33 Gifts for Your In-Laws That'll Make Them Extra Glad You Joined the Family

These presents are your one-way ticket to becoming the golden child (in-law).
Four gift ideas for in-laws: record player, cooking gift set, customized serveware, pot
Photos, clockwise: Victrola, Brightland, Uncommon Goods, Our Place
Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
Naoimh O'Hare
Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
Naoimh O'Hare
Associate Commerce Editor
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Updated Oct 18, 2023
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Whether you're a freshly minted member of the family or you've been celebrating holidays together for years, the pressure to find the perfect gift for your in-laws can get intense. And why is it that your spouse never has any good ideas to help you out? *sigh* Before you give in to that little voice in your head that says you should just get a bottle of wine and gift card (again), allow us to give you a few pointers. When it comes to buying a gift for your parents-in-law, there are a few different routes you can take (and don't worry, they all lead to really great presents).

First things first, consider practical gift ideas for your in-laws that fulfill a need (think: a fancy Dutch oven or seasonal serving tray). Every time they use it, they'll feel grateful for you. Personalized gifts are also a strong contender, especially for in-laws who seemingly already have everything they need. After all, who wouldn't feel special receiving a beautiful throw embroidered with their family name? Finally, if you're feeling extra brave, you can go down the "hobbies and interests" route. Show your in-laws how well you know them with a gift that reflects their favorite things, like new gardening tools, a board game they don't have yet or a monthly coffee subscription.

Still not sure what to get your in-laws for Christmas, Hanukkah or another holiday? That's where we come in! We've rounded up the best gifts for your in-laws that might just make you their new favorite child. And don't forget the perfect finishing touch: beautifully done gift wrapping.

1. A Really Cool Gardening Accessory

Gardening accessory in-law gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Whether your in-laws spend lots of time nurturing their garden or just enjoy a trip to the farmers market, this harvest basket is a valuable tool—and a great gift for your in-laws. It has plenty of space for collecting produce and it's cleverly designed to wash fruit and vegetables without making a mess at the kitchen sink. Just hose everything down outside and it's ready to prep and eat. The best part of all? This practical present can be personalized too.

2. A Pot That's Actually Perfect

Perfect Pot in-law gift
Photo: Our Place

Introduce your in-laws to your favorite wedding registry gift: Our Place cookware. The Perfect Pot is 5.5 quarts with a ceramic, nonstick coating and can be used as eight different kitchen essentials, like a stockpot, Dutch oven, steamer, saucepot and more. Basically, it's never been easier to cook for the whole family. Better still, the piece comes in a bunch of fun colorways that will look good in the oven and on the dinner table.

3. An Extra-Fancy Cheese Board

Cheese board in-law gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Have you ever seen such a nice cheese board? This swiveling beauty is a good gift for in-laws who make a mean charcuterie spread. It's made from high-quality bamboo and comes with three stainless steel cheese knives. We especially love that it converts from a multi-tiered wheel into a wedge shape for easy storage. Seal the deal by having it engraved with your parents-in-law's monogram.

4. Next Level Hot Chocolate Mixes

Hot chocolate mix in-law gift
Photo: Whittard

Edible gifts are a foolproof idea no matter who you're shopping for—and nothing is more enjoyable during the winter season than sipping on hot cocoa! Delight your in-laws—and the rest of the family—with six luxury hot chocolate mixes with unique (read: delectable) flavors like Mint, Salted Caramel and Rocky Road. They could even use the mixes for ice-cold milkshakes or for baking. Pro tip: The best cocoa is topped with marshmallows!

5. Seasonal Serveware

Personalized seasonal serveware in-law gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If your in-laws' home looks like it's staged for Southern Living's Christmas edition, then they'll love this festive serving set. The snowy scene on the coasters and tray feels delightfully nostalgic. Better still, they can be personalized with your parents-in-law's family name and an optional location. Perhaps their favorite winter vacation spot?

6. A Symbol of Your Family Ties

Glass globe in-law gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Looking for something sentimental? These colorful globes are made from recycled glass and each one symbolizes a special relationship. There's an ornament to honor motherhood, fatherhood, their role as grandparents or just family in general. It's a stunning piece they can display all year round, meaning it's not just a great Christmas gift for your in-laws. Add the wrought iron stand to your cart before checkout for a display-ready gift.

