21 Zach Bryan Love Songs for Your Wedding Moments

Let this rising country star serenade you and your new spouse.
Zach Bryan performs onstage for day two of the 2023 Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival
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Taylor Carson - The Knot Contributor.
Taylor Carson
Taylor Carson - The Knot Contributor.
Taylor Carson
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Updated Oct 04, 2023

Are you looking to incorporate Zach Bryan wedding songs into your big day? From his debut 2019 album, DeAnn, to his most recent EP, Boys Of Faith, the quickly rising country star has an incredibly vast amount of songs that could be perfect for many wedding moments—especially your first dance.

Below, we've handpicked 21 of Bryan's most breathtaking love songs across his catalog of music. From chart-toppers to under-the-radar ballads, you're sure to find a song that strikes a chord within this list. Whether you have a DJ or a live band, let them amplify any of the below tunes during your wedding celebration. You will be glad you did.

"Something in the Orange," American Heartbreak

Lyrics you'll love: "I need to hear you say you've been waitin' all night/There's orange dancing in your eyes from bulb light"

With over 500 million plays on Spotify and a Grammy nomination, "Something in the Orange" is Bryan's most popular song to date. While the song's meaning is tied to the end of a relationship, the beautiful-yet-somber number could make for a great first dance for couples who've shared a love for it.

"I Remember Everything" (feat. Kacey Musgraves), Zach Bryan

Lyrics you'll love: "Do you remember that beat down basement couch?/I'd sing you my love songs and you'd tell me about/How your mama ran off and pawned her ring/I remember, I remember everything"

In the recently released "I Remember Everything," Bryan is joined by Kacey Musgraves for a duet that—like "Something in the Orange"—reflects on a past love. The song debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. It's a haunting, harmonious tune that could satisfy fans of both singers for a first dance.

"Sarah's Place" (feat. Noah Kahan), Boys Of Faith

Lyrics you'll love: "You'll always be a piece of mine, a piece of mine/We drove that road we know at least a million times"

Released on Bryan's surprise EP, Boys Of Faith, "Sarah's Place" is another ode to a bygone relationship—this time featuring Noah Kahan and a folkie, uptempo melody. For fans of Bryan and Kahan, the song could provide a few minutes of background music for cocktail hour, your grand entrance or your first dance.

"Summertime's Close," Zach Bryan

Lyrics you'll love: "Cause you're the fire of Carolina and Oklahoma too/The stars in San Luis ain't burnin' bright as you/You'rе the waves crashin' down on the Eastеrn Coast"

On his latest—self-titled—album, there are a slew of Zach Bryan love songs to consider for your big day aside from "I Remember Everything." "Summertime's Close" is one of them, a slow-paced tune in which Bryan describes his love using lovely metaphors and reflection on past memories.

"Fear and Friday's," Zach Bryan

Lyrics you'll love: "There's a house hoppin' on the edge of town/I'm revved up, thirsty and ready to drown"

Next up on Bryan's namesake album is "Fear and Friday's." The upbeat, acoustic wedding song describes living in the moment on a Friday, and it would have guests singing along during cocktail hour or your reception.

"Holy Roller" (feat. Sierra Ferrell), Zach Bryan

Lyrics you'll love: "I ain't never been a holy roller/But I found God in your eyes/The greens and browns remind me of a mountainside"

Bryan's collaboration with Sierra Ferrell, "Holy Roller," is a melodic song with a happy beat and lyrics that relate love to the narrator's discovery of spirituality. It's yet another first-dance contender—or a consideration for other big day moments, such as your recessional.

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"Tourniquet," Zach Bryan

Lyrics you'll love: "I bandage up your body and your bones and your bad days too/Take care of the blood that your love runs through"

In "Tourniquet," Bryan shows off his songwriting chops, singing along to clever lines like, "If you need a tourniquet or if you wanna turn and quit/Know that I'll be by your side." Throughout the whole song, Bryan symbolizes himself as a tourniquet, a device that checks bleeding, for the loved one to whom he sings. This Zach Bryan wedding song pulls on the heartstrings and would serve as a meaningful accompaniment to your first dance.

"Spotless" (feat. The Lumineers), Zach Bryan

Lyrics you'll love: "I ain't spotless, neither is you/For once in my life, I'm gonna see it through/If you want spotless, I'll always lose/You gave me your love, lover, you gave me the truth"

Bryan teamed up with The Lumineers for the 13th track on the Zach Bryan album, "Spotless." The track is especially meaningful for couples because, in it, both artists sing of seeking authenticity—not perfection—in a relationship. It would be easy to slow dance to this special number as newlyweds at your wedding.

"Smaller Acts," Zach Bryan

Lyrics you'll love: "There ain't no love a man can find/You'd feel her in a room if you was blind/There ain't a grand thing a man can do/She'll only love you for you"

The last wedding day consideration on Bryan's self-titled album is "Smaller Acts." The song is similar to "Spotless" in that Bryan sings of a lover who prefers life's simple—yet meaningful—acts over grand gestures. An acoustic guitar serves as the backing for the tune, playing into its less-is-more meaning.

