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Delicious Wines Under $20 to Serve at Your Wedding

We like to call this the sip and save technique.
red wine being poured into a glass
Maggie Seaver
by Maggie Seaver

You want to stick to your wedding budget, but you also want to treat your guests to good wine and good times—so what do you do? First of all, let's be real: If you're simply searching for "cheap wedding wines," you're likely to end up getting what you pay for, if you know what we mean. But if you know where to look (aka right here), it's 100-percent possible to find delicious bottles of wedding-worthy wine at a reasonable price point. Here are our top picks for the best wedding wines under $20, because you deserve to raise a glass (or two, or three) without breaking the bank.

Red Wines Under $20

​Bread & Butter pinot noir

Bread & Butter pinot noir, $15,

​Josh Cellars cabernet sauvignon

Josh Cellars cabernet sauvignon, $16,

​One Hope California cabernet sauvignon

One Hope California cabernet sauvignon, $19,

​Castello di Gabbiano chianti DOCG

Castello di Gabbiano chianti DOCG, $9,

Messina Hof Beau, $14,

Messina Hof Beau, $14,

White Wines Under $20

​Tommasi Le Rosse pinot grigio, $17,​​

Tommasi Le Rosse pinot grigio, $17,

​Josh Cellars Chardonnay

Josh Cellars chardonnay, $13.99,

​Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc

Bonterra sauvignon blanc, $14,

Barone Fini pinot grigio

Barone Fini pinot grigio, $14,

Rosé Wines Under $20

Bonterra rosé wine

Bonterra rosé 2017, $16,

​Fleurs de Prairie rosé

Fleurs de Prairie rosé, $19,

​Summer Water rosé

Summer Water rosé, $18,

Sparkling Wines Under $20

Sofia blanc de blanc, $17,

​Gérard Bertrand Crémant de Limoux Cuvée Thomas Jefferson brut rosé

Gérard Bertrand Crémant de Limoux Cuvée Thomas Jefferson brut rosé, $16,

Banfi Rosa Regale sparkling red wine, $18,

​Trying to keep your wedding bar tab under control? Here are a few great ways to save on cocktails (that aren't a cash bar)​​.

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