7. A Way to Display All Their Favorite Photos

Digital photo frame in-law gift idea
Photo: Aura Frames

A picture frame is a nice present, especially if you fill it with a meaningful snapshot of family or other loved ones. The only problem is trying to decide on one photo—but what if we told you you don't have to pick anymore? A digital photo frame will let your in-laws show off all their favorite pictures on a loop, so everyone gets their time to shine. And with Aura Frames, you can even set up the recipient's WiFi and pre-load it with pictures before giving it to them so it's a great gift for even the technology-challenged in-laws.

8. The Best Charcuterie Board They've Ever Eaten

Charcuterie board set in-law gift
Photo: Boarderie

Don't show up to Christmas dinner empty-handed. Boarderie will put together the prettiest (and tastiest) charcuterie board your in-laws have ever seen, even if you're shopping last minute. (Thank you, free overnight shipping.) The chef-made deli tray boasts 17 different kinds of artisanal cheeses, meats, dried fruits, nuts, chocolates, olives and crackers, all prearranged on a gorgeous acacia wood serving board complete with bamboo cutlery. Choose between a small, medium or large size, which can serve up to 10 people. They don't necessarily have to share with their holiday guests though—it'll stay fresh for over a week in the fridge.

9. The Gift of Healthy Home Cooking

Healthy home cooking set in-law gift
Photo: Brightland

You know what they say—good things come in small packages. Brightland's Mini Essentials gift set is just what to get your in-laws for Christmas whether this is your first or fifteenth holiday season together. It includes two bottles of their famous extra virgin olive oil and two bottles of their equally beloved fruit-infused vinegar. Whether they use it for pasta, salad or bread, each dish will be bursting with delectable flavors.

10. An Indoor Smart Garden

Indoor smart garden from Click & Grow
Photo: Click and Grow

If your in-laws had one wish, it'd be for their garden to grow all year long. Unfortunately, the first frost always comes and then they're back to the grocery store for produce. Insert: a Click and Grow indoor smart garden. It makes growing veggies, herbs, fruits or flowers a hands-off task by automating light, water and nutrient levels all on its own. Start them with a small garden that holds three seed pods, but know by next year they'll be dreaming about the wall farm.

11. An Unforgettable Experience Voucher

Christmas experience voucher in-law gift
Photo: Tinggly

Hip, hip hooray for Christmas vacation! Treat your in-laws who love to travel to a Tinggly experience voucher. This one features over 550 options for adventure around the world, like a historic pub crawl in Prague or motorbiking in Vietnam. There are also local excursions they can partake in nearby, such as a behind-the-scenes look at Broadway in New York City or kayaking in Santa Barbara. Best of all, it never expires so they don't have to have a trip on the books to enjoy this gift.

12. New Knowledge At Their Fingertips

MasterClass online class subscription in-law gift
Photo: MasterClass

Virtual gifts are still proving popular this year, and it's no surprise when there are so many fun and creative options out there. One of our top picks? Masterclass—the online streaming platform provides users with access to hundreds of classes led by the world's top experts in their fields, like a writing course from James Patterson, cooking lessons from Gordon Ramsay or tennis tips from Serena Williams. Trust us, this is a gift that'll impress your in-laws and, in turn, they'll impress you with their new skills.

13. A Sparkling Sake Sampler

Sparkling sake sampler in-law gift
Photo: Tippsy

We stand by the fact that edible—and drinkable gifts—are great gestures. But if you always show up with the same bottle of wine or whiskey, switch things up this time around. The experts at Tippsy have curated this gift set with premium mini bottles of pear, plum and citrus sparkling sake. Your parents-in-law will enjoy expanding their palate, especially with a light and effervescent treat like sake.

14. A Nostalgic Record Player

Record player in-law gift
Photo: Victrola

Music just sounds better on vinyl—and by agreeing with that statement, you're already a beloved addition to the family. Take it up a notch with a turntable for your in-laws so they can get their old records spinning again. This one also has Dual-Bluetooth connectivity, so they can stream music from a smart device too. So long Christmas music, hello classic rock!

