40 of the Most Popular Wedding Games That Need to Be at Your Affair

This must-play entertainment will score big with your guests.
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Updated Jan 05, 2024
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Get and keep your guests engaged and entertained on your big day with fun wedding games. This helps your guests mingle while you and your wedding party are off being photographed, making the meet-and-greet rounds or changing outfits between the ceremony and reception.

If you've friends and family who've never met one another, wedding reception games can be a fantastic way to break the ice—but don't overdo it. Remember, it's still a wedding, and the focus should be on you. So, if you're unsure how to toe the line between having a few super fun activities and your big day feeling like a game night, check out our comprehensive guide to the best wedding game ideas for your crowd.

The Knot Pro Tip: Be sure to ask your venue coordinator what areas you can use to set up your wedding games early in your wedding planning process. That way you can choose the best wedding games to fit the space.

Every Type of Wedding Game You Need:

Lawn Games | Table Games | Reception Games | Indoor Games | Games for Kids | Board Games

Wedding Lawn Games

Take advantage of beautiful weather and a gorgeous outdoor wedding venue by kicking off the post-ceremony celebration with wedding yard games. Set up on the grass for fun games that act as an extension of your decor. When selecting outdoor games for a wedding, play on your theme, color scheme and add personal touches that help tell your love story.

1. Ring Toss

Honor the exchanging of rings with the wedding game version of ring toss. Make your ring toss set with painted glass wine or soda bottles in your wedding colors and decorate with faux jewels to make the tossers reminiscent of your wedding rings.

2. Cornhole

Cornhole wedding game
Photo: Shelby Danielle Photography

Turn this tailgating favorite into one of the best wedding games for guests. Customize the boards with your and your partner's names, wedding date or wedding monogram, and you'll have a memorable corn hole game for your wedding to use in your own yard for years to come.

3. Ladder Golf

Ladder golf wedding lawn game
Photo: k.north.photography

Another popular game played at parking lot parties is ladder golf, which is great for two or more people to play. Each teams take turns throwing bolas (two golf balls attached at either end of a nylon rope) at the ladder. The first team to 21 points wins.

4. Giant Connect Four

Step this classic childhood game up a notch by making it giant-sized. Add personal touches by painting the playing pieces in two of your wedding hues and let the connecting fun begin.

5. Giant Jenga

Wedding Guests Playing Giant Jenga
Photo: k.north.photography

Marriage is a game of balance, and no game better represents that than Jenga. Use a large, outdoor-sized version as one of your wedding party games and include "Did You Know" facts about you and your partner on each block so your guests get to know you more.

6. Badminton

Wedding guests playing badminton
Photo: Mikhail Glabets

Set up a net to encourage guests to volley the birdie back and forth. If you're looking to round out a boho vibe, be creative with your net choice by hanging a wide macramé curtain from a rod on stands. For a nighttime option, lace twinkling lights into the net to keep the wedding lawn games going long after sundown.

7. Croquet

Croquet for a wedding lawn game
Photo: Nick Vangopoulos | Shuuterstock.com

Croquet is the perfect game for a garden-themed wedding, backyard wedding or any event venue with a sprawling, lush green lawn. And good news, you can get croquet sets in different styles to match your theme. While it's simple to set up, whacking wooden balls through six hoops is more challenging than it looks.

8. Bocce Ball

Bocce ball wedding game
Photo: Lovesome Photography

Looking for outdoor wedding games that can be played on soil, asphalt or grass? Try bocce ball. The Italian games of boules can be played with two players or two teams of two, three or four—making it ideal for a group of guests to gather and compete.

9. Checkers

Offer a checkerboard in a seating area for an easy and compact setup. Alternatively, create a jumbo version using spray paint on grass or chalk on the pavement, or even roll out a checkered game board rug for a reusable option after the wedding lawn games are done. Incorporate your wedding colors by painting the pieces accordingly.

10. Giant Chess

Bride and groom with giant chess board
Photo: Lea Bremicker Photography

A giant chessboard is a permanent fixture at many resort wedding venues, making it easy to include his classic game into your reception itinerary. Otherwise, you can rent one to set up outdoors. Bonus: This makes for an adorable photo opportunity for the couple.

11. Tic-Tac-Toe

A large yard version of Tic-Tac-Toe is easy to DIY, and unlike some other lawn games on this list, it doesn't take up too much room. Just lay down some rope or ribbon in a grid and paint your Xs and Os onto woodblocks.

12. Spikeball

Spikeball is an exciting team game that's a cross between volleyball and foursquare. The server hits the ball onto the net so it ricochets up towards the opponent, who has to keep it in play. Guests who love being active won't be able to stay away from this wedding activity.

Wedding Table Games

When the guests are seated for dinner, there can be a lot of downtime before food is served. Stave off hunger and awkward moments by providing table wedding games to encourage guests to mingle and enjoy one another. These are also great options for guests who want to take a break from the dance floor.