"Late July," American Heartbreak

Lyrics you'll love: "I heard life is what passes when you're too busy livin'/and love is at its finest when times are hard/And may your lady always keep you from the vices you've been after/May the Lord always love you where you are"

In May of 2022, Bryan released American Heartbreak, a triple album with songs covering many topics, including love and longing. "Late July," American Heartbreak's lead-off track, is one of these songs—and a great option for your first dance.

"Heavy Eyes," American Heartbreak

Lyrics you'll love: "Oh, when I'm old, I will recall/All the nights we spent outlaws"

American Heartbreak's "Heavy Eyes" is one of Bryan's more upbeat songs, recalling reckless, core memories with friends. The song could fit nicely into your reception playlist or into any moment shared between a groom and his groomsmen.

"Right Now the Best," American Heartbreak

Lyrics you'll love: "And the you that I pine for/Oh, the you that I need/Oh, the you of right now is the best"

The message in "Right Now the Best," track six on American Heartbreak, is truly perfect for a wedding. In the song, Bryan sings of living in the present moment because "the you right now is the best." Two lines in the song sum up how you may feel during your big day: "One of those days you miss already/And it ain't even had the damn chance to end." The song could be poignant for a first dance or the final dance of the night.

"The Outskirts," American Heartbreak

Lyrics you'll love: "Well, in my mind, trees line the drive/There's a kind lovin' lady belly laughin' inside/And in the mornin' while we're drinkin' brew/She'll say, "The city ain't nothin' like the outskirts with you""

Next up is "The Outskirts," a sweet song about the narrator's desire to live on the outskirts with their partner and kids. If you and your spouse-to-be prefer the country to the city, this saccharine tune may be your ideal first dance song.

"Darling," American Heartbreak

Lyrics you'll love: "Hold me through the shakes/Although it's more than you can take/And when you wake, you'll still be my darlin'/When you wake, I'm yours to take, darlin'"

Bryan's "Darling," the 13th track on American Heartbreak, is yet another stellar song that works for a first dance. In the ballad, Bryan sings about his imperfections and asks the subject of his affection to hold him "through the shakes," aka life's tribulations. It's an impactful, relatable message for couples getting married.

"Sun to Me," American Heartbreak

Lyrics you'll love: "And I remember being younger and my mother told me true/Find someone who grows flowers in the darkest parts of you/Take heed when things get hard and don't you ever turn around/'Cause you'll find someone, someday, somewhere/That grows you to the clouds"

With over 150 million plays on Spotify, "Sun to Me" is one of the most popular songs on American Heartbreak. In this popular Zach Bryan wedding song, he describes his love with romantic descriptions like, "Sweetest of thе sunflowers, how you're the sun to me." Fans and nonfans of Zach Bryan alike would delight in this song if it played during your first dance.

"The Good I'll Do," American Heartbreak

Lyrics you'll love: "Well, in you/The good I'll do, good I'll do, oh, good I'll do/Well, in you/I'm new, I'm new, oh, how I'm new"

"The Good I'll Do," taking up the 22nd spot on American Heartbreak's tracklist, has all the makings of an ideal acoustic love song for your first dance. In the song, Bryan sings of how his partner makes him a better person.

"Blue," Zach Bryan

Lyrics you'll love: "Break me down and beat me blue/There ain't a heaven on the planet that saves me like you"

"Blue" is yet another example of Bryan's abilities as a wordsmith, especially when it comes to love. The song is catchy and satisfying on the ears—and the lyrics are satisfying to the heart. Yes, you guessed it, this song would make for an extraordinary first dance.

"If She Wants a Cowboy," American Heartbreak

Lyrics you'll love: "If she wants a cowboy/Then I'll be as cowboy/As a cowboy can be"

Our last mention from American Heartbreak is track 26, "If She Wants a Cowboy." The upbeat song's purpose is to take a satirical jab at sellout country artists, and yet it is a fun number with catchy verses. If you're looking for something silly, sweet and unserious to add to your reception playlist, this could be a great fit.

"Don't Give Up on Me," DeAnn

Lyrics you'll love: "You're a sight of utmost beauty, utmost strength and utmost loyalty/So I'll sit here and drink all night/Talk about the Lord's delight in you"

"Don't Give Up on Me" takes us back to Bryan's first studio album, DeAnn. A melodious ballad of love and loyalty, the song could accompany you for your first dance or on your walk down the aisle.

"Snow," DeAnn

Lyrics you'll love: "You bring heaven down to me/Coursin' through my blood as I breathe/I bet the angels are jealous of a girl I know/She takes my stain and makes me white as snow"

Also on DeAnn is "Snow," a pretty-sounding tune through which Bryan sings of the significant power of the love he receives from the song's subject. While it is evident that you have so many first-dance options from Zach Bryan available to you, your choice comes down to your favorite of his metaphors. Perhaps "Snow" would be lovely for couples marrying in the winter.

"Mine," Elisabeth

Lyrics you'll love: "Well there's a fire burning in the basement/That'd I'd only stoke for you/Freeze my whole life/If you felt warmth all the way through"

Last in our roundup is "Mine" from Bryan's 2020 album, Elisabeth. Like other Bryan songs, "Mine" is about how love has changed him for the better. It's a ballad not to be overlooked for your first dance.

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