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29630 Orchard Lake Rd, Farmington Hills, MI United States and Canada (877) 699-3348

Reviewed on 10/19/2017 Brooklyn B

I would ABSOLUTELY suggest Wedit. It was so important to me to have my day documented, but I didn't want to pay someone thousands of dollars for a small highlight video. My sister-in-law recommended Wedit. I had a destination wedding, and they worked the scheduling out with me... Read More (at no additional cost) so that we could document our trip up, the entire week we were there, and even our mini-moon. Our ceremony was outside, and you could hear everything perfectly, even from the cameras that were held in the back, which was important since we wouldn't have microphones. My brother-in-law happens to be gifted with video editing, so he offered to make our video for us. We had less than two weeks from when I turned the cameras back in, to when our reception would be, where the video would be played. There was a slight miscommunication on when we would get the USB with our footage on it (my fault), and the entire Wedit team worked so hard, and got us the footage so quickly! (Also at no additional cost) Their goal really is to please their customers, and with such great quality, I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome!!

Reviewed on 10/04/2017 Sarah S

Our team from Encore was absolutely amazing. Our DJ, Jace, played a great mix of songs and was open to requests. He kept the party dancing all night. We had a bilingual wedding and they he was even able to take requests for obscure Mexican songs from our guests. Rich (the owner)... Read More made sure we had everything we needed and contacted us multiple times before the big day to make sure we were all on the same page. They even provided a bilingual emcee, Alfredo (who spoke Spanish) for us. We also rented our Photo Booth from Encore. Thanks so much to Jace, Rich and Alfredo for everything. I'd recommend this group in a heartbeat!

Reviewed on 3/17/2017 Christine F

This company is a great alternative to dropping thousands on a wedding video! Perfect if you can trust your friends and family to record things for you ;) The videos came quickly and were very easy to use! They all held hours of footage and everything went smoothly! Only... Read More detail is some were hard to get the flash to go on for video so a lot of our reception footage is dark but so fun to watch and relive! Awaiting my edited video but can't wait to see! They were so quick to upload all of my footage and I have enjoyed everything so far!

Reviewed on 9/01/2015 Shon L

We used WedIt for our wedding this previous May. Our videographer had to cancel our contract for valid reasons. Using WedIt was a pleasant, cost efficient experience. We are very pleased with our edited videos.

Reviewed on 9/01/2015 Ellen M

Using Wedit was a perfect experience for us! We didn't have the budget for a videographer but wanted something to capture the moments more than just pictures and Wedit was the perfect solution! With 5 cameras, we were able to give one camera to each family/group of friends so... Read More everyone was represented in the footage. The cameras were very small and easy to use. We purchased both the highlight video and the full length and were very happy with how they came out. Highly recommend. :)

Reviewed on 8/14/2015 Nicole A

We used Wedit for our wedding this past April and were very happy with the results. We could not afford an actual videographer, but the idea of having the most important days of our lives on film was a big deal to us. When we found Wedit, we decided it was a good compromise and... Read More a great solution to our dilemma. We passed the cameras to select friends and family members at our rehearsal and let them take it from there. We received lots (and lots!) of footage from several different moments. The hardest part was narrowing it all down into one film! The team at Wedit was very helpful when it came to editing our footage and we were very happy with the results. This is a great option for brides on a budget!

Reviewed on 7/19/2015

We used WEDIT last August for our wedding. It was easy to use and we passed the cameras around for our guests to take video all night. My husband and I went back and forth with them when finalizing the video. They were helpful, understanding, and cooperative about the whole... Read More process. I would highly recommend WEDIT!

Great video option!!

Reviewed on 2/27/2015 Lisa P

After being in a wedding that used Wedit I knew I would be using them as well for my wedding. They were great to work with. Customer service was always wonderful and when we accidentally lost a camera, which I was devastated about, they were completely understanding. It was so... Read More much fun to be able to capture the whole weekend's events and have them all together on the cameras. I would definitely recommend Wedit!!