13. I Spy Wedding Game

One of the more popular printable wedding games is the wedding spy game because it's a win-win for guests and the newlywed couple. Similar to a photo scavenger hunt, this wedding activity instructs guests to use their cameras or disposables provided by the couple to seek, find and snap pics of different moments from your memorable day. The guests have fun doing it, and you see moments you might've missed. Below are a few pictures to include on the guests' I Spy Wedding Game:

  • A group selfie
  • A picture of the bride(s) in her dress
  • A funny face
  • A kiss
  • A sparkling drink
  • A tasty treat
  • An old-school dance move
  • A person laughing
  • A table clinking glasses
  • A favorite decoration

The Knot Pro Tip: Print cards to put at each guest's place setting or create a sign with the instructions. If you want your wedding photos shared on social media, include your wedding hashtag so you can see all the fun later.

14. Wedding Mad Libs

Want marriage and love advice from your family and friends? Create a Mad Libs-style template for guests to fill out at their tables. This is one of the wedding games guests can do alone or as table where they can share tips on keeping the spark alive, where to go on dates and other words of wisdom.

15. I Dare You

Have a few wallflowers among your guests? Keep them entertained by placing playful dare options on each table. Keep in mind who will be seated at each table when you prepare the dares. Ideas include: "kiss the person to either side of you," "take a selfie with a funny face," "bust a move on the dance floor" and "do a group shot at the bar."

16. Couple Trivia

Let one lucky guest from each table make a play to take home a prize. Create a list of trivia questions about the newlyweds for guests to answer. Have the DJ or a wedding party member host the game, then the person with the most correct answers wins.

17. Couple's Crossword

Another way to test your guests' newlywed knowledge is to create a crossword puzzle entirely based on information about the couple. Winners with the most correct answers for this wedding game don't have to win anything beyond bragging rights.

Wedding Reception Games

When you want more than just guests from each table to interact, bring in the entire group with games for the wedding reception. The oh-so-popular Wedding Shoe Game puts the spotlight on the newlyweds, while other games challenge your guests to get in on the action.

18. Wedding Shoe Game

Icebreakers aren't just for business meetings; they can also be wedding games to help guests get to know the newlywed couple better. One popular example is the Wedding Shoe Game, where the couple is back to back seated in chairs. Shoes from each partner must be removed so the happy couple can one of their own and one of their partner's shoes.

A DJ or wedding party member reads the shoe game questions out loud for the reception group to hear. In response, the couple raises the shoe of the person whom the answer to the question best represents. To get your guests more involved, have them submit questions into a box before the start of the game. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Who has more clothing?
  • Who is most likely to fall asleep during a movie?
  • Who has the better shower-singing voice?
  • Who is the better dancer?
  • Who made the first move for a kiss?

The Knot Pro Tip: A great way to get guests involved is by giving each a stick with a picture of one partner's face on one side and the other partner's face on the other. When each question is asked, guests can hold up the picture that corresponds to the question.

19. Wedding Guest Bingo

In this wedding game version, guests don't have to sit and mark off a card as numbers are called. Instead, each square has a brief description of a guest, and every player has to take their card around to find someone who can claim they are the person based on the given clue. Finally, the person must write their initials on the square to make it official. When creating the cards, try to avoid being too generic with descriptions and think about unique clues to describe your guests. Here are some wedding guest bingo ideas:

  • Birth months
  • Instruments played
  • Tattoos
  • Sports fan
  • Odd talents

20. The Kissing Game

Not a fan of the classic kissing tradition when guests clink their glasses? Break out a giant die to decide the pucker-up type. Label each side with "peck on the cheek," "showstopper kiss," "take a selfie kiss," "roll again," "bride(s) kisses guest" and "groom(s) kisses guest." Roll the die every time you hear that familiar clinking sound.

21. Wedding Wheel

Wedding wheel game
Photo: Deep Blue Photography

Similar to the dice, but in another format, make a wedding wheel that has different kissing labels (as described above) along with additional actions like "dance with the maid of honor," "tell a joke" and "give the newlyweds advice." Invite guests to spin the wheel and let the good time roll.

22. Stand Up, Sit Down

All that sitting during the reception can be hard on guests' backsides. Get them on their feet with a trivia game that instructs people to stand or sit in response to questions about the bride(s) and groom(s).

Indoor Wedding Game Ideas

If you're looking for indoor wedding ideas, then you've got options. While many of the lawn games listed earlier can be set up indoors (especially if the weather doesn't cooperate), these games are perfectly suited for an indoor setting.

