Noooo, so bummed

              Example Two

              • Hell yes!
              • Damn, can't make it

                  Unique Wedding RSVP Wording

                  Just like every other part of your special day, your stationery is an extension of your personalities, so don't be shy about branching out with unique RSVP card wording options like these.

                  Example One

                  • Ready to eat, drink and see you get married!
                  • Will toast to you two from afar

                      Example Two

                      • Yes, the party don't start 'til I walk in! Here's a song I'd love to request:
                      • No, party on without me

                        Destination Wedding RSVP Wording

                        Get your guests into a jet-setting mood by using the enclosure cards to reflect your destination venue. Beach wedding? Bring on the tropical floral designs. Mountain nuptials? Look for pine tree illustrations. Then try these sample RSVP wordings with subtle travel references to complete the stationery.

                        Example One

                        • Bags are packed!
                        • Will be thinking of you at home

                            Example Two

                            • Away we go!
                            • Sending best wishes

                              Online Wedding RSVP Wording

                              Even if you're asking your guests to RSVP online, you'll need to include RSVP instructions on your wedding invitations. This could still be on an RSVP card if you don't want a URL on your formal invitations. Here's how to word online RSVPs on a separate enclosure card.

                              Example One

                              Please visit our website to respond by September 10th

                              [Insert wedding website URL]

                              Example Two

                              Kindly respond by September 10th

                              Using the following website:

                              [Insert wedding website URL]

                              Wedding RSVP Card Etiquette FAQ

                              Still have questions on proper wedding RSVP wording etiquette? We've got more insight into what goes on a wedding RSVP card and the envelope.

                              What is a wedding invitation RSVP card?

                              A wedding RSVP card, or response card, kindly asks your guests to reply to your invite so you know if they'll be attending your celebration of love. RSVP actually stand for "Répondez, s'il vous plaît." Even if your guests don't speak French, pretty much everyone knows what to do when they see the abbreviation. On a wedding RSVP card, guests will indicate who they are and will check either "Yes" that they'll be there or "No" that they can't attend. Simple enough! Guests may also be asked to mark their food preferences, add song requests and provide more important information pertinent to the organization of the event.

                              Do you have to provide wedding RSVP cards?

                              An RSVP card is a useful—though optional—addition to your wedding invitation suite. Many couples choose to include an RSVP card because they prompt guests to respond to the invite in a timely manner and, thus, help them organize the seating chart, menu and even music playlist. If you choose not to provide a wedding RSVP card, you should still include wording on your formal wedding invitation, reception invitation or another enclosure card regarding how guests can accept or deny their request for attendance. This may include a wedding website link so they can RSVP on The Knot digitally or a phone number to call and confirm their attendance.

                              How do you address wedding RSVP return envelopes?

                              You'll need to include a pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelope with each RSVP card so your guests can easily send their responses back to you. The envelopes for your RSVP cards should have the name(s) and address of who is handling the RSVPs on the front. This could be you and your finacé, either of your parents, your wedding planner or someone in the wedding party. If you're handling the RSVPs yourselves, you may address the cards with both your full names or just one person's name if you and your partner live separately. A cute alternative is "The future [insert last name]s" if you're choosing to share a last name. It's also customary to include a stamp on each envelope so your guests don't need to pay for postage.

                              When should prospective wedding guests RSVP?

                              Couples should set an RSVP deadline that is four weeks before their wedding date. This will allow both the couple and their vendors to button up any last-minute details impacted by the total guest count like the amount of food (and drinks) needed and the seating chart. Since formal wedding invitations are usually sent out six to eight weeks before the wedding, couples should plan to remind guests to RSVP a week or so before the deadline so they don't forget. This could be done in person, over the phone or online.

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