Unique and Fun Way to Capture Video of Weddings!!

Reviewed on 2/23/2015 Jen H

We used Wedit and we are SO happy that we did! Wedit was very timely and professional with getting the cameras to us and they were high quality videos. Even better, the videos were up the week after our wedding which was really fun to watch them so soon!!! Definitely a more... Read More cost-effective way to capture video of your special day. So many reviews of weddings stated they regretted having a videographer. That just wasn't in our budget, and Wedit was the next best thing, however we are learning it was the better choice all along!!!! :)

Wedit Videos

Reviewed on 2/23/2015 Sarah S

We're super happy that we used Wedit! It ensured that we got every detail we wanted with the people we loved. There wasn't a videographer guessing who the important people were. We got candid moments of our friends and our entire ceremony for a quarter of the cost! I'd... Read More definitely recommend it, but you'll definitely need a well lit area or else your videos will be dark!

Not Bad

Reviewed on 2/23/2015

I used this service for my wedding in October. I cannot say enough positive about the service itself. Confirmation emails were sent, everything arrived exactly as they said it would, instructions were clear and each camera had a tag with simple instructions as well. I assigned... Read More my 5 cameras to different guests to make sure different aspects of the wedding were covered (down the aisle, toasts, etc). I didn't give clear enough instructions so I didn't get a lot of the filler, quiet scenes before the ceremony started, so be clear with those helping you, maybe have them watch a few videos first. The cameras themselves are basically iPod touches. Quality of photos and videos during the day was ok but everything from the reception hall (once the lights were dimmed) was fuzzy, and I probably would've gotten better quality with my cell phone at that point. The provided box made it easy to ship everything back and it was all available online within a few days. I could actually look at it on my honeymoon! Overall, I would say the idea and customer service are 5 stars but for the price, I expected better photo quality. Also, definitely make sure those helping know what you're expecting with the videos. Right now, I am debating whether the content and quality is even worth the price of having edited or if I should just find a way to try to edit the videos myself. Note: I did use a coupon code to get the camera rental package 50% off. Overall, great premise and service, but needs tweaking.

Simple, Easy and Fun!

Reviewed on 2/23/2015 Heather H

We used Wedit for our wedding and it was so great! We gave the cameras to "key" people at our wedding and had the best moments captured. The cameras arrived on time, and we shipped them back the day afterwards. The footage was up pretty quickly for us to view and it has been so... Read More fun to relive our wedding through video!

Beautiful and Personal!

Reviewed on 2/23/2015 Sara R

I was a little nervous about choosing Wedit over a traditional videographer. But I am beyond happy with how everything turned out! Our guests loved that they were able to play an active role in filming our ceremony and reception. We were sure to hand out the cameras to a variety... Read More of different people and we were able to get some unique perspectives! Because of Wedit I was able to look back at some moments that I may never have been able to see otherwise. Shipping to and from was a breeze. Definitely recommend!

Wonderfully, Inexpensive Videography - Great for Destination Weddings!

Reviewed on 2/23/2015

My husband and I decided to do a destination wedding, and in preparation, our family and us spent a few extra days down in the Caribbean. In researching videography, we found WedIt and it seemed like the most perfect fit to capture not just our special day, but the entire week... Read More leading up to it. We thought about specifically designating the five cameras to certain people, but as the week went on, they were passed around to everyone, capturing hilarious and sentimental moments. This is really what makes WedIt the best. We had several special moments captured in several different angles and even more so, had moments that the groom and I didn't even see or remember. Of all of the decisions we made for our big day, choosing WedIt was absolutely one of the best. Seeing all of the unedited, raw footage from our family and friends is the best thing and one of the greatest treasures to have to look back on our special day.


