Everything You Need for Planning the Ultimate Barbie Bachelorette

Come on Barbie, let's go bach party!
Cool-Girl Barbie Bachelorette Party Ideas Margot Robbie Would Love
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Ariel Taranski
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Updated Jun 02, 2023
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With the upcoming Barbie movie, many brides-to-be are feeling nostalgic for their doll-playing days. After all, the movie poster said it best: "She's everything. He's just Ken." Thankfully, Barbie spans across ages and generations. So if you're considering planning a Barbie bachelorette, you'll wanna totally immerse yourself into her world. This trendy bachelorette party theme will have you feeling like Greta Gerwig directed your entire weekend. So grab your party-planning checklist, and let's take a look at some of our favorite party supplies inspired by this fashion doll.

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Barbie Bachelorette Shirts

Barbie said it best herself, "Friendship is the true treasure." You and your crew can dazzle during your bachelorette with these matching tees that just scream Barbiecore.

Come On Barbie, Let's Bach Party Shirt

A pink shirt reading, "Come on Barbie, Let's go party" for your bach party
Photo: YourSistersRoom

This bachelorette party shirt is as versatile as Barbie herself, coming in a variety of colors in either tee or tank form. Match with your wedding party in Barbie pink font that says you're ready for that "life in plastic."

Malibu Barbie Tank Top

Malibu Barbie Tank Top in pink from Walmart for your bach party
Photo: Walmart

Make it a Malibu Barbie bachelorette beach party, no matter where you are. This tank is perfect for lounging by the pool or the sea, making you feel like you're in your own Barbie dream vacation house during your bach weekend.

Barbie Bride and Bridesmaids Tees

Barbie bride and bridesmaids t-shirts in shades of pink and white from FunandFeisty on Etsy
Photo: FunandFeisty

These tees are anything but basic, with the choice between "bride" and "babe" in the classic, bubbly Barbie font style. Show the world that you're a Barbie bride who's ready to live it up with her favorite gals at her Barbie-theme bachelorette.

"Think Pink" Getting Married T-Shirt

A model wearing the "Think Pink" Getting Married T-Shirt from The Knot Shop
Photo: The Knot Shop

Real Barbie girls will remember her "Think Pink" song and inevitably have it stuck in their heads when they see this fabulous pink tie-up tee. Plus, there are other fun options to choose from for your bridesmaids to wear for your Barbie-themed bachelorette party.

Fashionable Barbie Silhouette Shirt

Barbie silhouette shirt from BeEverthine for your pink Barbie bach party
Photo: BeEverthine

Give it a retro-Barbie feel with these silhouette t-shirts. And for a fun twist, let each of your bridesmaids choose their own favorite color to wear.

Barbie Bachelorette Cake Decorations

You can always go the classic Barbie cake route for some nostalgia, or you can choose one of these cake and cupcake toppers for your bachelorette treats. Other fun ideas include incorporating Barbie pink and beachy decorations for a Malibu theme.

Bling and Barbie Cake Toppers

Bling and Barbie pink glitter Cake Toppers from Amazon for your bach party
Photo: Amazon

Sure, you're an adult now, but who says big girls can't have fun, too? This sparkly pink topper will bring out the inner child in you while also adding a bit of flair to any bachelorette Barbie cake.

Barbie Vibes Bride Squad Cake Decorations

Bride Squad Cake Decorations from Amazon in pink and white for your Barbie bach party decor
Photo: Amazon

These cake toppers give off major Barbie vibes while still putting focus on the big event: your upcoming wedding. Pro tip: These decorations are also perfect for cupcakes, too.

Barbie Bride Sticks

Barbie Bride Sticks from Minted for your pink Barbie bach party
Photo: Minted

The great thing about these Barbie-style "bride" sticks? You can use them as cocktail stirrers and a unique cake topper. And they come in both pink and white.

Personalized Barbie Font Cake Topper

Customized Barbie font pink cake topper from SnappedMedia for your bach party
Photo: SnappedMedia

If you're looking for something a bit more customized, this cake topper lets you choose a name or phrase in Barbie's signature font and color. Consider using your future new last name for this one.

Barbie Bachelorette Party Decorations

You're just a Barbie girl, living in a Barbie world… so you need the Barbie bachelorette decor to match. These Barbie bachelorette party decorations are perfect for making you feel like Ryan Gosling's Ken will show up at any moment. (Hey, a Barbie girl can dream, right?)

Festive Pink Barbie Balloons

Pink Barbie silhouette balloons for the best bachelorette party decor
Photo: Amazon

"I can be your fantasy. I can tell…" you're ready to party. These festive balloons will truly kick off your bach party weekend and let the girls know this isn't your typical Barbie party.

Barbie Pink Balloon Arch

Barbie balloon arch in shades of pink and pearl from The Knot Shop for your bach party
Photo: The Knot Shop

"Wake up and see the sparkle," as your favorite doll says. Create the perfect Barbie backdrop or photo area with this pretty-in-pink balloon arch.

