10 Places to Go for Prewedding Botox in Houston

Considering Botox for your prewedding beauty plan? Here are the trusted spots in H-Town.
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Updated Feb 23, 2024

The weeks and months leading up to your wedding are filled with some of the most fun appointments: floral previews, dress fittings and venue walk-throughs. But it's that prewedding Botox appointment—and any other beauty trials and treatments—that will leave you feeling extra confident and wedding-ready. Botox in Houston is a big business, and countless spas and practitioners are offering it; it's a non-surgical treatment in which neurotoxins are injected to limit the movement of muscles, typically in the face, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, slimming, lifting and more.

"For brides, mothers-of-the-bride and mothers-of-the-groom—or any individual getting ready for a special event—I recommend Botox four weeks before the special occasion," says Dr. Kristy Hamilton, a board-certified plastic surgeon whose River Oaks practice is among our top picks for Botox treatments in Houston. "This timeline enables this rejuvenating treatment to fully come into effect and then soften. I believe the results are the prettiest and softest at this point, which is ideal for marriers."

It's not one size fits all. "My training has ensured I have a deep understanding of facial anatomy, and I analyze every face and its movement so that no two Botox treatments are the same," Hamilton says. And, Botox is only a piece of the larger puzzle of facial balancing. "With additional time, I have the opportunity to fully optimize skin quality and the angles of the face subtly with a series of non-surgical treatments, including biostimulators, facial sculpting, lasers and chemical peels. I incorporate them over the course of six months to a year prior to the wedding."

Because, after all, it all comes back to confidence. "Feeling confident and beautiful on your wedding day—or your child's or grandchild's wedding day—is incredibly important," Hamilton says. "These are such significant and pivotal moments in life, and I take that very seriously."

Here, we dive into Hamilton's practice and nine other places to visit for Botox in the Houston area.

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Dr. Kristy Hamilton, River Oaks

Hamilton is a board-certified plastic surgeon and an expert in facial balancing and beautifying, with gorgeously natural-looking results. "My signature neuromodulator treatment highlights the upper third of the face: brightening the eyes, lifting the brow and smoothing forehead wrinkles and crow's feet," she says. "If you are feeling more adventurous, treating the neck is a game-changer. This non-surgical, specialized form of Botox is one of my beauty secrets! Strategically injected Botox corrects mild neck laxity (sagging) and early jowling, and targets specific muscles in the neck and lower face to achieve a lifting and tightening effect, beautifully refreshing the neck and jawline." Hamilton is also highly recommended by dentists for masseter Botox in Houston. Each treatment is customized and therefore varies greatly in price; light upper-third treatments (also known as "baby Botox") start around $500, while full facial optimization can run upward of $1,500.

3720 Westheimer Road, Suite 602, Houston, TX

The Pearl Dermatology, Tanglewood

Rejuvenation is the buzzword at The Pearl, where treatments and services are all about restoring each patient's most natural beauty. The women-owned practice is run by a duo of doctors—one a board-certified dermatologist, the other a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon—who practice what they preach (and it shows). And seeing a dermatologist for your bridal Botox is a win-win: It's the perfect time to also address skin issues such as eczema, sun spots or psoriasis. The practice uses the ALLE and Aspire rewards programs to help keep pricing competitive and, if you aren't sure where to begin, they offer complimentary cosmetic consultations to kick off your Botox journey.

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550 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 550, Houston, TX

MDRN Dental, Westchase

Your smile is one of the most important elements of your beauty look on the big day; whether it's through teeth whitening, Invisalign or other cosmetic dentistry procedures, chances are you're working it into your prep regimen. MDRN Dental's Dr. Chad Stapleton is one of the only dentists in Texas certified to administer Botox. He's a go-to especially for treatments around the mouth area, such as masseter Botox (which can help prevent teeth grinding caused by stress), gummy smile correction, radial lip lines caused by smoking or straw use and more.

