30 Ceremony Program Ideas You'll Love

Whether you're having intimate garden nuptials or a glamorous cathedral ceremony, here are program ideas to inspire you.
by Libby MacCarthy & Emily Platt

Your ceremony programs are essentially a marriage run of show and a helpful way for guests to follow along with the service. As long as your programs include all of the information you want to communicate with your guests—names of wedding party members, readings, musical selections, a thank-you note—you have free rein to choose whatever materials, style, colors and fonts feel special to you. Here are 30 ceremony program ideas we love, ranging from traditional to out-of-the-box, to give you some inspiration. Plus, we've shared shoppable product recommendations so you can easily recreate any of the ideas.

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  1. 1. Experiment With Typography and Calligraphy

    Mix and match font styles in your wedding program for a dynamic, modern look.

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  2. 2. Have Them Double as Favor Packaging

    Print your programs onto a favor bag and you can provide your guests with essentials like first-aid kits, snacks and lip balm.

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  3. 3. Go Simple With Thick Ribbon Bows

    Ribbons tied into a simple bow add a burst of color and complete the look of these minimalist programs.

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  4. 4. Use a Custom Stamp

    Create a stamp of your motif or joint monogram and use it to customize your wedding programs, favors and other day-of details.

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  5. 5. Turn Them Into Cootie Catchers

    Cootie catchers aren't just for kids—they're also a playful and interactive way to give your guests the lowdown on your ceremony.

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  6. 6. Add a Confetti Pocket

    These bright programs open up to reveal a pocket filled with fun confetti for a colorful exit toss.

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  7. 7. Insert an Interactive Surprise

    Include a fun, unique surprise inside each program, like a little tube of celebratory bubbles to accompany your ceremony info and love story.

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  8. 8. Use Sheet Music

    These timeless ceremony programs wrapped with twine and sealed with wax are perfect for a vintage-inspired affair or a music-loving couple.

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  9. 9. Enlist a Chalkboard Artist

    Cut down on paper and add a playful vibe to your ceremony décor by swapping traditional wedding programs for a giant chalkboard sign.

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  10. 10. Create a Photo Op

    With ceremony info on one side and happy exclamations on the other, these festive wedding programs double as fans to keep your guests cool, and triple as cute photo booth props for later.

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  11. 11. Attach Tissues

    Do your guests a favor and offer sweetly packaged tissues inside folded programs.

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  12. 12. Play With Layers

    Have a lot to say? A tabbed program will give you plenty of room to share lots of details in one place. Maybe it's your "how we met" story, a list of your attendants or explanations about religious traditions—there's room for it all.

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  13. 13. Use a Photo of You Two

    Put throwback photos or engagement snaps to work on the cover of your program.

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  14. 14. Draw Inspiration From Your Venue

    Having a seaside ceremony or exchanging vows at your childhood summer camp? Give a nod to your unique locale through a pretty motif on the programs.

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  15. 15. Go All Out on Your Theme

    For a vintage or art-deco affair, embellished borders and fancy fonts channel the old-world charm of retro labels.

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  16. 16. Give a Nod to Your Invitations

    You loved your invitations, so why not use the same style for your ceremony programs? Coordinate the paper and typefaces so your guests immediately make the connection.

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  17. 17. Illustrate Your Wedding Party

    Pair those wedding party introductions with silhouettes, quirky illustrations or Bitmojis of your crew to add a little something extra.

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  18. 18. Choose a Playful Pattern

    Let your wedding style inspire your programs—decorate them with one of the day's décor motifs or color schemes, like pink chevron, airy feathers or floral wreaths.

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  19. 19. Go for Grommet Fans

    These sophisticated fans keep guests cool and reveal information about the ceremony on each fold.

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  20. 20. Tie a Fresh Sprig Around Each One

    Add an earthy, fragrant touch to your ceremony programs with herbs, flowers or other greenery.

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  21. 21. Create Your Own Newspaper

    Throw it back with a printed newspaper-style program. This fun idea gives you ample room to play with words and share stories of your journey to the altar.

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  22. 22. Use Eco-Friendly Paper

    Don't forget about the environment and print your programs on seed paper. Your programs then become a favor your guests can plant in their gardens!

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  23. 23. Feature Your Favorite Quote

    Put a personal touch on your wedding programs with your favorite quotes, lyrics or passages.

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  24. 24. Design Them Like a Playbill

    Love theater? Put your engagement photos to good use in your wedding program and create a Broadway-esque original.

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  25. 25. Print Them on Fans

    Attach a simple handle to your programs to transform them into fans. Perfect for outdoor, warm-weather nuptials or a historic ceremony venue with no air-conditioning.

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  26. 26. Work with Watercolors

    Looking for a dreamy design idea? Try vibrant watercolors to make your wedding programs really stand out.

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  27. 27. Choose a Design Based on Your Destination

    Pay tribute to a special location with cultural motifs, local landmarks or programs shaped like whatever state you're marrying in.

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  28. 28. Honor Someone Special

    Use your programs to give a special shout out, whether it's to the wedding planner you couldn't have done it without, a family member who couldn't make it or even your pet.

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  29. 29. Celebrate the Season

    If you picked your date because you love the season, go all out with seasonal details—including on your wedding ceremony programs.

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  30. 30. Mark Them With a Custom Crest

    Obsessed with royal weddings? Give your programs their own regal touch by decorating them with a custom crest or coat of arms.

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