15. Essential Spices for Home Bakers

Essential spices in-law gift
Photo: The Spice House

Stock their pantry with all the spices they could ever need to bake ah-mazing creations. This deluxe collection includes eight exceptional spices handpicked for baking. From Vietnamese cinnamon and crystallized ginger nibs to Dutched cocoa powder, your parents-in-law won't be left wanting. If you're lucky, maybe you'll even get a taste of their next bake.

16. Sentimental Home Decor

Sentimental home decor in-law gift
Photo: Canvas Vows

When was the last time your parents-in-law updated their home decor? If it's been a while, help them modernize with a personalized piece of wall art from Canvas Vows. The site will put the sheet music and lyrics from a song of your choice onto a beautiful canvas that's ready to mount. Choose something that's important to them, like the first dance song from their wedding for the sweetest anniversary gift for your in-laws. In the end, you've got a present that might spark some happy tears when they unwrap it.

17. The Perfect Puzzle for City-Lovers

Jigsaw puzzle in-law gift
Photo: Amazon

Does your partner's family group chat ping constantly with a picture of another completed puzzle by their parents? Challenge them to this 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle. (We give it a week.) It builds a stunning photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge and New York City skyline at sunset. It's so pretty—and such a feat—they'll want to frame it, so make sure to slip some puzzle glue into their stocking, too.

18. Coffee From Around The World

Coffee subscription in-law gift
Photo: Atlas Coffee Club

If you're a morning person like your mother- or father-in-law and first bonded over your shared love of coffee, then this gift idea plays on that connection. Atlas Coffee Club is a subscription service that delivers fresh coffee beans (or grounds or pods) right to their doorstep every month. They get to try gourmet exotic coffee from around the world and learn about each batch thanks to an included postcard from the country. If you wake up early enough on December 26th, maybe they'll let you try some of their first bag.

19. Mugs That'll Brighten Up Every Morning

Matching coffee mugs in-law gift
Photo: Rifle Paper Co.

Sometimes the best Christmas gift for your parents-in-law is something they can appreciate all year round. A set of matching coffee mugs is exactly the kind of practical present they'll use all the time. These beautiful floral glass mugs from Rifle Paper Co. x Corkcicle are pretty easy on the eyes too.

20. A Decadent Gift Basket

Snack gift basket for in-laws
Photo: Bite Society

A food basket is one of the most versatile gifts for in-laws as they make a welcome present for any occasion (think: Hanukkah, Chinese New Year or Christmas). Gift baskets are also a nice "just because" or thank-you gift. (Is there anything they can't do?!) This one contains six sweet and salty snacks expertly curated by the foodies at Bite Society. Who isn't craving potato chips and chocolate chip cookies at once?

21. A Journal for Holiday Memories

Holiday memory journal in-law gift
Photo: Promptly

Are the holidays their absolute favorite time of year? If the answer is "Yes" with a capital Y, consider this special present for your in-laws for Christmas. Promptly's beautiful Christmas Memories journal will help them commemorate the holiday season in style. The site is known for its gorgeous (and thoughtfully curated) journals, including an autobiography one that's great for grandparents. The holiday-inspired version has 16 prompts to inspire your parents-in-law each year and space for up to 30 years of memories, including photographs.

22. A Subscription for Wine Lovers

Wine subscription in-law gift
Photo: Winc

While gas station wine might not be the most thoughtful last-minute gift for your in-laws, that's not to say you can't give them wine at all. Up the ante by opting for a Winc gift card instead. Once they receive the e-gift card, your parents-in-law will be invited to take a quiz that allows the in-house experts at Winc to curate each delivery to their tastes. Imagine their delight when they open the door to discover all their favorite wine.

23. Insulated Drinkware to Enjoy Wine Outdoors

Insulated drinkware in-law gift
Photo: BruMate

Whether they're avid skiers looking for a way to keep their hot toddy warm or are counting down the days until it's time for a picnic in the park (with a cold glass of white wine, of course), this drinkware set will solve all their temperature problems. The stemless wine glasses and 25-ounce canteen (meaning it can hold an entire bottle of wine) are insulated to keep their drink of choice at the ideal temperature for 24 hours. Now that's worth toasting to!