23. Ping Pong

Ping pong wedding game
Photo: Person + Killian Photography

Give your guests the chance to show off their table tennis skills by setting up a ping pong table or two. Typically a game for two or four people, there is also an exciting elimination game that many can play. Have around a dozen people form a circle around the table. Each person hits the ball and then puts the paddle down for the next person to pick up and hit. After each try, players circle to the other side. The object of the game is to get as long a rally as possible, but the person who misses a shot gets eliminated.

24. Flip-Cup

Time to get back to those college glory days. If your guests are the imbibing type, you may want to include wedding drinking games like flip-cup or beer pong. To keep things from getting too out of control, fill a few red party cups with water or unspiked punch.

25. Video Games

Not just for playing from the comfort of your couch, video games like Just Dance, Rock Band or Guitar Hero are a high-tech way to approach wedding games. You'll need a little A/V help to get things setup, but it will be great for people to play and watch without stealing the reception focus.

26. Arcade Games

Arcade games at wedding
Photo: Randy + Ashley Studios

Did you know you can rent arcade games? Vintage pinball machines and classic games like Pac-Man, Rampage or Street Fighter are fun additions to a loft, vintage or industrial wedding venue. Set up a couple in a lounge area for lively competition among friends.

27. Puzzles

Have a custom jigsaw puzzle made using an engagement photo, old family wedding photos or a funny candid. Set the puzzles on a table so guests can work on it at their own pace throughout your wedding day.

28. Word Search

Create a word search puzzle featuring words related to the newlywed's lifestyle, interests and other trivia. Print it onto a large board to display as a wedding reception game that guests can collaborate on and discuss—making for a great icebreaker.

29. Photo Booth

Turn your wedding photo booth into a game by inviting guests to re-enact famous scenes or poses using fun props and costumes. You can hand out prizes for the most creative photo composition.

Fun Wedding Games for Kids

Don't forget about the little ones at your wedding. Not only do they bore easily, but sitting still during ceremonies and dinners can lead to antsiness. While many wedding games listed here are kid-friendly, set up a wedding game area just for them or pack the children's table with fun activities to keep them busy.

30. Chalkboard Games

Turn the games you'd find on a children's restaurant placemat—tic-tac-toe, hangman, dots and squares—into fun wedding games. Buy some chalkboards so kids can play, wipe away and start again.

31. Mini I Spy

Create an I Spy Wedding Game just for the kiddos by creating scavenger hunt lists filled with pictures instead of words. The pictures can include the wedding cake, a ring, shoes, a dress, balloons and food. Supply them with disposable cameras and watch the hilarity ensue.

32. Just Hitched Hopscotch

For an outdoor wedding, draw out a hopscotch grid or create one using large foam tiles for kids to burn off some energy. If the party is strictly indoors, find a low-traffic hallway or even a long coat closet to set up an inside design using easy-to-remove painters or paper tape.

33. Cootie Catchers

Cootie catchers wedding game
Photo: Serena Genovese

Also known as paper fortunes, these origami fortune tellers get a cool new look from the old junior high notebook paper version. Design your own or purchase an editable template. Fill a batch with questions for the kids and reserve others made just for the adults.

34. Dance Off

Adult guests can be slow to the dance floor, even if you have an amazing wedding playlist, but that's where kids can come in handy. Gather everyone around for a kids' dance-off. Have kids dance together or pair them with an adult so they can challenge one another. You'll tucker the little ones out quickly and get the party started.

35. Coloring Books

Wedding games for kids coloring book
Photo: Amanda Kohler Photography

For the small ones of the kids group, create a wedding-inspired coloring book based on the details of your special event. Pair it with a favors box filled with crayons, colored pencils and stickers to help them personalize their takeaway activity book.

36. Piñata

    Piñata at wedding
    Photo: Adrian Steinbach Photography

    What says "kids" more than candy? Pick a design that doubles as decor, features the couple's initials or looks like a giant wedding cake. Call everyone—adults included—to the dance floor to take a whack at spreading sweet treats to the crowd.

    Wedding Board Games

    Board games will always be a hit at weddings. Offer the classics like Monopoly and obscure ones that you and your partner love to personalize your wedding even more. Below are a few wedding board games you should definitely have at your celebration.

    37. Twister

      This board game is best for weddings with casual dress codes because this game calls for a lot of movement. Customize your Twister experience by adding silly pictures of you and your partner to each circle.

      38. Scrabble

        Scrabble wedding game
        Photo: BB Shots Photography

        For those who have a way with words, they'll love playing Scrabble while taking a break from the dance floor. Challenge guests to only do words that are love or wedding-related.

        39. Life

          Since getting married is a big life milestone, put the game of Life on some reception tables. If you have the time and the energy, personalize this wedding game with your own game pieces, tiles, cards and money that reflect your and your partner's relationship.

          40. Monopoly

            One of the best-selling board games of all time, Monopoly is a wedding game necessity. Even though it's an activity with a long playtime, guests will definitely expect it to be at the gaming table.

            Diane Hall contributed to the reporting of this article.

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