Creative Bachelorette Party Shirts for Every Squad

From mermaids to muggles.
by Dylan Murphy
Bachelorette party shirts

Do you have a tropical destination bachelorette party planned with your crew? Maybe just a staycation with a movie marathon and wine? Whatever your celebration theme is, there's a bachelorette shirt design out there for you. Here, find some of our all-time favorite options on the market, from the too-cute to the totally hilarious. We've even thrown in a few tank tops!

(Psst—if you want to go fully custom, we have this list of bachelorette phrases to personalize blank tees with. And once you've got your bachelorette party shirts, don't forget your floaties.)

  1. For Flock's Sake

    flamingo bachelorette party tank tops

    There are so many ways to label your bachelorette crew, but we're especially big fans of "flock." And these funny "let's flamingle" bachelorette tank tops will have everyone else flocking to your group.

    Bride Bikini Let's Flamingle bachelorette party shirts, $19 each,

  2. Princess Pack

    bachelorette party tank tops inspired by disney princesses

    Love Disney? The bride can channel a princess on her wedding day and at the bachelorette party with the help of these silly shirts.

    Pineapple Bun Apparel Disney-inspired bachelorette shirts, from $19 each,

  3. A Bride and Her Babes

    bride and babes bachelorette party sweatshirts

    Maybe bachelorette T-shirts aren't your thing? These cute sweatshirts are perfect for parties looking for more casual (and warmer) attire. They're available in a variety of colors, but naturally the bride's comes in white to reflect her status.

    Shop Luv Olive Bride and Babe sweatshirts, $27 each,

  4. Feisty Wifey

    "wifey" and "feisty" bachelorette party tank tops

    True friendship is rare, just like the diamonds and unicorns on these cute shirts for your squad.

    Sterling James Co. Feisty and Wifey triblend racerback tanks, $13 each,

  5. Drinking Buddies

    "i'm getting married" and "so we're getting drunk" bachelorette party tank tops

    Hey, it's not like you weren't all thinking it! These funny bachelorette shirts cut right to the chase.

    It's Your Day Clothing I'm Getting Married So We're Getting Drunk women's flowy racerback tank tops, from $19 each,

  6. Casual Cool

    "bride vibes" and "champagne vibes" bachelorette party shirts

    We're vibing with these fun bachelorette party tees. 

    Hello Bridal Clothing Bride Vibes and Champagne Vibes shirts, from $15 each,

  7. Punny Humor

    "I said yes" and "that's what she said" bachelorette party tank tops

    These "I said yes" and "that's what she said" bachelorette shirts are the perfect mix of funny and sassy. Michael Scott would be proud!

    Faabric Shop I Said Yes and That's What She Said bachelorette party T-shirts, from $19 each,

  8. The Best of Friends

    "bride" and "I do crew" bachelorette party tee shirts

    These clever bachelorette shirts are where it's at if you're celebrating a Friends binge-watcher.

    Bachelorette Shop Tee Friends-inspired I Do Crew wedding party shirts, from $23 each,

  9. Partying Your Tails Off

    Mermaid bachelorette party tank tops

    Embrace your childhood fantasies with these mermaid-inspired bachelorette party shirts.

    Bachette mermaid bachelorette party shirts, $26 each,

  10. Pop the Bubbly

    "we're popping bottles" and "popped the question" bachelorette party tank tops

    Make your bachelorette party intentions clear—popping bottles, of course.

    Trex and Unicorn We're Poppin' Bottles and He Popped the Question bachelorette shirts, $21 each,

  11. Bride's Mates

    "bride" and "bride's mate" bachelorette party nautical-themed tanks

    A beach bachelorette bonanza would benefit from this genius play on the word "bridesmaid." If you're throwing a nautical bash, these bachelorette party T-shirts are for you and your mateys.

    Craftyholic Anonymous Bride & Bride's Mate bachelorette party nautical themed tanks, from $14 each,

  12. Harry Potter Fans

    Harry Potter bachelorette party tank tops

    Ditch your house robes for these magical bachelorette tank tops, which are perfect for enjoying a butterbeer with your favorite witches.

    Bride's Flock Harry bachelorette shirts, from $10 each,

  13. Country Girls

    Country bachelorette party tank tops

    If you prefer cowgirl boots to going-out heels, these bachelorette party shirts are for you and your crew. Yee-haw!

    Blondarazzi Designs country music bachelorette party tank top shirts, $26 each,

  14. Tiger Queens

    Tiger King bachelorette shirts

    Channel your exotic side with these fun Tiger King-themed bachelorette shirts.

    Stag & Hen Tiger King-inspired bachelorette party shirts, $25 each,

  15. Vegas Bachelorette Trip

    "Vegas Before Vows" bachelorette party tank top

    Go all out for a Sin City getaway with Vegas-themed bachelorette party shirts.

    Glitter Get Up Vegas Before Vows bachelorette party shirts, $15 each,

  16. Laid-Back Ladies

    "bride" and "bride's babes" bachelorette party shirts

    Looking for comfy bachelorette shirt ideas? These cozy tanks top our list.

    Bride 2 Be Designs Bride & Babes tanks, from $17 each,

  17. Hubby and Bubbly

    "We Got the Bubbly" and "I Got the Hubby" bachelorette party tank tops

    We'll raise a glass to these coordinating tanks.

    Sterling James Co. Hubby and Bubbly triblend racerback tanks, $13 each,

  18. Beach Bachelorette

    "Aloha Bride" and "Aloha Beaches" bachelorette party shirts

    Gather all your beaches for a celebration in the sand.

    Sparkled with Grace Co. Aloha Bride and Aloha Beaches bachelorette party shirts, $18 each,

  19. Squad Moves

    "Squad" bachelorette tank top

    Keep it simple with matching bachelorette party shirts that signify your squad.

    Tipsy Elves Squad bachelorette party shirt, $17,

  20. Wife of the Party

    "Wife of the Party" bachelorette party tank top

    Stand out from your crowd with a punny tank that nods to your future title.

    Official PGP Apparel Wife of the Party womens slouchy tank, $20,

  21. Wild and Free

    "wild & free" and "bride-to-be" bachelorette party shirts

    These cute and customizable bride and bridesmaid shirts are perfect for a wild outdoor weekend in the heart of nature.

    Be Everthine Wild & Free and Bride-To-Be customizable location bachelorette party shirts, from $25 each,

  22. I Do Crew

    "I Do" and "I Do Crew" bachelorette party tank tops

    Here's another "I do crew" bachelorette shirt idea. We love these tanks' metallic text.

    Hello Handpressed I Do and I Do Crew bachelorette party shirts, from $27 each,

  23. I'm Getting Meowied

    "I'm getting meowied" bachelorette party shirt

    These adorable cat-themed T-shirts are the purrrrr-fect way to add some feline fun to any bachelorette party.

    IcecreaMNlove I'm Getting Meowied bachelorette party shirts, from $14 each,

    Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, some of which may be sponsored by paying vendors.

    Updated April 2020

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