Every Emotion a Groom Goes Through Before Asking for a Father's Blessing (in GIFs)

Nervous? You got this.

Before there can be a groom, there must first be a man in love—a man so in love he's ready to face the ultimate challenge to prove it: asking his partner's father (or parents) for his blessing. This might seem easy (you know, just tell the guy how you feel and there's no way he'll say no!), but, oh no—it's way more nerve-wracking than it sounds. What if he really does say no? What if you make a fool out of yourself? It's a big step to take before asking your better half to marry you.

Planning to ask for your partner's parents' blessing before you propose? Expect to experience at least a few stages of emotional mayhem before the moment of truth. And don't worry, everyone goes through it—but it's worth the temporary stress knowing it's all for a good cause (your eternal happiness!).

1. When you know it's time to ask for her father's blessing:

2. Trying to put your emotions into words for the perfect speech:

3. Your answer when your friends ask about your game plan:

4. Experiencing your first stress dream:

5. When you thought you were tough, but the pressure's just too much for your anxious soul:

6. Trying to sleep the night before:

7. Pumping yourself up in the mirror:

8. But inside you're really like:

9. Before knocking on the door:

10. When you don't know if you should let him talk first or just dive right in:

11. Using telepathy to make him say "yes":

12. When he asks you how and when you knew you wanted to marry her:

13. And you know you're about to get the answer you've always wanted:

14. After he gives you his blessing:

15. Humbly telling your friends how it went:

16. Before realizing you have a proposal to plan now:

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