Reviewed on 2/23/2015 Allison J

Using Weddit saved on the cost of the videographer, but you got the video from the perspective of the guests, and the groomsmen and whoever else took the phones. My nieces were able to share their perspective. It was cool. I can't wait to make my memories into a video.

Great Service!

Reviewed on 2/06/2015 Anna R

Deciding to use Wedit cameras was a great decision on our behalf. Our bridal party LOVED having the cameras and the flexibility to take their own photos. We had several people attend who took video and it was great to watch after the fact. I highly recommend this option for... Read More those who want video but want to spend the money on something else. Their editing packages are also great and very reasonably priced!

One of my BEST choices regarding my wedding

Reviewed on 2/03/2015 Lisa S

So, having a videographer was never considered in my wedding planning. It was suggested to me as we have a very sick family member that we do record the wedding. My budget was pretty tight so I looked at my options. I had seen Wedit on pinterest and gave it a look, and took the... Read More plunge! I am so so happy..not just for my family member but for me. I saved $ and got a very personal view of my wedding...yea..not all my videographers had a steady hand but they caught things a stranger would not. I have watched my videos over and over (I had a crazy ceremony was FUN!). Do not doubt the power of this time we opted to edit ourselves (my husband is going to do day..but if he does not soon I will have Wedit do it) amazing service! Just make sure you teach your camera holders how to hold it! LOL we have some sideways videos!

awesome and fun way to video

Reviewed on 2/03/2015 Jackie B

My husband and I were not interested in having videographers in our face with lights blaring in addition to photographers getting in family and friends way throughout the wedding, and more often then not, our friends and family catch the best candid pictures/video, so why not... Read More have them capture the day!? The video and pictures are obviously only as good as the guests taking it, but it's a really fun way to re-live the day. The staff at wedit is extremely understanding, professional, easy to get in touch with and deal with. We actually misplaced two of the 5 ipods :( and although we ended up having to pay for them, they gave us time to re-trace our steps to try to find them after returning from our two week honeymoon. I would highly recommend them.

Camera/Video Rental

Reviewed on 2/03/2015 Brittany

I loved the idea of having our guests be our videographers. I thought it would be great to get their point of view and see things I otherwise would have missed. Also I thought it would be cost effective compared to most video options. After looking into pricing for some... Read More videographers, it really wouldn't be much cheaper after you pay the additional price for editing the video. The cameras are in great condition, they are iPods which are very user-friendly. I would have liked a longer time frame to have shipped them back. It was something I had to worry about after the wedding and before we took off for the honeymoon. My biggest complaint is that the camera's did not have a flash. Many of my images did not turn out and were poor quality. I have not paid for the edited video yet and I am not sure if I will.

Hold it, shoot it, wedit!

Reviewed on 2/02/2015 wedding p

I was told about Wedit from our Photographers as we didnt want a videographer and something that was more personal. We got 5 handheld ipod cameras that i gave out to various members of the wedding party - my 17 year old niece had a great time with it taking snaps and videoing... Read More people. We used them over 3 days to document the day before and after the wedding. We got some great pictures but one downside was that some of the video footage taken with low light was pretty dark and audio levels can be an issue. Wedit do provide tips on how to get the best out of it but i think it requires a lot more planning ahead of time to try and get the best than initially thought so i would advise to think and plan first!

Excellent Product

Reviewed on 11/03/2014 Brianna S

We used WedIt for our wedding and I couldn't have been happier. It was so easy to throw one of the cameras in your pocket or give to someone to help capture things while you are busy. I loved having it and the pictures and videos we have afterwards are something that I will... Read More cherish. When I had a tech issue after my photos were posted to my gallery the WedIt team was very quick to respond about my issue and did so in the upmost professional manner. I would certainly recommend them to future brides and hope to use them for other big events we have coming up. Couldn't have turned out better. So impressed!!!

