8 Signs You've Got Groomzilla on Your Hands

And you thought only the bride had to worry about this.
by Simone Hill
Signs You Have A Groomzilla On Your Hands
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We've all heard of the "bridezilla." You know, the bride who gets way too wrapped up in wedding planning and switches into freak-out mode. But it's safe to say this can happen to anyone—including the groom. If the groom suddenly takes his helpful attitude and wedding enthusiasm on a trip to crazy town, you're going want to be able to read the signs. Planning your wedding together is supposed to be fun, after all. Here's how to spy a groomzilla in the making.

He complains about not having his own bridal shower.

And he isn't satisfied when you suggest having a coed one together. Awww.

He won't compromise on the guest list.

He keeps inviting old friends you've never heard of and freaking out when you cross them off the guest list spread sheet.

Then he deletes your favorite cousins (whom he's not particularly fond of) just to get back at you.

So hmph!

You take him dress shopping with you and his impatience ruins your salon time.

Even thought he was the one who wanted to join you in the first place.

He won't stop procrastinating on every single task you give him.

He pretends to be stuffing envelopes, but secretly refuses to pause his movie marathon.

He snaps when his tux arrives and doesn't fit (and there's no time to see a tailor).

But he waited until the last minute to rent one!

He passively agrees to everything in the beginning, then suddenly vetoes everything with a month to go.

Don't you love when your partner joins too late in the game?

When you confront him about his breakdown, he's totally oblivious.

Oh, man. Don't worry, you'll both be back to normal again soon, once you're married for real and everything settles down. Just make sure he keeps any 'zilla tendencies at home—you don't want that negativity following you on your honeymoon!

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