What Do You Include in a Ceremony Program?

Modern Pink and glitter program next to flower
photo by Larissa Cleveland Photography

I love the idea of a program, but I don't know the first thing about what should be said in one. What should I include in it?


Programs are an easy way to make guests feel more a part of the ceremony and are a nice keepsake after your I dos. That being said, they're totally optional—so you can include as little or as much info as you want. Most programs include the basics: the names of the to-be-weds, members of the wedding party, a ceremony itinerary, and in some cases words to any readings or songs. This is also a great place to share descriptions of ethnic or religious traditions. Feel free to add extras too, like pictures, a brief story of how you met, a thank-you to your parents or even a map to the reception. Be careful not to include too much though—programs should be something guests can read in the moments before the ceremony and follow along as it progresses. You want all eyes on you after all!

If you want to tailor your program by religion and denomination, here are some helpful examples to guide you:

Baptist Wedding Program

Lutheran Wedding Program

Unitarian Universalist Wedding Program

Presbyterian Wedding Program

Methodist Wedding Program

Orthodox Christian Wedding Program

Catholic Wedding Program

Quaker Wedding Program

Jewish Reform Wedding Program

Hindu Wedding Program

Muslim Wedding Program

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