Fun and Unique

Reviewed on 10/30/2014 Ashley C

Wedit is the perfect alternative to hiring a videographer. Not only is Wedit cheaper than any other videography services we found, it's much more personal! My bride and I watched an assortment of wedding videos and knew we wanted one ourselves. We were left with two options:... Read More hire a videographer to walk around and hopefully capture special moments or give video cameras to our friends and family to guarantee that those genuine, silly, and personal moments would be captured. My bride and I chose the latter and we couldn't be happier that we did. We got our cameras days before the wedding which meant that we could film moments as people arrived in town, at the rehearsal dinner, and even the night out on the town afterward. The next morning, my groomsmen and I had a camera, my bride and her bridesmaids had a camera, and other guests had the other cameras as we all prepared for the wedding. One of the best uses we found was having my best man's wife film our vows. Friends and family continued to pass around the cameras during the reception. Some hilarious moments included our friends "interviewing" each other and slipping away to a different part of the building, goofing off and giving us "advice." The next morning, friends and family gathered for brunch and the cameras were still out capturing the guests relive the night before. If you still have any doubts, it's probably because you think there's a catch. There's not! It's super easy. They give you a box with the cameras, and you return the cameras in the same box after your wedding. The cameras have great battery life and storage space. Because there are so many cameras and because they're spread out between different friends and families, we found that none of the cameras died and none of them ran out of space. Once you return them to Wedit, they'll send you all of your footage. And that footage is yours to use how you choose. Wedit can create an awesome video from all the files your guests created. Or if you have the software and time, you can make it with your new spouse. Either way, I guarantee you'll look at the footage fondly.

Wedit Cameras

Reviewed on 10/29/2014

It was the perfect choice for us. We were able to see some moments captured that we never would have. Our photographer did amazing but we could not afford someone to video as well. It was inexpensive and valuable. Retrieving our videos from the website was so simple. My only... Read More regret is not taking more videos and pictures.

Wonderful Option

Reviewed on 10/29/2014 Laura B

With all of the things that a bride worries about before the wedding, it was nice not to have to worry about Wedit. The cameras and instructions arrived the week before the wedding, so we had them prior to traveling to our destination wedding. We handed them to the boys,... Read More girls, and a couple of guests to document everyone getting ready, going to the chapel, the ceremony, and of course, the dancing! The cameras take both still pictures and videos, so we ended up with a lot of videos of people trying to take selfies, which was entertaining for us to watch. Two things to look out for: 1) Although it is clearly explained on the cameras, they are meant to be held horizontally and not vertically. We are tilting our heads to look at most of our pictures/videos online. 2) The cameras don't have a flash. Our good-hearted wedding guests took so many pictures/videos, and we can't see a thing. Overall, we were thrilled with the experience, and even happier that we have a videos of our day without having to spend thousands on a videographer!

Great Service and Product Idea!

Reviewed on 10/28/2014 Liz P

This is a great idea to help capture some of both the sentimental and funny moments without spending thousands for a videographer. The support team responded to my few last minute just being nervous questions with the exact answers that made me not worry! The little cameras... Read More arrive well in advance of the weekend so you can test them out and all come with wrist straps and a little note for the guests using them. We let a few guests know in advance we'd have them and asked for them to focus on at least a few key moments each and gave them the tips Wedit provided. We set aside two cameras for the girls and guys getting ready and while boys will be boys and took some funny footage throughout their bbq and traveling to group photos - we were laughing the day after looking at them and it really helped us extend the fun! The Wedit team had our videos (and still photos people grabbed on the cameras!) up well before any of our professional photos were ready so we could have something to look at soon. The one warning - clearly our guests wanted to enjoy themselves (as we hoped they would) and their sole job wasn't to be filming the whole time so we got less footage than paying someone to just film, but there are plenty of good snippets in addition to the ceremony, dances, etc. There are even some funny clips of two camera-guests getting so into it they are filming each other filming which was funny as well as shots just hanging out with our guests since it was one of our friends doing the shooting it felt like we were there! We haven't had any video edited yet, but the rental service was excellent!