24. A Gift Card for Home Cooks

Blue Apron gift card in-law gift
Photo: Blue Apron

Coming up with different meal ideas can get challenging as the years go by. This thoughtful gift for your in-laws is a good way to inspire their creativity in the kitchen without hours of scrolling for "good dinner recipes" online. They can use the Blue Apron gift card to sign up for a delivery service that provides fresh ingredients and instructions to cook a new and exciting meal up to four times a week. There are even vegetarian subscription options.

25. A Gift Set for Tequila Lovers

Tequila gift set in-law gift
Photo: Williams Sonoma

This gift idea is only for those who got lucky with truly cool in-laws. Casamigos—aka George Clooney's and Rande Gerber's tequila brand—puts their tastiest cocktail mixers and rimmers into one celebratory gift set. Just make sure to pair it with a bottle of Casamigos tequila so they can start mixing margaritas right away.

26. Their Name in a Snowflake Ornament

Snowflake Christmas ornament in-law gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Ornaments are classic Christmas gifts for your in-laws and this one deserves a particularly special place on their tree. The wooden snowflake uses their family name to create symmetrical ice crystals that'll definitely make them do a double-take when they first open it. You could even go the extra mile and give everyone in the family their own unique name ornament.

27. A Holiday-Scented Candle

Holiday-scented candle in-law gift
Photo: Homesick

Give your in-laws this unique gift for the holidays so they can fully immerse themselves in festive vibes. Notes of cinnamon and clove beautifully blend with a hint of sandalwood, winter mint, ginger and vanilla. The result is a delightfully warm, wintery fragrance that'll scent their home for up to 80 hours (yes, really). Just don't be too surprised if they ask for another one next year.

28. The Key to a Successful Dinner Party

Dinner party game in-law gift
Photo: Esther Perel

If your in-laws are hosting over the holidays (or at any time of the year), why not choose a gift they can put to use immediately? This engaging game is designed to help build relationships with friends, family and anyone else sitting around their table. The aim is to connect through storytelling, with plenty of prompts to help get the ball rolling. It's also a great way for a couple to strengthen their relationship, so your parents-in-law can play it on their own too. This small, casual gift is especially fitting for new or future in-laws since it'll help strengthen your relationship with them.

29. A Fruity Dessert

Fruit and caramel sauce gift set in-law gift
Photo: Harry & David

Pears and apples and caramel, oh my! Give your in-laws this edible gift set to sweeten up their afternoon snack or dessert. The seasonal fruit pairs so deliciously with creamy caramel sauce we wouldn't be surprised if they lick the jar to get every last drop.

30. A Pillow of Their Furry Friend

Customized pet pillow in-law gift
Photo: Purr and Mutt

We hate to break it to you, but no matter what you do, their favorite family addition will always be their furry friend. Luckily, you love the fluff monster too! This decorative pillow features a custom illustration of their pet, with a background that can be any color or completely customized to make it look like their pet is a member of royalty or a superhero. It's a really funny gift even the dog or cat will love—assuming they're allowed on the couch.

31. A Personalized Throw Blanket

Throw blanket in-law gift
Photo: Mark & Graham

Still wondering what to get your in-laws for the holidays or their anniversary? Elevate their home—and cozy nights inside—with this pretty plaid blanket. It's made in Italy and is so luxuriously soft, that it'll replace all their other throws. Plus, it's embroidered with their family monogram or initials for a personal touch.

32. Luxe Hand Care Set

Luxe hand care set in-law gift
Photo: Aēsop

While this is a gift for your in-laws, you'll secretly hope they'll put it in the guest bathroom. The skin-softening hand care set pairs aromatic hand wash with lotion. It has a warm woody fragrance that'll ensure everyone wants to wash their hands to get a whiff.

33. An Endlessly Customizable Doormat

Customizable doormat in-law gift
Photo: Letterfolk

Instead of storing half a dozen doormats in the attic to decorate their porch for every holiday, your in-laws will only need this one. The mat is not just functional, it's completely customizable. Constructed with removable hexagon tiles, they can be rearranged to create different patterns and designs monthly (or more frequently if they're particularly crafty). Every future gifting occasion you can get them a new color set for even more artistry.

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