10777 Westheimer Road, #390, Houston, TX (located at One Westchase Center)

Galleria Aesthetics, Uptown

The philosophy at Galleria Aesthetics is that beauty and healthcare are for everyone, so the term works hard to make treatments attainable at a variety of price points. Indeed, the med spa's Botox is priced competitively, at $14 to $16 per unit for brand-name Botox by Allergan (which they use primarily for therapeutic treatments) and $7 to $8 per unit for Xeomin used in cosmetic treatments. "We place ethics, patient care and patient outcomes above all else," says owner Ramin Monfared, who opened the Houston space eight years ago. "At Galleria, it's never about money—it's about our patients' well-being." While Galleria treats all the common areas—crow's feet, glabella and so on—the space has earned a reputation for some of the more unique lower face treatments, such as the depressor anguli oris muscles and lip flip. They also offer the newly trending "TrapTox" on the trapezius muscles. "Because we are a healthcare and aesthetic clinic, co-owner Dr. Marjon Monfared is there in person every day. She really sets us apart," Monfared adds. "She leads us with her sense of community healthcare, given that she is also a physician at the VA."

5373 W. Alabama St., #120, Houston, TX

Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine & Skin Spa, Greenway/Upper Kirby

Calling all grooms: If you're looking for Botox for men in Houston, the Institute of Anti-Aging is an all-encompassing medical facility that will make you feel right at home. Dr. Richard LeConey opened his practice 25 years ago and has since become a go-to injector, so much so that he is also a certified trainer for Botox brand Allergan, teaching other physicians and nurses proper dosing and techniques. His practice offers everything from weight-loss procedures to chemical peels to hair restoration; but for men, Botox can soften facial lines and wrinkles, help reduce sweating and more without any invasive procedures. (Bonus: Office pup Lucy is a fun addition to appointments.)

3120 Southwest Freeway, Suite 400, Houston, TX,

Pure Brilliant Aesthetics & Wellness, Katy

"The 'look of 3' are common areas treated with Botox," explains Pure Brilliant owner Rachel White. "These include the area between your eyebrows, across the top of the forehead and the crow's feet, which are on the sides of the eyes. To get the best duration from the treatment, the FDA recommends 64 units; this can vary from person to person." Botox is priced per unit, and Pure Brilliant uses the ALLE and Aspire rewards program to offer discounts and promotions. White stresses the importance of visiting a reputable clinic with highly trained staff. "At Pure Brilliant Aesthetics and Wellness, all of our services are provided by a nurse practitioner or a registered nurse," she adds.

24022 Cinco Ranch Village Blvd., Suite 120, Studio 6, Katy, TX

Ovation Med Spa, West Oaks

Technology is paramount at award-winning Ovation Med Spa, where rigorously trained practitioners are constantly updating and refreshing the state-of-the-art equipment and treatments on offer (they've currently got more than 40 FDA-approved devices for services, and are early adopters on approved treatments). This means they're a go-to for things like laser resurfacing—we love a prewedding BBL treatment!—but also incredibly knowledgeable on Botox, Dysport and dermal fillers. And, speaking of technology, the virtual consultation tool on Ovation's website is a great starting point.

4801 Woodway Dr., Suite 150, Houston, TX

Persona Medical Spa, Neartown-Montrose

A large team—nurses, physicians, aestheticians, acupuncturists, massage therapists and more—is on hand to serve your every prewedding beauty need at Persona, but we especially love the spa for Botox treatments in Houston. Here, it's all about beauty from the inside out, and creating positive yet subtle changes to make you feel your best and most confident. Botox, Xeomin and Dysport are used to treat common problem areas such as crow's feet and the glabella muscles, and the knowledgeable practitioners can help guide you through the full beauty package.

2311 W. Alabama St., Houston, TX

Gotox, River Oaks

We love an on-the-go option, especially in the crazed final days of wedding planning. Founded by Dr. Abdulla Kudrath, Gotox brings the Botox to you (and, as always, treatments are quick and painless, with no downtime). It's also a fun option for Botox parties: Gather your girlfriends or your bridal party to get beautified together leading up to the big day. Pricing is competitive at $12 per unit of Botox or Xeomin; at Botox parties, the host receives an additional discount.

2425 West Loop South Fwy., Suite 512, Houston, TX

Artavi Med Spa, Houston Heights

Board-certified physician Tarina Desai runs this upscale spa—and a physician assistant or Dr. Desai herself personally performs all Botox treatments. The goal at Artavi is to look natural, beautiful and balanced, rather than overly done. Costs range from $13.50 to $15 per unit (with 10-20 units necessary per area), and members get an appealing 10% discount.

714 Yale St., Suite 2K, Houston, TX

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