Here's Exactly When to Make Your Wedding Registry

Psst: It's earlier than you think.
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emily rumsey the knot editor
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Updated May 10, 2023

All you want for your wedding is to marry the love of your life—oh, and a Kitchenaid stand mixer, espresso machine and silk sheet set. Of course, for guests to know this you'll need to create a wedding wish list. But you might wonder exactly when to make a wedding registry. Is it considered presumptuous or greedy to set it up long before the big day? The answer might surprise you. Find out how far in advance to register for your wedding below—and, once you're ready to start requesting gifts, create your all-in-one registry on The Knot to make your experience as easy as can be.

When should you start your wedding registry?

You should start your wedding registry as soon as possible after getting engaged. This is so that loved ones can congratulate you with gifts (if they want to) as well as easily shop for prewedding events, like an engagement party or couple's shower. After all, friends and family want to give you gifts you'll actually like and use as much as you want to receive such items. Without a registry to guide them, guests might buy things you already have or you won't enjoy—especially if you'd rather receive monetary gifts or charity donations over physical items. You might even end up with duplicate gifts if you don't use a registry to track purchases. Improve your guests' experiences and save yourself the hassle of returns by setting up your registry early in the wedding planning process.

Feeling overwhelmed by your first task as fiancés? We're here to help get the ball rolling. Start by printing off our comprehensive wedding registry checklist to help take stock of what you have and what you need to ask for. Then, find specific products and fund recommendations from a list of choices our couples and editors love by browsing The Knot's Registry Award winners. Between the two, you'll have all your bases covered for what (and when) to register for your wedding.

Can you update your wedding registry over time?

The short answer is yes! You can and should update your wedding registry over time. Creating your wedding registry is not a one-off to-do. As guests start to purchase items off your registry, you'll want to add more so there are always lots of options at different price points. This also means you'll want to register for the items you need and want the most first. Though this is a continuous process, we especially recommend updating your registry two weeks before and two weeks after your wedding, since this is when most gifts are purchased.

Is it ever too late to register for your wedding?

Technically, it's never too late to register for your wedding—well, unless you register after the big day. That said, there is proper etiquette to follow on when to create your wedding registry. As aforementioned, we recommend registering as early in the wedding planning process as possible, but at the latest, have your registry set up by the time you send out save-the-dates. Note: A link to your registry shouldn't go on your save-the-dates or formal wedding invitations. Instead, include a link to your wedding website, which will house all the event's important details including where you're registered.

Remember, setting up your registry early comes with plenty of perks for you and your guests. Not only will loved ones appreciate the ease of shopping with a curated wish list, but you'll also be more likely to receive the presents you really want—from cash gifts to bedroom essentials or even gift cards to your favorite retailers. And while entering newlywed life with your spouse is a priceless experience, receiving great gifts will make it that much sweeter.

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