"Color Magic" Barbie Bouquet

Barbie bouquet in shades of pink and cream from East Olivia for your bach party
Photo: East Olivia

No wedding event is complete without some flowers, and these pinks will perfectly match your other Barbie decor. Plus, it'll inject some "color magic," just like the vintage Barbie herself.

Barbie's "Beach House" Fringe Decor

Barbie-themed fringe decor from The Knot Shop for the best Barbie bach party
Photo: The Knot Shop

Barbie's beach house was full of fun, tropical colors, meaning your bachelorette party should be, too. After all, "Imagination, life is your creation."

Malibu Beach Table Runner

Pink flamingo table runner from Michaels for the best Barbie bach party
Photo: Michaels

Who else remembers the Flamingo Barbie, part of the Birds of Paradise collection? Well, this table runner is a subtle nod while also keeping with the Malibu/beachy theme perfect for your event.

Barbie Bachelorette Welcome Bag Accessories

Say "Hiya, Barbie" to each of your bridesmaids with a welcome bag that is truly fantastic. Plus, these party favors will help get everyone in the Barbie mindset for your party.

Customizable Let's Bach Party Totes

Personalized Let's Bach Party Totes from Sprinkled With Pink
Photo: Sprinkled With Pink

While we love the idea of a Barbie fanny pack a la Margot Robbie, this tote is slightly more practical for your weekend due to its size. This carryall is one your bridesmaids will want to use well after the bachelorette party since it's customizable with their names and in the quintessential Barbie typeface. It's perfect for tons of goodies and "thank you" gifts.

Superstar Barbie Silky Robe

Silky hot pink Barbie bathrobe from The Knot Shop for you bach party
Photo: The Knot Shop

Live in luxury like Superstar Barbie with these pink, silky robes. You can even personalize them with each of your wedding party's initials or names.

"See the Sparkle" Custom Bridesmaid Bracelet

Custom Bridesmaid Bracelet from BaubleBar for your best Barbie bach party
Photo: BaubleBar

This is one gift your wedding party will love, with its fun Barbie font that is still perfect for special occasions or everyday wear. "See the sparkle" with this gold bracelet, and say thanks to your besties for standing beside you on your big day.

Mod Barbie Sunglasses

Retro light pink Barbie-inspired sunglasses from The Knot Shop
Photo: The Knot Shop

If these sunglasses don't simply scream Barbie, then what does? Lounge in your best Barbie-inspired swimwear to complete the look.

Custom M&M Favor Tubes

Custom M&M Favor Tubes from M&Ms for your hot pink Barbie bach party ideas
Photo: M&Ms

Pack a little sweetness in your welcome bags that can be customized with Barbie's name, photo, and/or colors. You'll feel like you just stepped out of Barbie's candy shop with this Barbie bachelorette party idea.

"Barbie Hair, Don't Care" Scrunchies

Barbie print scrunchies in pink, white or black from SewFionna on Etsy
Photo: SewFionna

When it's "Barbie hair, don't care"-o'clock, these scrunchies will come in handy. And the very first Barbie had the classic ponytail updo, so you can recreate the look yourselves.

Additional Barbie Bachelorette Supplies

Before you send out your invites, do you need more Barbie-themed goodies and ideas? We're here to provide. Here are some other truly awesome party supplies that'll have you "living the dream."

Malibu Barbie's Dream Pool Float Set

Malibu Barbie's Dream Pool Float Set from Funboy for your bach party
Photo: Funboy

This pool float set celebrates 50 years of Malibu Barbie, but it's also perfect for celebrating your bachelorette weekend. You'll feel totally retro and relaxed at the pool with these floats.

Barbie Girl Bachelorette Sashes

Barbie Girl Bachelorette Sashes from VonHartVinyl on Etsy
Photo: VonHartVinyl

Sashay into your bachelorette party with these sashes. "Come on, Barbie. Let's go party," in either black or white with the classic pink script.

Personalized Bach Party Can Cooler

Customized Pink Bach Party Can Cooler from Personalization Mall
Photo: Personalization Mall

Let everyone know who the "wife of the party" and "the party" are with these pastel can coolers. Barbie herself would love the sparkle and bling, and you can personalize these for your bridesmaids.

Retro Barbie Stemless Wine Glass

Retro Barbie Stemless Wine Glass in pink and black from My Wedding Favors for your best bach party
Photo: My Wedding Favors

For the Barbie bride and babes by her side, these stemless wine glasses give that vintage feel. And this is one party favor your guests will be using for a long time after the festivities.

"It's Fantastic" Bachelorette Game Bundle

Barbie-perfect Bachelorette Game Bundle from Amazon
Photo: Amazon

You might not be playing with your Barbies at your bachelorette party, but you'll definitely want to play this game. This bundle comes with all the best party quizzes and more so your wedding party can truly bond.

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